Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘Winter Slam 2015’



I made my way back to Inverness for Rock N Wrestle in The Ironworks. I missed the last Ironworks show so I wasn’t missing this for the world. It was a loud and hot crowd in the venue with every match giving a good showing for those in attendance. Along with some twists and surprises it was what you’d expect from the Highland promotion. The updated Win-Loss record will be added for each competitor as soon as possible.

The band opened up the show, they had won a “Like” contest on the Rock N Wrestle Facebook page. They provided a good kick off, easy music to listen to which definitely had a Fall Out Boy sort of vibe. I think…I dunno, I’m not a music reviewer. I enjoyed it.

Donnie T (3-5), Saqib Ali (3-3) and The Beloved Krycek (1-1-1) def. Lou King Sharp (2-6), BT Gunn (6-4) and Tam The Ram (0-2-1) by Pinfall

A big unannounced six man match kicked off the Wrestle portion of the show. Sharp, Gunn and Tam entered to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” wearing festive Christmas headwear, which I liked. The action in this one was thick and fast. It went all over the venue, even seeing young Lou King Sharp being sent behind the bar. BT Gunn and Tam The Ram laid in blistering chops all round. So much going on, it was quite difficult to keep up but I loved it. It was a lot of fun to see the chaos. Donnie T, the scrooge that he is, ended the match with a big spear on his former GTA parter Lou King Sharp for the pinfall victory. Great opener, all six were on good form.

Kasey Owens (2-0) w/ Leah Owens def. Lucy Cole (0-3) by Pinfall

I’ve been rather critical of Lucy Cole in the past, I’ve felt she had no character, or if there was one it was really bland, and it was hurting when she wanted to get the fans behind her. I can gladly say that she is really coming out of her shell with more confidence, which is what she really needed. Just a little confidence to get people to believe in the moves and actions which leads to them clapping and getting into the comeback. The match was good, some parts I found were a little too slow and stalling but overall it was a good match. Leah Owens took advantage of a referee bump and came in to double team Cole which lead to the victory for Kasey.

Davey Blaze and Charles Boddington entered. Boddington informed the crowd that he paid Kid Fite handsomely so that Davey Blaze could take his place against James Storm.

Inverness does love to shout baldy at Charles Boddington. It was almost impossible to hear him talk at first with the enthusastic chants directed at the Manager of Champions’ dome. He wasn’t happy that the promotor had got Davey Blaze and himself up to Inverness but didn’t know what he was going to do with the duo. Boddington took matters into his own hands by paying Kid Fite a large sum of money to allow Davey Blaze to replace him against the former TNA World Champion, James Storm.

James Storm (1-0) def. Davey Blaze (2-1) w/ Charles Boddington by Pinfall

James Storm entered to a great reaction. The current NXT star soaked up the cheers, while having a can of Foster’s on the way to the ring. I’m not a huge fan of Davey Blaze but he more than held his own against James Storm who looked in great shape and was having a good time out there. Blaze hit a big spear that was only good for a very close two count. Boddington tried to get involved to help his client but ended up causing Davey’s downfall as a rouge briefcase shot hit Blaze and lead to a Last Call Superkick for the win. It was a fine match.

Toby “The Name Dropper” Michaels informs the crowd that Jack Jester won’t be defending his title tonight and a number one contender match will take place.

I had found out that Drew was going to be there about an hour before as he was the first person I saw backstage. Still didn’t stop me from getting goosebumps when he entered, I’ll try and link his entrance below. I was a little disappointed that Jester wasn’t there, being at WWE NXT instead. But, for what it set up, I can get past that.

