Preview: WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2016’ (Adam)

WrestleZone return to Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel on Saturday March 26th for their annual Regal Rumble event. The main event will see 20 of WrestleZone’s best fight it out to earn an Undisputed title match at Aberdeen Anarchy on June 4th.

This year’s Rumble match will see many make their debut in the match. Lewis Girvan, Solar, Lou King Sharp, Nathan Reynolds and Jimbo Bannon are all making their first Rumble appearance. This match is always unpredictable and has unforgettable moments, such as when Bryan Tucker eliminated Jack Jester at last years show. Past winners of the Rumble (Crusher Craib in 2013, Jack Jester in 2014 and Scotty Swift in 2015) all went on to Aberdeen Anarchy and won the title, with Swift retaining to this day. Will the winner of this year’s match be able to do the same?

The night will also see a huge six man tag team match between Scotty Swift, Crusher Craib and Solar against Lord Mr Malice, Andrew Wilde and Lou King Sharp. I’m interested to see how the characters match up. Each side has it’s brute force (Craib/Wilde) and it’s high-flier (Solar/Sharp). With Scotty Swift at the forefront of the company as reigning champion, Malice’s team will want to pull off an upset at the Northern Hotel.

A huge grudge match between former tag team championship partners will also take place as Sterling Oil’s Damien faces former friend Johnny Lions. The two used to team together as ‘Revolution’ but after losing the tag titles, Damien soon turned his back on the Tenacious One and reformed Sterling Oil a few months later. Johnny turned down a position in the group in January at Summerhill Showdown and became admired by the fans. As a result, Damien wants revenge. I hope security are in full force on Saturday or this one could get messy.

Kaden Garrick and Mr P will make the first defence of their newly won tag team titles against the Sterling Oil duo of William Sterling and Shawn Johnson. You could imagine that William would probably have teamed with his brother Alan but he is suspended from the Regal Rumble as well as the event next month in Fraserburgh. This came as a result of shoving past staff in Peterhead to get his hands on Mr P. I have a feeling Alan will find his way into the Northern Hotel one way or another.

Finally we have the match I can’t wait for as Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith once again face off. If you haven’t seen these two face off then you are missing out badly. The story between the two goes back to November’s Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!) show where Girvan forced Faith to tap out. Aspen got his revenge at January’s Summerhill Showdown when he forced Girvan to tap out. Now they face off again. Girvan will have to watch out for Sammii Jayne at ringside, which has become normal for Aspen’s opponents.

Also on this night, WrestleZone management will be able to reveal a THIRD former WWE superstar that they have signed for Aberdeen Anarchy. I wonder who this could be?

Speaking of Summerhill Showdown, that show will be on release at this show for the first time, priced at Β£8. It will be available to order online shortly.

Entry to the show is pay at the door only, priced Β£12 for adults and Β£10 for under 14s. Doors open at 6:30 with a special start time of 7:00. I hope to see you all there!

– Adam Morrison

Announced Matches
1. 7th Annual Regal Rumble
2. Kaden Garrick & Mr P(c) vs Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Shawn Johnson) for the WrestleZone Tag Team titles
3. Johnny Lions vs Damien
4. Scotty Swift, Crusher Craib & Solar vs Lord Mr Malice, Andrew Wilde & Lou King Sharp
5. Lewis Girvan vs Aspen Faith

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