Review: WrestleZone ‘Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) 2015’

WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) 14/11/15
Beach Leisure Centre, Aberdeen

This past weekend saw the wrestling world turned on its head with Scottish wrestling at the forefront. With shows happening up in Caithness to down in Glasgow, all eyes were on this country. I attended WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early) in a sold out Beach Leisure Centre, which would be overseen by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

I queued for an hour and a half to meet Mick and I was a big jibberer. He asked about my OSWtv t-shirt and I could barely get a word out. Thus my problem meeting professional wrestlers, let alone THE Hardcore Legend himself, I just get awestruck. You couldn’t get the smile off my face afterwards, even when I was standing in the cold November night with my nipples developing the ability to cut glass, I was still smiling. It was awesome.

The entrance way was decorated in a Christmas styley with stockings over the entrance itself including a red and black checkered one. I wonder if Mick snuck that one homeโ€ฆ

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
The Rejected (Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago) defeated Team PG (Mr P and Kaden Garrick) ยฉ by Pinfall

The tag team title match kicked off the event with Mr P and Kaden Garrick getting a big reaction from those in attendance, Garrick was sporting a big plaster on his head after suffering a cut the weekend prior in Huntly.. Vago and Archer were in control for a good portion of the match. Once Kaden got in it was all arms on the Rejected with big clotheslines. Mr P looked to have the win after a Superfly Splash onto Chris Archer that ol’ Dude Love would’ve been proud of. While the referee was ushering Garrick out of the ring, Mikkey Vago snuck in and clocked Mr P with a steel chain and rolling Archer on top for the three count.

Good start to the show, really fun opener with all four looking really on point. Now we’ll see if the makeshift team of Mr P and Kaden Garrick can stick together or if frustration will set in.

Mick Foley Meets Sterling Oil

Mick Foley came out to thank the fans for coming to WrestleZone, he was interupted by Sterling Oil. Richard R Russell asked Mick to change the main event to a one on one match between Alan Sterling and Scotty Swift, citing that Bingo Ballance vs Crusher Craib would be a great match in itself. Foley thought about it for a moment, saying that he could change the main event, but he wonโ€™t. Foley then barred Damien and William Sterling from the main event to stop shenanigans, Richard R Russell could be ringside due to him having a managers licence but to keep an eye on him Mick announced himself as special enforcer.

Everyone stood up as soon as Mick entered, he commanded the crowd and humbly thanked them for attending, it was great to see such a highly regarded man in a WrestleZone ring.

Shawn Johnson defeated Lord Mr Malice w/ Jeeves Winchester by Pinfall

I’ll be honest, this match wasn’t great. I do love the Lord Mr Malice character but I don’t think it quite works in a large venue, when it’s in the smaller halls you can hear him banter with his opponent more and he has a bit more crowd interaction. There were some good moments like Malice slapping Shawn with a glove. But overall there was something missing from this match that I couldn’t really put my finger on.

After the match Johnson planted Jeeves Winchesters face into a chocolate cake and covered Malice in fish eggs, which stunk. Like really stunk and I was at the otherside of where it took place.

Christmas Brawl
William Sterling defeated Blue Thunder by Pinfall

Both men entered wearing Thunder Buddies shirts, as a mark of what was destroyed when William turned on Thunder at the climax of Aberdeen Anarchy. They were relentless in their assault, kendo stick shots sounded brutal with both men taking their fair share of lumps. A samoan drop onto a set of chairs set up back to back was the height of the brutality with William Sterling taking the worst of the impact. As it was a Christmas Brawl, we saw presents, Christmas trees and even a sled used. Sterling hitting a Cactus Elbow off the apron while holding the sled. The match ended after Sterling piled up all manner of weapons and slammed Thunder on top for the three. A great match with plenty of action throughout.

Former Champions Showcase – Triple Threat Match – #1 Contender for Summerhill Showdown
Damien defeated Bryan Tucker and “Tenacious” Johnny Lions by Pinfall

The second half kicked off in style, Johnny Lions got a big reaction with the crowd hoping that he wouldn’t side with his former Revolution partner Damien. Damien told Lions that if he let Damien win then Lions could join Sterling Oil. The action was thick and fast, Damien stood by as Lions battered Tucker in the early going and coming in to take cheap shots. Tucker would battle back against the former tag team champions until Lions and Damien regained control. Damien ordered Johnny to leave as his work was done. Lions seemed conflicted and was about to leave but came back to break up Damiens pinfall. They argued as Tucker recovered, Lions hit a Lion Cutter and was about to get the win before Damien threw him out of the ring and got the pinfall himself. Great match, plenty of story with Lions and Damien.

After the match Damien tossed a Sterling Oil hoodie to Lions after the match. Johnny didn’t look pleased with his reward. Walking to the back looking disappointed.

