Preview: Reckless Intent ‘Lights Out 2015’



On December 5th, Reckless Intent invade the Murieston Scout Hall one more time as Lights Out is held at the venue in Livingston. It’s a place that has seen history unfold in 2015 with debuts, title changes and retirements.

Last time we saw Reckless Intent it was The Reckless Rumble when the game was changed, Joe Hendry used the Reckless Intent title to get himself disqualified against the debuting BT Gunn. Something very uncharacteristic from the Local Hero in Reckless Intent. A man now desperate to hold onto his belt, forgetting it was the fans support that catapulted him to the top in April. Now into his eighth month as champion, a record, has the title corrupted him? With more targets on his back, the pressure is on Hendry to leave Livingston with his prize. One man that has his eyes set on Joe is the leader of the New Age Kliq wasn’t amused by Hendry taking the easy way out against BT Gunn and challenged him at Lights Out. We’re yet to know if that challenge was accepted. Joe Hendry has recently stated that he does not plan to return to Reckless Intent as he has fulfilled his contractual requirements. How will this effect Renfrew’s challenge?

What we do know is that Chris Renfrew will be in action as he defends his UK title against the big Italian Massimo. Massimo is far from a pushover so the champion will need to be concentrating on the task at hand. I have a feeling that Hendry will be watching this one closely to try and gain an advantage over Renfrew in the near future.

Another man that’ll have his sights fimly on the RI Champion will be The Reckless Rumble winner Michael Chase. Chase outlasted 29 others to win the Rumble match, which means he will get a title shot next year, Reckless Intent have announced that Chase will be in action at Lights Out against a returning face in Dave Conrad. The Juggernaut was last seen being defeated by Joe Hendry, he won’t be wanting to add another loss to his Reckless Intent record.

A grudge match stemming from the Rumble match will come to a head when Darkside and LJT square up. Darkside administerred a brutal assault on LJT which saw him hang LJT by his neck over the top rope with a chain as revenge for stopping him from injuring Michael Chase earlier in the night. You can almost gurantee that Darkside will be looking to ground the Rebel with a Cause and stop any further momentum before picking apart the Super B.O.W.L winner in methodical fashion. LJT has fought back many challenges before but someone with the raw power and unrepenting glee for breaking body partsโ€ฆhe may have a long and painful night ahead.

Theo Doros, the current Sunday Slam Wrestling Champion, has been impressing many folk with his gutsy performances. He’s beaten giants like Massimo and lasted from number one to the final three in The Reckless Rumble but he will have a hard time against someone with the experience and cunning of “The Lowland Superstar” Glen Dunbar. Dunbar is a vicious, cocky, different breed of performer. He is cocky because he knows how to win, which he does regularly. The worst thing Doros could do is have Dunbar have an issue with him, unfortunatelyโ€ฆhe does. Doros being the one to eliminate The Lowland Superstar from the Rumble has left Dunbar out for revenge against the youngster. Doros is going to have to pull something out of his back of tricks otherwise it will be lights out!

The triple threat (originally announced as Rawlins vs Stallyon) has a good chance of being a showstealer. It has a very interesting dynamic of having both members of The ComixZone facing off along with Stallyon. Could there be tension between the dynamic duo which Stallyon will look to exploit? All three men will be looking to end the year with a victory.

Jam O’Malley and Rob Mills add another chapter to their rivalry when they face off in opposing teams. Reckless Intent management have asked that they find partners to team up with for this tag team contest. Both have been tussling over the Hardcore Championship, which Rob Mills currently holds, will this put an end to the war or will the battle rage on?

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Tickets are priced at ยฃ10 Adult, ยฃ5 Kids, Family ยฃ25 (2 Adult 2 Kids)

Matches Announced:
– Reckless Intent UK Championship –

Chris Renfrew ยฉ vs Massimo
Darkside vs LJT
Glen Dunbar vs Theo Doros
Rawlins vs Stallyon vs Delsin Dayre
Michael Chase vs Dave Conrad
Team Jam vs Team Mills

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