Preview: WrestleZone ‘Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) 2015’

On November 14th, the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen will be filled to capacity, with the event being SOLD OUT it will surely be a huge night in The Granite City. A Christmas celebration hosted by guest General Manager and lover of all things Santa related, Jolly Ol’ Saint Mick, Mick Foley comes to Aberdeen to spread Christmas cheer and wrestling!

It’ll be a night of big matches with titles on the line, grudges to be settled and number one contenders to crown.

One match that stands out is the battle of the “Best Young Wrestlers” as Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith collide in a mixed tag match with Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne respectively. Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne have battled each other everywhere so will be able to pass on information of weakness to their partners in this one. Aspen Faith and Sammii have been a unit for a while now so should have the advantage in working as a team, but with their latest video there seems to be some dissension with Jayne not taking their match seriously. So many layers but one thing that is for certain, this will be a great match. This’ll make or break Aspen Faith’s WrestleZone career, a win should surely see him challenging for the Undisputed Title again.

Speaking of challenging for the Undisputed Title, three former champions square off to earn a title shot at Summerhill Showdown. “Tenacious” Johnny Lions, Damien and Bryan Tucker. Lions and Damien, being former tag team partners may have the idea to team together but with Damien now with the reformed Sterling Oil, he might not be too willing to let someone else lend a hand in his quest for his stable to capture the Undisputed Title. Can’t forget Bryan Tucker, who defied the odds during his first Undisputed Title reign and is no stranger to being the underdog. This match will be unpredictable that’s for sure.

Unpredictable would be one word for Shawn Johnson facing Lord Mr Malice. The Granite City Hotshot has had a thorn in his side and that thorn wears a crown and thinks he’s royalty. Lord Mr Malice failed to employ Shawn Johnson to his court and now has to face the consequences for badgering the former WrestleZone Tag Team Champion. Lord Mr Malice will have Jeeves Winchester in his corner, whether that helps of handicaps the Greatest of All the Malice’s, we’ll have to wait and see.

Consequences, at Aberdeen Anarchy William Sterling turned on his Thunder Buddies partner, Blue Thunder, at the close of the show to reform Sterling Oil with his brother Alan and the devious Damien. Consequences, William Sterling and Blue Thunder have brawled, they’ve battled but neither have had closure. Consequences, at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) they meet in a Christmas Brawl that will go anywhere and everywhere in the Beach Leisure Centre. Usually Christmas Brawls have been light hearted affairs, this will be anything but.

The Rejected have been chasing the Tag Team Titles for a long time, whether it was Thunder Buddies, The Granite City Hotshots or the current champions, Mr P and Kaden Garrick, but have yet to hold the gold. Team PG haven’t had peace from Archer and Vago since their surprising title win but will be more than happy to get a piece of them at Christmas Chaos and possibly put an end to Archer and Vago’s chase even if it is just momentarily.

And finally, the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship is on the line in a huge main event pitting the popular Champion, Scotty Swift, facing 3 challengers in a fatal four way. Alan Sterling, with renewed focus may be the biggest threat spending the last few months along with the rest of Sterling Oil attacking and weakening the Champion. Crusher Craib, the former Champion who is yet to get his rematch from Regal Rumble when he was defeated by Joe Coffey for the belt will be showing no mercy against any and all who stand in his way. Bingo Ballance rounds off the foursome by returning to WrestleZone, the former Undisputed Champion has tasted the gold before so this won’t be an unfamiliar feeling walking into the title hunt. Scotty has had a rocky road so far as Champion with Sterling Oil using their numbers to gang up on Swift constantly, leading to Swift losing his cool on multiple occasions finding himself on the wrong end of a DQ loss.

This event is SOLD OUT and you will need a ticket to meet Mick Foley earlier in the day. Check out WrestleZone on Facebook for more information.

Matches Announced:
Shawn Johnson vs Lord Mr Malice w/ Jeeves Winchester
– Mixed Tag Team Match –
Lewis Girvan and Debbie Sharpe vs Aspen Faith and Sammii Jayne
– Christmas Brawl –
Blue Thunder vs William Sterling
– Number One Contenders Match –
Johnny Lions vs Damien vs Bryan Tucker
– WrestleZone Tag Team Championships –
Mr P and Kaden Garrick Β© vs The Rejected (Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago)
– WrestleZone Undisputed Championship –
Scotty Swift Β© vs Alan Sterling vs Crusher Craib vs Bingo Ballance

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