Review: WrestleZone ‘Live in Keith 2015’

I made the long…15 minute drive to Keith to see WrestleZone live. I was excited to see WrestleZone again as the last show I went to was Aberdeen Anarchy. With a stacked card I was ready to see something special. So how was the show? Read on…

Kaden Garrick def.William Sterling w/ Richard R Russell by DQ

This first time match started off in blistering fashion with Garrick using his strength to overpower the taller Sterling. Russell made sure the referee stuck to the rules…when it was in Sterling’s favour of course. Garrick is showing more personality, getting the loud Keith crowd behind him. Kaden hit a huge spear and was about to seal a win but The Rejected hit the ring to beat down one half of the tag team champions. Mr P entered to save his partner from a further beating.

I enjoyed the opener, quick one and got the crowd into the mood for more wrestling.

Chris Archer w/ Mikkey Vago def. Mr P w/ Kaden Garrick by Pinfall

Mr P was due to face Chris Archer later in the night but wanted to face him now. Mr P is a big fan favourite and he’s got this energy that just resonates with the crowd. This was lightning quick with Vago and Garrick on the outside. Vago tried to interfere which Garrick saw red, causing a distraction long enough for Archer to hit a Rough Ryder for three. Another fun match with plenty of action.

Aspen Faith w/ Sammii Jayne def. Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

Readers, like yourself, will know that I’m a big fan of Aspen Faith. This match was excellent. Tucker got the crowd on his side while Sammii being on the outside and screaming at people cheering, along with Faith taking his time in picking body parts made them holy booed. A perfect first half main event, Faith used the pumphandle flatliner to pick up the victory as his #breaktheblue crusade continues.

Crusher Craib def. Lord Mr Malice w/ Jeeves Winchester by PinfallΒ 

Lord Mr Malice…I love it. If you thought Lord Alan Sterling was hilariously entertaining then you haven’t seen anything yet. Malice owns this gimmick, calling his opponent Cruncher and offering his ring for the best looking woman in the room to kiss, who said no. Short match this as The Creator of Carnage was showing no mercy by destroying both Malice and Jeeves. Thoroughly entertaining throughout.

Blue Thunder def. Mikkey Vago by Pinfall

Vago grabbed the mic beforehand to state that he had arranged with management that if anyone interfered in his match then there would be serious repercussions. Blue Thunder was in fine entertaining form. It wasn’t my favourite match of the night but I’d been treated to so many fast and loud matches that this was a slowed down affair. Vago tried to escape but was brought back to the ring by Kaden Garrick for Thunder to finish him off.

WrestleZone Undisputed Championship
Scotty Swift (c) def. Super Executioner

Originally a non-title match, the Super Executioner challenged Swift to put the title on the line. Swift was happy to oblige and what followed was the greatest comedy match of all time. I can’t even describe how amazing this was. But on the flip side, Executioner had his working boots on and gave the Champion a run for his money. Shenanigans made me laugh, smile and laugh again. Swift finally put Executioner away with a Death Valley Driver to retain. Amazing match. Incredible.

Overall: A very fun night in Keith courtesy of WrestleZone. The Faith-Tucker match was amazing. The comedy of Malice and Executioner was sublime. The Tag Team feud continued between the Champions and The Rejected. Good stuff!

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