Preview: Reckless Intent ‘Sunday Slam Wrestling’ December 2015

RI Unit, Livingston

On Sunday Reckless Intent return to the RI Unit for their final show of the year, Sunday Slam Wrestling. A show where some of the more inexperienced of the Reckless Intent roster get a chance to shine. Two big matches have been announced along with other teases about what is to come at Sunday Slam.

Current Reckless Rumble winner, Michael Chase, faces the former Hardcore Champion, Rob Mills. This will be a big test for Mills, who is still reeling from Jam O’Malley once again stealing the Hardcore Championship. Chase is on the road to Reckless Intent 4 and a match with current RI Champion Joe Hendry so may be looking past the youngster. Which could work in the favour of Rob Mills and give him an unexpected win.

The current Hardcore Champion, Jam O’Malley, will be defending his title against two unnamed challengers. O’Malley has been using every trick in the book to make sure he leaves Livingston as Hardcore Champion. Will his luck finally run out?

The ComixZone, Rawlins and Delsin Dayre, are in action. They had their hands full with The Dandies at the last Sunday Slam and with more tag teams and alliances forming in Reckless Intent, Rawlins and Dayre will certainly have to be on top of their game.

The Sunday Slam Wrestling Championship is on the line when, the Champion Theo Doros faces possibly his toughest challenge, “The Best Young Wrestler” Lewis Girvan. Doros has made it past the likes of the big Italian Massimo in his quest to keep hold of the Sunday Slam Wrestling Championship but Lewis Girvan is another huge test for Doros.

Matches Announced:
Michael Chase vs Rob Mills
The ComixZone will be in action
– Hardcore Championship –
Jam O’Malley Β© vs ??? vs ???
– Sunday Slam Wrestling Championship –
Theo Doros Β© vs Lewis Girvan

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