The Gordon Perspective: Discovery Wrestling Presents Jay Lethal Show Review

Baron Suite,Edinburgh Corn Exchange Sun April 10th 2016

For a company going 18 months, Discovery Wrestling have had some great special guests at their shows and on Sunday April 10th they had, in my opinion, their best show ever.

The event started with a Meet and Greet in the main foyer of the venue with all the stars of the show including Joe Hendry, Aspen Faith, Juventud Guerrera and Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Jay Lethal. Fans could get merchandise and photos with the wrestlers before taking theirs seats in the lovely Baron Suite.

I took my seat in the front row beside good friend Martin Alexander, a fellow wrestling blogger who was attending his first Discovery show, we were ready for opening match of a great card of matches. It was the fatal four way elimination match to determine the number one contender for the Interim Y Division Championship that started the event.

Christopher Saynt entered first and mouthed off saying that he should be the man and be facing Lewis Girvan and we shouldn’t have the match. Then Lucha DS, Joe Hendry and Lou King Sharp enter and we get the match started. Christopher Saynt was eliminated first by Lucha DS, who was eliminated next by Joe Hendry who was left in the ring with his adopted son Sharp who was trying his best to beat his adopted Dad but it was Hendry who used his Freak of Nature finisher on his way to becoming the number one contender and will receive a title shot in the near future.

Next up was a ladies match featuring The BAE Club, Sammii Jayne and Debbie Sharpe who have faced Viper and BΓͺte Noire to name a few in the past. It was to be Debbie vs Lucy Cole but Lucy could not make the show so Courtney stepped in and faced Sammii Jayne who lost to Cole at the last event.

The match was a good affair and of course The BAE Club tried to get an unfair advantage with Sharpe outside and getting involved, but this tactic backfired as Debbie shoved Sammii back into the ring and gave Courtney the opportunity to claim the pinfall win and The BAE Club had an argument after the match and this could possibly be the last time we see the two girls together as Debbie was attacked by Sammii after the match.

Next up was a battle of the behemoths, as a man who faced Rampage Brown in three unreal matches including a Last Man Standing Match back in November, Damo looked to keep his fine Discovery form going against a man who has attacked Joe Coffey in the past and dominated anyone in his path, that being Deviation.

These two men tried to get the advantage of each other and use their strength and many moves in their arsenal. But the match was marred by a man who confronted Damo at The Jam House last time out. Dave Conrad, who was suspended, came out and got involved and caused a DQ and Damo was awarded the win but I feel he has now made the bed for a future feud with both men in Discovery.

Match four of the afternoon brought us the first of two title matches as Lewis Girvan, the reigning Interim Y Division Champion facing challenger Aspen Faith, who earned his chance by beating Michael Chase at the previous event.

It was fought under submission rules and both men were looking to work on a body part so they could use that to gain a win. Aspen went after the arm of Lewis whilst Girvan went after Faith’s legs but it ended up Girvan using an arm submission a few times during the match and it brought him the victory over a galant Faith and proved he was ‘The Best Young Wrestler’ and retained a belt he has made his own over the months he has had it.

After a refreshment break we continued the event with ‘The Juice’ being let loose as former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera came out and faced a man who has done well since coming to Discovery and was unlucky after suffering a leg injury against Aspen Faith. Michael Chase came out to a warm reception and these guys put on a great match for the fans and we were treated to classic Juve offence and he even used one of his main finishers, The Juvedriver, to try and gain the victory but it was Chase who used a lack of concentration by the former champion and gained a famous victory and could send him to a championship match in the near future.

We were to have a tag match next between Buffet Club and Wild Lions but Andy wild was abducted but the English team and it ended up being Lions facing the team in a 2 on 1 encounter and he gave his all against a very good team. It ended up being too much for Johnny as he fought well but lost out to the numbers and Buffet Club gaining a fine win.

The main event was hyped up for weeks leading up to the event as we were to see the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship defended in Scotland for the first time.

Current champion Jay Lethal who had defended the championship in two other match in the UK prior to Sunday came in on a hot winning streak and face a challenger in Joe Coffey who has been on a similar winning streak as he as not been pinned on made to submit in Discovery.

The match was a classic as both men started the match feeling each other out and using all the moves in their repitore to keep the capacity crowd entertained and we thought Joe was gonna gain the win but out of knowhere the champion hit is finisher, The Lethal Injection (springboard RKO) to snatch victory and take the belt back the the United States. The champion grabbed the microphone and asked for a shaking of hands as it tradition in a Ring of Honor match to do so, Joe did this to an amazing reaction from the crowd on hand.

An amazing event on the whole as we were entertained by some amazing action and a classic main event. Well done to all involved at Discovery Wrestling for a great show and can’t wait to be back at your next event.

– Craig Gordon

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