Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Keith 2015’

I’m finally going to see WrestleZone again, with my last show being Aberdeen Anarchy I have a lot to catch up on. Sterling Oil are running riot at full speed with the Sterling brothers, Damien and Richard R Russell planning to take control of WrestleZone and make the Undisputed Champion’s, Scotty Swift, life a misery. Rolling into Keith, only William Sterling has a match but it’s against the young Kaden Garrick, who holds championship gold in the form of half of the Tag Team titles. A win would see Sterling stake a claim for those titles and experience may be the key for the former multi-time WrestleZone Tag Team Champion.

Another match with Tag Team title implications is the other half of the champions, Mr P, facing half of The Rejected in Chris Archer. The Rejected and the Champions have locked horns a lot recently but if Archer grabs victory, he would also stake a claim on the titles.

The rematch from Banchory takes place in Keith, Lord Mr Malice faces, the Beast from the North East, Crusher Craib. This won’t end well for The Greatest of All the Malices but a boot from The Creator of Carnage might knock some sense into him.

After recently facing Shawn Johnson, Aspen Faith now tackles the other half of The Granite City Hotshots, Bryan Tucker. Faith seems to be in limbo at the moment but a victory over a former WrestleZone Undisputed Champion should put him at the front of the queue to face Scotty Swift. With Swift heavily focused on Sterling Oil, it could only be a matter of time before Faith gets his chance and takes the Undisputed gold.

Another man that’s heavily focused on Sterling Oil is Blue Thunder, after being betrayed by his Thunder Buddies partner, William Sterling, they had a battle at the aptly named Battle of the Nations. Things seem to be far from over, Mikkey Vago may wish he was just supporting Archer if Blue Thunder sees red.

Scotty Swift, the Red Haired Warrior, the heart of WrestleZone, faces…Super Executioner. Now, Super Executioner is…something. Scotty has stated that he’ll face any and all comers but this match is a non-title match, understandable due to Executioners less than steller winning record…of no wins. After numerous attacks from Sterling Oil, Swift may have an easy night against Super Smelly and with only William Sterling announced on the bill he may be spared another attack. Swift will have his guard high due to recent events and who knows…maybe Executioner will pull off an upset?

The Rematch From Banchory: Crusher Craib vs Lord Mr Malice w/ Jeeves Winchester
Kaden Garrick vs William Sterling
Non-Title Match: Scotty Swift vs Super Executioner
Mr P vs Chris Archer
Bryan Tucker vs Aspen Faith w/ Sammii Jayne
Blue Thunder vs Mikkey Vago

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