Preview: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2016’ (Adam)

Well, it’s finally time. WrestleZone return to Aberdeen’s historic Beach Ballroom on Saturday June 4th for the 2016 Aberdeen Anarchy supershow. WrestleZone management have a huge night of action in store for us all. On top of that, they have managed to secure four former WWE superstars in Carlito, Tatanka, The Hurricane and Bull Dempsey. Let’s take a look at the matches for this historic show. Before that, I might as well mention that Grado will not be able to appear as planned on this might due to reasons outwith his control. However, he has informed WrestleZone officials that he will return to the Granite City before the end of the year.

Undisputed WrestleZone Title
Scotty Swift (c) vs 2016 Regal Rumble Winner Crusher Craib

Scotty Swift has managed to keep the Undisputed title for more than a year now and has defended against all challengers. Damien, Alan Sterling, Chris Archer, Aspen Faith, Bingo Ballance, even the Super Executioner. But now he has possibly his biggest challenge to date as he defends against Crusher Craib, who won his 3rd Regal Rumble back in March. Possibly the two biggest faces in WrestleZone are set for a massive collision at the Ballroom. Scotty won the title at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy from Joe Coffey, who ended Crusher’s reign in March 2015. This Saturday though he has a tough test ahead of him, considering the Creator of Carnage hasn’t been pinned since September (he has lost, just hasn’t been pinned).

Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker

This is a match I can’t wait to see. Former tag team partners collide as Sterling Oil member Shawn Johnson faces his former Granite City Hotshots’ partner Bryan Tucker in the latter’s first match since Chrismtas Chaos (Comes Early!), where Shawn turned his back on him. Tucker decided to move on from wrestling after his actions. But just as Shawn was away to win the Regal Rumble, Bryan emerged through the crowd to attack his now enemy. He then appeared in Westhill and Stonehaven, with security on alert incase he intervened again. With all the history between the two, you can expect a wild match that is sure to please many fans in attendance.

Tatanka vs Big Damo

Ireland vs America. The Beast of Belfast vs the Native American. Current ICW World Heavyweight champion Big Damo, a man not seen in WrestleZone since last May, issued the huge challenge to WWE Legend Tatanka. Tatanka was quick to accept and the match was signed. In wrestling you sometimes get David vs Goliath stories. This is more Goliath vs Goliath with both men having impressive feats of strength. The Beach Ballroom will have their roof blown off with this contest.

Ladder Match
Kaden Garrick, Mr P & Johnny Lions vs Sterling Oil (William Sterling, Alan Sterling & Damien)

A huge Ladder Match will take place at the Beach Ballroom, the second in WrestleZone history. Johnny Lions will team up with current Tag Team Champions Kaden Garrick & Mr P to battle Sterling Oil members William Sterling, Alan Sterling & Damien in what looks to be a bruising afair. Usually Ladder matches are for a championship but this one will have a huge impact regarding Battle of the Nations on August 13th. One of two stipulations will be granted depending on the winners. They are:

1. If Kaden Garrick, Mr P & Johnny Lions win, they get a 3 on 1 Handicap match against Richard R. Russell at Battle of the Nations.

2. If Sterling Oil win, they get title shots (Damien-Undisputed, William/Alan-Tag Team) at Battle of the Nations.

These 6 men have been on a warpath as of late, stemming from two seperate rivalries, those being Damien vs Johnny Lions and Kaden Garrick & Mr P vs the Sterling Brothers. With William being the only man with experience in these brutal matches, does that give Sterling Oil an added advantage?

Mixed Tag Team Match
Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne vs Lewis Girvan & Viper

The third match between these teams (sort of). Lewis and Debbie Sharpe defeated Faith and Jayne back at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!) before losing a rematch a few weeks ago in Stonehaven. Unfortunately Debbie was injured in that contest and will be unable to make Aberdeen Anarchy. This means that the “Best Young Wrestler” has had to pick a new partner. Who has he gone and picked? The very first ICW Womens champion, a woman making her WrestleZone debut in Viper! I for one can’t wait to see her in action, especially against Sammii. With Viper recently returning from a tour of Japan, will the added experience give her and Lewis an advantage?

Lou King Sharp & The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) vs Bull James, Carlito & The Hurricane

The Rejected have claimed to be undefeated at Aberdeen Anarchy alongside Lou King Sharp, even claiming to hold the greatest undefeated streak in professional wrestling. Yes, they are undefeated but they’ve only had one match at Anarchy. As a result, they have issued an open challenge to any three stars for this years event. So management’s Chris McDonald was quick to find three suitable opponents for the trio. First up is recently released NXT fitness guru Bull Dempsey, now known as Bull James. Teaming with James is arguably the coolest man in all of professional wrestling and that man is Carlito. To round off the three is The Hurricane. The Rejected and Sharp may not have gotten the three they were waiting for but they have a match for Anarchy. In the words of Chris McDonald, “good luck guys”.

Bingo Ballance vs Stevie Xavier

In a rematch from Aberdeen Anarchy 2013, Bingo Ballance squares off against Stevie Xavier. If you’ve seen the 2013 contest then you know what you’re in for on June 4th. The match was a high-flying contest with dives to the outside and moves off the top. Ballance finally came out on top after a great contest but Stevie will be sure to get vengeance this time around. This will be my first time seeing Stevie live in person and I personally can’t wait. I feel that this will be match of the night and possibly match of the year for WrestleZone.

(VIP Ticket Holders Only)
Blue Thunder vs Lord Mr Malice

The rivalry between Blue Thunder and Lord Mr Malice will hopefully come to an end on Saturday as they face off on the pre-show, exclusive to VIP ticket holders only. After Thunder defeated Malice in Westhill, he was offered a place in Malice’s court, an offer that was declined. As a result, he got a match in Stonehaven against Sir Andrew Wilde, which he lost due to a distraction from Malice and Jeeves Winchester. As a result, this match was set. Hopefully this rivalry will come to an end at Anarchy.

– Adam Morrison

Announced Matches:
1. Scotty Swift (c) vs Crusher Craib for the Undisputed WrestleZone Title
2. Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker
3. Big Damo vs Tatanka
4. Johnny Lions, Kaden Garrick & Mr P vs Sterling Oil in a Ladder Match
5. Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne vs Lewis Girvan & Viper in a Mixed Tag Team Match
6. Lou King Sharp & The Rejected vs Bull James, Carlito & The Hurricane
7. Bingo Ballance vs Stevie Xavier
8. Blue Thunder vs Lord Mr Malice (VIP Tickets Holders Only)

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