Intergender Tag Team Match
Lewis Girvan and Debbie Sharpe defeated Aspen Faith and Sammii Jayne by Submission

This was wrestling. All four in this gelled so well together, which is hardly surprising when it came to Sammii and Debbie. Lewis and Aspen kicked off trading wristlocks, they worked so smoothly and so well that it was a pleasure to watch them wrestle. Sammii and Debbie had a great wristlock exchange early on. It shows how good that these guys are that I’m getting giddy over a wristlock. Sammii was an absolute star in this one as she was throwing front missile dropkicks about and a beautiful suicide dive. Faith continues to impress in all aspects. The ending came after Faith snapped Girvan’s fingers which saw Lewis writh in pain. Faith went to get Girvan up but was locked into a Crossface, Girvan grabbing his wrist instead of locking the hands leading to the tap out victory.

I cannot write enough good things about this match. When it’s out on DVD, go get it and watch this match. It was brilliant. High praise goes to Sammii and Debbie, I have watched them wrestle quite a lot in person and they still put on a great match together with news things added everytime. It’s what still gets me excited to see them tangle in the ring.

Aspen Faith is just so good. It’s treat to see him wrestle, he and Girvan are very similar in the way that they are WRESTLERS. They wrestle, they pick a body part and break it down. It’s fascinating to watch and study.

WrestleZone Undisputed Title – Fatal 4 Way
Mick Foley as Special Enforcer
Scotty Swift ยฉ defeated Alan Sterling w/ Richard R Russell, Crusher Craib and Bingo Balance by Pinfall

In tribute to our friends over at OSW Review we ask WHAT BARRR? is Bingo Ballanceโ€ฆ
Bingo Ballance was wearing a lovely orange, white and blue number pictured (credit to Dod Morrison) below. Scroll down to find the answerโ€ฆ


The answerโ€ฆA Can of Irn Bru


With four guys in this one, there was always going to be a lot to keep your eye on. We saw a big Tower of Doom with resulted in Alan Sterling taking a superplex from Crusher Craib. There was a heated staredown between Scotty Swift and Crusher Craib with neither backing down. Bit of everything in this from Crusher using his power, Sterling sneaking in shots and landing great hard DDT’s, Scotty barrelling into the thick of the action and Bingo Ballance mocking gravity. Bingo got his comeuppance from ol’ gravity after an incredible 450 flip off the top rope onto Crusher Craib standing on the floor, it looked like the Irishman blew his knee. WrestleZone management representative Chris MacDonald and Mick Foley helped Ballance to the back. Scotty ended the match with a second Granite City Driver onto Alan Sterling to retain the Undisputed Title.

Post Match Brawl

Scotty didn’t have a second to celebrate as Damien and William Sterling attacked the champion. The Hotshots intervened only for Shawn Johnson to clothesline Bryan Tucker and join Sterling Oil in the assault. Mr P, Kaden Garrick and Mick Foley made the save with Foley hurling punches as Richard R Russell before locking in the Socko covered Mandible Claw, William tried to save his manager but got a Mandible Claw for his sins. Mr P, Garrick and Swift fought off Sterling Oil in the ring as they retreated up the entrance way.

Interesting to see that Johnny Lions was missing from the brawl. But the impact of Shawn Johnson turning Sterling Oil was shocking, nobody saw it coming. It harkened back to Aberdeen Anarchy when William Sterling turned on Blue Thunder. There is very much a don’t trust anyone atmosphere in WrestleZone. Who’s next? Who will stop Sterling Oil?

After Sterling Oil was vanquished for the evening, Swift announced there was a special guest especially for Mick Foley. SANTA! Foley went into Elf mode shouting “SANTA! I KNOW HIM!” chasing Saint Nick down to give him a Hardcore Legend sized hug. Mick exited as Santa, Scotty, Garrick and Mr P threw t-shirts into the crowd to round off a great night of wrestling.

Overall: There were a couple sound issues, the venue was cold, some fans trying to get themselves “over” and some wrestlers had a case of the hungry bum (eh-hem Damien, Sammii) but none of that spoiled the show for me. The first half was a bit dull with the Johnson-Malice match dragging on. But the second half was match to match outstanding. I want to see the four in the intergender tag match meet again or even in separate matches. The big shock of Johnson joining Sterling Oil left me buzzing and intrigued about what is going to happen next.

I had heard that Mick was watching all the matches through the curtain which goes to show how much A) Mick Foley loves wrestling and B) how well WrestleZone had done on providing a night of great action. Sure the first half wasn’t the best but it was blown out of the water by the second half.

This weekend marked a huge moment for Scottish wrestling and WrestleZone did it proud.

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