Review: Reckless Intent ‘Unleashed’ September 2015


Another wild night of wrestling was in store for us from Reckless Intent as the wrestlers were unleashed! Let’s have a look at the show.

Pre-Show – Hardcore Title
Rob Mills def. Jam O’Malley / Wee Jimmy (c) by Pinfall

The champion entered first with his manager Wee Jimmy, he isn’t a popular man as the crowd showered him with boos. A short bought this with Jam having the majority of the offense, Rob outsmarted the duo of Jam and Jimmy near the start which saw them both collide. But from then on Jam punished Mills with chops and a great little snap suplex. O’Malley got cocky which allowed for Mills to hit an enziguri and a neckbreaker to win the Hardcore Title in relatively quick fashion.

Post-Match – Hardcore Title
Jam O’Malley def. Rob Mills (c) by Pinfall

As soon as the match was over, Wee Jimmy hovered near Jam before getting into the new champions face. Mills backed Jimmy into the corner, allowing O’Malley to blindside Mills with a chain shot and once again, The Handsome One is Hardcore Champion, taking full advantage of the 24/7 rules.

That’s the last few shows that has seen O’Malley lose the belt but find a way to gain it back quickly. I’m waitingย someone to come to Reckless and just destroy Jam and Wee Jimmy and prizeย their grasp on the Hardcore Division. No wonder Jam gets a loud reaction when he enters, the crowd knows that he’ll find a way to leave with the belt in hand.

Lewis Girvan def. LJT by Pinfall – WATCH NOW

“The Best Young Wrestler in the World” Lewis Girvan had a few words for the crowd before the match, but as soon as he mentioned LJT, music hit and out came the current Super B.O.W.L winner to the delight of the crowd. Girvan started off by bringing in a chair, then bullying the referee before the bell had even rung. Wristlocks traded to start off, with Girvan getting on top by delivering a vicious stomp to LJT’s trapped arm. It looked so nasty. LJT built up some momentum but was cut off by Lewis who pounded away with stiff forearm shots to a prone LJT. Girvan kept the pressure with a delightful back suplex lift into a backbreaker for a close two count. These two work so well together with fast and fluid moves one after another. LJT hit a springboard roundhouse kick that looked sublime but could only garner a two count. LJT took one last risk but Girvan caught him with a codebreaker to counter a crossbody, Bloody Sunday later and Girvan wins. I’d watch them go at it again. Really great match to kick off the show.

Stevie Boy Xavier def. Delsin Dayre by Pinfall – WATCH NOW

The former Venym, Delsin Dayre, looked to have a new high risk attitude which seem to catch Stevie off guard straight off the bat. Dayre is deceptively quick as he’s broad also, he matched speed with Xavier but outmatched him in power. Really evenly matched offense, Dayre countered a DDT into a great vertical suplex. The finish came when Dayre missed a Lionsault, allowing Xavier to hit a slow burn destroyer to win. A great match which showcased Delsin Dayre and gave both a strong showing. Dayre is really showing his athleticism more and Stevie is great, there wasn’t any doubt that this was going to be good, however, this only really scratches the surface of what both can do. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see them face off.

After the match, Stevie Boy’s fellow NAK brother Chris Renfrew appeared. Telling fans that the next step is for the NAK to take over Reckless Intent but for now he has to find a replacement to face Scott Renwick due to Renfrew suffering two breaks in his hand recently. He sought out one of the BEEEEEEEEST wrestlers. Jackie Polo arrives to Reckless Intent! WATCH NOW

Jackie Polo def. Scott “The Butcher” Renwick by Pinfall

Jackie Polo’s entrance is beautiful. Pure magical. The crowd are solidly behind their boy Scott Renwick. Quick headlocks traded before Polo slowed everything down by finding any chance to pull on a facelock or a headlock to keep The Butcher grounded. Scotty landed a clothesline and took control, leaving Polo on the backfoot. Polo worked Renwicks arm, throwing it against the turnbuckle and torturing it with a modified Rings of Saturn where Polo used his own body weight to lean back and wretch the arm. It was great, yet horrible to watch as Renwick screamed in agony. After a quick pin attempt and kick out, Polo took The Butcher to Scoop Slam City. Landing three scoop slams then adding a shoulderbreaker for good measure. Scotty fought back and landed a double underhook facebuster but, the ever wily, Polo put his foot on the bottom rope and exited the ring. With the referee tending to Polo, Darren Lewis snuck in and hit a black hole slam onto Renwick. Lewis’s cockiness was short lived as Renfrew and Stevie Boy ran him off with a boot up the arse and a chair thrown at him. Seeing an opening, Polo hit a top rope elbow drop which could only manage a two count much to his shock. Renwick completed the three amigos for a close two count. A missed top rope dropkick saw Scotty return to Scoop Slam City. Another back and forth saw Polo hit the Polo-Plex outta nowhere toย get the win.

The start of the match was great, only Jackie Polo could get away with having all his starting offense being headlocks and ways to get to a headlock, but I found the match slowed down and went on far too long after the Darren Lewis interference.

After the match Renwick called out Darren Lewis. Lewis challenged Renwick to one final match for Reckless Intentions on October 3rd. Career vs Career. Renwick accepted, on one condition…it’s a Last Man Standing Match. WATCH NOW

Michael Chase def. Stallyon by Pinfall – WATCH NOW

Two evenly matched competitors started by feeling each other out with traded headlocks and wristlocks. Chase got the upper hand which lead to Stallyon slapping him in the face. This didn’t help Stallyon as Chase came back with a flurry causing Stallyon to retreat. Stallyon gained control on the outside but Chase was quick to get the momentum back, hitting a beautiful plancha to the outside. Big moves traded for close two counts with a Stallyon Spinebuster and Chase Top Rope Elbow not getting the job done. Stallyon missed a frogsplash, leading Chase to finish him with a springboard splash of his own for the win.

A solid match. Quite standard for these two. Maybe something will develop further and another match can show what these guys are capable of together.

Rawlins def. Massimo Italiano by Pinfall

Big Massimo started aggressively by attacking Rawlins as he entered and kept the pressure on the former RI Champion with big forearms and using his size to his advantage. Mass cut off Rawlins at every corner in the early going. Rawlins used his speed to catch the Italian with quick kicks until he was overpowered again with a black hole slam for a close two count. Massimo went for a big side slam, only for Rawlins to counter into a roll up for the win.

After the match Massimo lands a big boot to lay out the victor.

Good match, made Massimo look like an absolute star by battering a RI Original in Rawlins. Only just losing after giving out the lions share of offence makes him look a little inexperienced but a beast nonetheless. Good stuff.

Reckless Intent Title
Joe Hendry (c) def. Dave Conrad by Pinfall

No messing about here as the two behemoths test strength before brawling. Slugging each other with big hands. A heavyweight clash, with Conrad having the early upper hand. Once Joe got into a rhythm he was unstoppable and slayed the mighty Dave Conrad quickly in impressive fashion.

Joe Hendry looks like a very long term champion in RI by beating everyone in such a convincing way. Conrad looks great in the early going but once Joe hit it into second gear there was only one outcome. Fine match.

Overall: Another solid show, no bad matches but a couple maybe didn’t hit expectations. LJT vs Lewis Girvan and Stevie Boy vs Delsin Dayre are certainly two matches to watch again.


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