Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Westhill 2016’


WrestleZone return to the Ashdale Hall in Westhill on Saturday April 16th as we are just a few steps away from Aberdeen Anarchy. A huge night is in store for Westhill and what a night it will be.

Undisputed WrestleZone title
Scotty Swift (c) vs Aspen Faith

A rematch from the Fraserburgh show will main event Westhill as Scotty Swift again defends Aspen Faith. The Fraserburgh show produced a great match between the two so hopefully they do just that in Westhill. The rematch comes after a double count out in Fraserburgh. If they go to another draw, hopefully management just add Faith to the Aberdeen Anarchy main event.

Tag Team Titles
Kaden Garrick & Mr P (c) vs Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Alan Sterling)

Alan Sterling returns from suspension this Saturday as he teams with his brother William to challenge Kaden Garrick & Mr P for the WrestleZone Tag Team titles. The Sterling brothers will be looking to get revenge after William and Shawn Johnson lost by disqualification to Kaden and Mr P at the Regal Rumble. If they manage to lift the gold, they will tie the Granite City Hotshots for most reigns with the belts.

Crusher Craib vs Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson will return to action for the first time since the Regal Rumble as he faces the man that eliminated him Crusher Craib. Shawn will have to keep his eye out for his former tag team partner Bryan Tucker who will still be seeking revenge. Crusher doesn’t have long left before he gets another shot at the Undisputed title in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy.

Blue Thunder vs Lord Mr Malice

Blue Thunder faces WrestleZone’s royalty Lord Mr Malice in what should be a rather fun match. Thunder has been on a massive losing streak as of late and if he loses to Malice then he should rethink his career. Sorry Malice.

The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs Johnny Lions & Dickie Divers

Dickie Divers returns to WrestleZone for the first time since 2013 as he teams with “Tenacious” Johnny Lions to battle The Rejected pairing of Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago. Lions will want to get revenge on Vago after losing to him in Fraserburgh. The Rejected seem to be back on to winning ways but with Dickie Divers returning, anything can happen.

Damien vs Lewis Girvan

In the last match, Sterling Oil’s Damien will face Lewis Girvan. This will be an interesting contest, with the technical style of Girvan and the brawling of Damien. I really hope WrestleZone upload this to their YouTube page. Damien will need to keep a look out for Johnny Lions as their rivalry steps into Westhill.

The show takes place this weekend and will be a fantastic show. Entry is pay at the door only, priced Β£12 for adults and Β£10 for under 14s.

– Adam Morrison

Announced Matches
1. Scotty Swift(c) vs Aspen Faith for the Undisputed title
2. Kaden Garrick & Mr P(c) vs Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Alan Sterling) for the Tag Team titles
3. Crusher Craib vs Shawn Johnson
4. Blue Thunder vs Lord Mr Malice
5. Johnny Lions & Dickie Divers vs The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)
6. Damien vs Lewis Girvan

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