Review: Reckless Intent ‘Sunday Slam Wrestling’ October 2015


If you didn’t know what was happening at Reckless Intent’s Sunday Slam Wrestling I wrote a handy little preview. Taking place in the RI Unit, Sunday Slam is for upcoming wrestlers from the West Lothian Pro Wrestling School plus Reckless Intent regulars.

General Manager Jason McKinley was on ring announcing and it was far superior to their regular announcer and he is extremely comfortable talking in front of the crowd.

JJ Russell entered after a long absence from Reckless Intent. He has been training, saying his prayers and eating his fish ‘n’ chips. He wanted Reckless Intent to #GeezAChance and enter The Reckless Rumble.

Jam O’Malley and Massimo Italiano were out next. Jam declared that he will win the Rumble before Massimo laid out JJ Russell with a bicycle kick. Theo Doros and Rob Mills were out to chase off O’Malley and Italiano.

A fun little start but I found it went on a little too long. Did the job reintroducing JJ Russell.

Jackie Grady defeated Rawlins by Pinfall

One half of the The Dandy Guys, Jackie Grady, against one half of The ComixZone in Rawlins. All the stalling to start off with Grady avoiding getting anywhere near Rawlins. They eventually locked up with both jockeying for position, Rawlins got advantage with stinging chops before Grady chop blocked the front of Rawlins’ knee and took control focusing his attacks on the left knee. Rawlins tried for a German Suplex but because of his knee he couldn’t balance to lift Grady, great continuity. Grady continued to wear down Rawlins with headlocks. Rawlins built up some momentum with a German and Teardrop Suplex but as he went to the top rope the other Dandy Guy, Sambroso Maestro got onto the apron, allowing Jackie Grady to low blow Rawlins and roll him up for the tainted win.

Enjoyable encounter to start the show, a good match with a story which I always enjoy if it’s logical, Rawlins being unable to do moves that relies on his knee until near the end when his Hulkameter is running high on adrenaline. Good stuff.

Sambroso Maestro defeated Delsin Dayre by DQ

The other Dandy Guy against the other half of The ComixZone. Sambroso didn’t want to wrestle tonight and just wanted to dance, he tried to get Dayre into ballroom hold as opposed to collar and elbow tie up. Dayre took Sambroso for a big swing which left them both dizzy. Dayre once again showed off his athleticism with neat flips. Sambroso’s offense didn’t look great, once Dayre was on top though it kicked into another gear. Dayre was about to finish Maestro before Jackie Grady returned to distract the referee allowing Maestro to throw a chair into Dayre’s hands and feign injury. The referee DQ’d Dayre but GM Jason McKinley saw everything and informed the two teams that they will meet later. The Dandy Guys vs The ComixZone.

This was fine, Dayre looked really great but Maestro looked lost and his offense was weak. He did a good job bantering with the crowd though so not all negative.

Jam O’Malley w/ Wee Jimmy defeated Rob Mills by Pinfall

One of the main feuds in Reckless Intent right now with the Hardcore Champion, Handsome Jam O’Malley, and Rob Mills. Jam O’Malley entered with the Reckless Intent UK Championship. He got on the mic to declare that he has decided to take the title as the Reckless Intent fans deserve a role model as champion, opposing the New Age Kliq coming to Reckless Intent on November 7th for The Reckless Rumble and telling Renfrew that if he wants his belt back that he would have to come and get it.

This one started wild with Mills and O’Malley taking the fight around the ring and even outside the RI Unit. O’Malley begged off Mills to only turn around and start biting him, taking advantage. Jam missed an elbow drop, Mills locked in an armbar. O’Malley started to tap but Wee Jimmy had distracted the referee. Mills grabbed Jimmy only for O’Malley to low blow Mills and finish him off with a pumphandle urange.

Another match on the show that ends with interference. Making it three in a row so far. This was one of the better performances from Rob Mills since I started writing Reckless Intent reviews as I find he sometimes misses connecting with the crowd. He is certainly improving though.

Michael Chase defeated “Futureshock” Tom Fulton by Pinfall

A balanced opening with each trading wristlocks and going hold for hold. Chase impressed with quick moves and a delightful dropkick to send Fulton reeling. Fulton got the advantage and worked on the leg of Chase, grounding Chase and taking out the aerial game of the Reckless Intent favourite. Slapping on a figure four to punish the leg further. Chase was able to turn it over into an Indian Deathlock but Fulton was too fresh and rolled it back into the figure four. Chase got out and started to get a rhythm going but missed a big elbow drop allowing Fulton to get back onto offense. Chase tried a springboard but his knee gave out causing him to fall from the top rope, great storytelling. Chase eventually got the springboard splash for the win.

I enjoy watching this, however, it was the second match of the show to have the same story of working the left leg of the fan favourite. Though presented differently, it was too similar not to notice.

The ComixZone defeated The Dandy Guys by Pinfall

The ComixZone entered as Captain America and Thor. It was awesome. I really enjoyed this one, The ComixZone need to be seen more in Scotland. Great tag team offense with a Big Swing (by Dayre) with an Elbow Drop (by Rawlins) mid swing. The Dandy Guys cornered Rawlins and cut the ring in half with quick tags. Once the hot tag was made The ComixZone made quick work of The Dandy Guys, ending with a top rope clothesline from Rawlins onto Grady followed by a springboard moonsault by Dayre for the three count.

This was great especially when The ComixZone were working together, as I found earlier, the weak link in this match was Sambroso Maestro who, again, looked lost and when there were slips or mistakes it was usually with him involved. He needs to work on his stance for lack of a better term as he’s slumped or floppy most of the time which gives him no presence, he stuck out like a sore thumb with the more established Rawlins, Dayre and Grady in the ring.

Sunday Slam Wrestling Championship
Theo Doros (c) defeated Massimo Italiano by Pinfall

Main event time! The big Italian, Massimo Italiano and the Sunday Slam Wrestling Champion, Theo Doros. I had high expectations with these two, both young and bursting with potential. Massimo overpowered Doros in the beginning with Theo trying to use his speed to outsmart the big man. These two had a good chemistry and I wouldn’t mind seeing them face off again. Massimo hit a really impressive bicycle kick onto Doros, who was perched on the top turnbuckle. Massimo used his size and power to punish the smaller Doros with the crowd solidly behind the Sunday Slam Wrestling Champion.

The action was thick and fast but it started to unravel towards the end and getting a little sloppy. Theo got the win with a Spinebuster to retain the title.

Massimo shook the champions hand before attacking him, leading to The Dandy Guys, Jam O’Malley and Tom Fulton all coming out. Massimo hit Doros with another big bicycle kick before the cavalry in The ComixZone, JJ Russell, Michael Chase and Rob Mills arriving, starting The Reckless Rumble early. Finishing with everyone getting a shot on Jackie Grady, Michael Chase hit a package piledriver to close the show.

This could’ve maybe went on about five minutes too long but it was a fine match between two very young wrestlers.

Overall: I thought the last event Reckless Intentions slightly with matches that could’ve and should’ve been better. Sunday Slam made up for it with plenty of really good matches. The first half was a bit repetitive with lots of interference finishes and bar two of the matches working the same leg, it didn’t put me off enjoying the show overall. Up next is The Reckless Rumble on November 7th. Details below.

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