– Number One Contender Match –
Drew Galloway (2-0) def. TJ Rage (3-4) by Pinfall

This was two big brutes battering each other, but in such an entertaining way. I sometimes struggle with two big men fighting as it can be slow, sluggish and a bit boring. These two were anything but boring. I personally think that Drew Galloway is the best in the world right now when it comes to a “total package”, that isn’t just me blowing smoke up his backside. If you see Drew anywhere he is always on top form, willing to get the crowd involved. In this case it was having everyone hold TJ Rage back on the guardrail to allow Drew to chop him. This was a slick and great match. Exceded my expections easily. At one point Drew was in a tree of woe as Rage was on the top rope Drew pulled himself up and grabbed Rage, tossing him from the top rope to the canvas. It was brilliant and so quick, you didn’t see it coming. Galloway got the victory following the Futureshock DDT. So now it looks to be leading to Drew Galloway vs Jack Jester for the Highland Championship. I can’t wait to see that!

– Street Fight –
Aspen Faith (1-1) w/ Sammii Jayne def. Crusher Craib (3-1) by Pinfall

Steve Robertson announced that the popular choice on Facebook was a Street Fight. Both combatants entered in street gear, which I love that kind of detail. It kicked off straight away as Crusher interupted Faith’s entrance by rushing Faith on the stage, knocking over Sammii in the process. Crusher then threw Faith off the stage after failing to press Sammii off it. This started with a great intensity, like a proper fued should do. No headlocks in a Street Fight, just scrapping and fighting. A chain and a chair were introduced into the match as Faith and Sammii tried to keep the Creator of Carnage grounded. There were a lot of hard shots to the back with the chair for both Aspen and Crusher. Sammii took a brutal looking Black Hole Slam from Crusher towards the end and ate a big boot which launched her off the apron. This allowed Faith time to roll up and grab anything to gain leverage and get the victory.

This was a brutal match. It was entertaining and not at all pretty, how I would expect a street fight to be. However, I think people didn’t know who to root for and some actually supported Faith over Crusher. Mainly because of how the match started with Crusher attacking Faith when he wasn’t looking. Plus as Crusher towers over both and it makes Aspen and Sammii just looking like underdogs trying to defeat the beast.

Now this looks like the end of their fued, I can’t wait to see where both go from here. I’m dying to see Aspen Faith vs BT Gunn. I wouldn’t mind seeing big Crusher against TJ Rage or Wolfgang, maybe a battle with Tam The Ram.

Also get well soon Sammii, who suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken clavicle in this match.

Grado (2 – 1) def. Liam Thomson (2 – 3) w/ Carmel by Pinfall

Main event time as Grado entered to the original version of Like A Prayer, which lacks a bit of bounce that The Hit Nation version provides. A lot of Grado shenanigans, which the crowd loved. I’ve seen a lot of the Grado routine, so I’m not as excited as I usually would be to see it. Not that it’s bad by any means, the crowd loves it and if I give myself a break from seeing it, I would love it. Liam Thomson and Carmel were great spoilers to Grado but even they were suckered into his fun and games. I think that’s why I wasn’t too enamored by the main event, it was a bit too silly and would have maybe liked to see the Number One Contender’s match go last. Armchair booking as always though.

Overall: It was another fun night in Inverness with every match providing good action. The opening six man match and Galloway vs Rage were absolutely excellent. This show was filmed for the Rock N Wrestle pilot show, so I’m looking forward to hopefully watching these two matches again. I would also want to see the Street Fight again as I think it needs a second viewing. Wasn’t so keen on the main event, but I can’t be pleased all the time plus everyone else looked into it so I’ll stop being a Grinch.

Rock N Wrestle’s next show will be at Dingwall Leisure Centre on Saturday February 6th 2016. They also announced that they will return to Inverness in May 2016 and make their debut at Inverness Leisure Centre with the date to be confirmed, I expect that’s when we’ll see Drew Galloway vs Jack Jester for the Highland Championship but card is always subject to change. Find out more on

Matches Announced:
Lucy Cole vs Kasey Owens/Leah Owens
Grado vs Liam Thomson w/Carmel
James Storm vs Kid Fite
– Fans Pick The Stipulation –
Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne vs Crusher Craib

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