Review: Pride Wrestling ‘Kobayashi Maru II Brannigans Law’

I was asked by ICW Fans Page if I could do a review of Pride Wrestlings Kobayashi Maru II, I thought I’d give it a bash. I’ve only been into the wrestling scene for a couple of years after taking my son Ben, now 8, to see a PBW show at Largs where we were both mesmerised by what Scottish Wrestling had to offer. I was never into WWE, we didn’t have Sky in Clydebank you were just punted outside to play football or dig holes.

I’ll try and do Pride justice but I left school with a comprehensive fail in English. When Ben heard I was trying to review a show he wanted in on the action and wants to award each match out of 5 (a much simpler idea which I wish I had thought of)

Pride Wrestling

We were put onto Pride by fellow Bankie Christopher Saynt and with only being a baw hair away from Glasgow city centre it’s surprising it’s still a bit of a hidden gem.
Where to begin, located in the ever friendly Bridgeton Community Centre it’s like going to your favourite aunts house, a right homely feel in a tight venue where quite rightly the now sell out crowds are packed in. There’s a cafe/bar 10ft from the ring which serves everything from jΓ€gerbombs to tea, toast, cakes and rolls and sausage whilst you watch the action,which at Pride can range from the brilliant to the bizarre (not everywhere you get to see a unicorn mounted for an entrance or toy farm animals being scattered across the ring instead of drawing pins).

Cards often feature the newest up and coming talent to established headliners such as Chris Renfew, Jackie Polo, Damo, Mikey Whiplash, Joe Coffey and our favourite DCT (always a pre Pride trip to Poundland needed to get the fake taches in).

‘Flyin Ryan Griffin def. Massimo by Pinfall

After an impressive start Flying Ryan was brought down to earth by Massimo and a few choice Italian phrases (think Gino D’Acampo on celebrity juice).

The match progressed to outside the ring where Massimo seemed to gain control and the queue for the cafe was in danger of a skelp from the passionate Italian.

Thankfully the punters were in safe hands as he was soon put back in the ring by Griffin who after some fabulous aerial work got the pin and victory after a dive from the top rope.
BEN – 3 / 5

The Forgotten (Alex Cavanagh and Glen Dunbar) def. Bobby Roberts and Scott McManus by Pinfall

Even before they could take the acclaim from the crowd the the Forgotten had started as they meant to go on and poor Scott McManus got battered from pillar to post.

The Forgotten kept McManus in their corner as Roberts could only look on much to the crowds dismay which started the best chant of the night, “We want beef” even the vegans got involved.
Roberts (who has an impressive range of t-shirts) soon got a chance but alas the win was in the bag for The Forgotten, who will await the winner from the next semi final in Prides Carry on Wrestling event early in the new year.
BEN – 3/5

Christopher Saynt def. Scott ‘The Butcher’ Renwick by Pinfall

Renwick was accompanied to the ring by the Z list mastermind Jam O’Malley but he was quickly sent packing as Saynt convinced Renwick to put the puppet master back stage.

This is one of the best matches we have saw Saynt involved in, he looked fiercer, quicker and sharper and it was to start with one of the fastest paced matches of the night.

When Renwick had Saynt on the canvas O’Malley appeared with a chair but Renwick refused his intentions, only to end up defeated after a knee to the head.
In an emotional end to the match Renwick announced he was hanging up his boots and retiring from wrestling which was surprising as from the skill and speed shown in this match you couldn’t of guessed it would be his last. Good luck to him in his new ventures.
BEN – 4/5

Fallout 4 Way for the N7 Championship
Chris Renfrew (c) def. Lewis Girvan, DCT and announced on the night Dickie Divers by Pinfall

This bout exploded out the traps like the dogs at the nearby Shawfield.

In and out the ring the mayhem ensued until Renfrew nearly broke DCT’s back in two with the cafe bin, with rubbish strewn everywhere and the bin in bits it was back to the ring with the action.

Girvan and Divers put on a superb display and with Renfrew directing the mayhem this may of been one of the bouts of the year.

But with DCT having Divers pinned Renfrew grabbed the refs attention so he could quickly pin Girvan at the same time and grab the victory.

This left DCT fuming and will hopefully set DCT and Renfrew on course to collide in the new year.
BEN – 4/5

The Z list (Dave Conrad and Michael Chase) def. Manateur Wrestling (Manlon and Daihlan Hendry) by Pinfall

I think in the original poster Layla Rose was meant to appear in this match but what I find for The Z List in Michael Chase not many can match Conrads build but this young man from Livingston’s not to be messed with. These two put on a fine display with the Manateur Wrestling never really getting a look in. Chase and Conrad could be a force to reckon with in the future.
BEN – 4/5

“The Best in the Galaxy” Nikki Storm def. Courtney by Pinfall

I often wonder why the ladies matches get over looked in many events as they are usually the most gymnastic and technical of all the bouts and this was no exception. Courtney, like Saynt, earlier had raised her game for the night and was on top form to counter Nikki in many of the moves. In fact I feared for her when she landed heavily from the top rope and appeared to of injured her ankle only to pull a Lionheart and unleash a super kick to Nikki’s jaw. The Best in the Galaxy soon picked herself up and went on to claim victory with a side slam then the pin for victory. But a great show from both ladies that was only bettered by the main event
BEN – 4/5 (would of been a 5 if his pal Courtney had won)

Pride Heavyweight Championship
Damo (c) def. Joe Coffey by Pinfall

With Mikey Whiplash injured, Joe Coffey stepped in and more than filled the shoes of the injured party. Not often with a card change does the match get better but I believe that’s what happened here.

My main love of wrestling is seeing things that should just not be possible, these two German suplexing each other without the help of cranes or Johnny Moss defies belief. Joe Coffey launched Damo across the ring like a he was Manlon only for Damo to get him out the ring and on to the floor to stand on him. The Iron Man responded by launching Damo back into the ring and lifted him into the famous spin. This was one of the matches you felt sorry for the ring with credit to the crew as they must of been welding titanium together before the start for the ring to take the punishment these two dished out.

Eventually Damo got the win but the real winners were the punters as watching these two Goliath’s go at it is a thing of beauty. Hope Mikey’s on the mend as the only thing better than this would of been with a 3 way with them all.
BEN – 5/5 Phenomenal! (His word)

So there you have it no excuse not to know about the next Pride show follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@wrestlingpride) or check out the website

Thanks to Colin (@COOHEID) for allowing us to host his show review. He is also running a charity day in association with PBW. He sent us this statement about PBW Back to School Again.

“I am also running, in association with PBW Wrestling, a fundraising wrestling day for my sons school OHR Primary School Clydebank on the 13th February in the school hall with shows at 1500 and 1930. Tickets which are only Β£6 are available from the school office or through me via paypal at (Β£1 extra for postage)

Confirmed so far Grado, Jack Jester, Kenny Williams, Lionheart, Davey Blaze and Clydebank’s Aaron Echo. It’s the cheapest wrestling ticket in Scotland so everyone’s welcome to come along and have a ball.

We did this in September and it was fantastic.”

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