Review: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2016’ (Adam)

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Wow. Just wow. That’s all there is to say as WrestleZone kicked the ball out of the park this past Saturday night with perhaps their best show to date. Grudges were settled, bodies were battered and the Beach Ballroom was sold out once again. What a show WrestleZone put on!

I managed to attend the afternoon meet and greet at the Ballroom, and got signed 8x10s from Bull, Carlito and Hurricane. All three of them are so down to Earth, it’s unreal. Security rushed people but still allowed time for fans to talk to the guys. Following this, I went to the Beach Leisure Centre cafΓ© with a few friends, including our very own Billy. We had a discussion about our predictions, how Scotty Swift is the Granite City John Cena and Billy’s tattoo. Onto the show.

I managed to have a VIP ticket so got in at 5pm to meet the WrestleZone stars. Names such as Scotty Swift, Lou King Sharp, Bingo Ballance and Stevie Xavier were all there. Following that, I went into the main Ballroom for the pre-show, which saw Blue Thunder take on Lord Mr Malice. Now, Malice’s attire. What even was that? He was using what looked to be tin foil as kickpads. I wasn’t expecting much from this match, but it actually surprised me in terms of comedy. Malice managed to get the advantage with a big splash and a Gatecrowner Powerslam, but Thunder moved out the way of a second splash. Thunder managed to nail a tornado snap suplex followed by a sitout gourdbuster. He then proceeded to nail the finishers of past Aberdeen Anarchy guests. He nailed Jim Duggan’s Three-Point Stance Clothesline, Billy Gunn’s Fameasser and X-Pac’s X-Factor. Jeeves made his way into the ring, but was soon locked in the Masterlock of Chris Masters. Thunder swung his legs into Malice. Malice and referee Dennis Law attempted to lift him out the ring, but Thunder made his way to the top rope as Winchester’s legs were unintentionally at either side. As a result, Thunder dove in with the diving headbutt to the groin, similar to The Dudley’s Wassup. He ended the match with his trademark Blue Thunder Bomb. After the match, Thunder retrieved the jester hat that Malice brought out and placed it on him. Overall, a fantastic match in terms of comedy.

The show started with a short video package, before the PA system announced the ring announcer for the night, Martyn Clunes. Martyn then revealed the first match, which was the Ladder match.

Sterling Oil (William Sterling, Alan Sterling & Damien) w/Richard R. Russell (title shots) def. Johnny Lions. Kaden Garrick & Mr P (Handicap match against Russell) in a Ladder Match

Before I begin, the parts in brackets are what each team would win should they come out victorius. This bout was a bruising affair, with all 6 men giving it their all. Some memorable highlights included Damien being powerbombed into a ladder to knock William and Alan off, Damien falling off one ladder and onto another and Johnny pulling Richard R. Russell off the ladder, before catching him in mid-air with a Lion Cutter! It came down to Kaden and Alan battling on top of the ladder, before Alan poked Kaden in the eye to knock him off. Alan then reached for the contract and won the match for Sterling Oil. As a result, at Battle of the Nations, Damien will challenge for the Undisputed title while William and Alan will challenge for the tag team titles. All 6 bodies will be battered and brusied after that match.

Lewis Girvan & Viper def. Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne in a Mixed Tag Team match

Before the next match began, an STV cameraman entered the ring as Martyn introduced STV weatherman Sean Batty as the special guest ring announcer. Sean will be taking part in a 26 mile walk tomorrow as part of the STV Children’s Appeal. Aspen and Sammii entered first in warrior-inspried gear, before Lewis burst through the curtain with WrestleZone debutante and first ever ICW Women’s Champion Viper. Aspen felt like Viper wasn’t as good as him and shoved her face away, but she responded with a massive forearm to the jaw. She also showed how agile she is with an over the tope rope dive and a cannonball senton off the apron onto Sammii. Aspen and Lewis started running to opposite sides of the ring with various strikes on each other, with Viper and Sammii doing the same. It all ended when Viper knocked Faith off his feet. The match soon came to a close when Faith and Girvan both fell out the ring, allowing Viper to nail a massive superbomb on Sammii for the three count. Lewis celebrated with Viper while Faith and Sammii both left, visibly upset.

Bingo Ballance def. Stevie Xavier

Up next was the rematch we were all waiting for. Ballance/Xavier 2. After their great contest at the first Beach Ballroom show, management decided to make the rematch happen. Both men had a handshake at the start of the contest. As expected, this was a hard hitting contest full of flips. They have such great chemistry that it’s always a pleasure watching them compete. Stevie managed to nail a sensational somersault dive to the outside. Back inside the ring, Ballance nailed his trademark spinout facebuster and a falcon arrow. Both men ascended to the top rope, before Bingo caught Xavier with a twisting superplex that got the 1, 2, 3. Following the contest, both men recieved a much deserved round of applause before exchanging a handshake and a hug.

Tatanka def. Big Damo

Big Damo made his out for the next match, before his opponent burst through the curtain. It was WWE legend Tatanka. Damo wanted a test of strength a few minutes into the match but kept chickening out whenever Tatanka went to lock hands with him. Tatanka soon took advantage, causing the Irishman to exit the ring and take security’s seats. Damo soon regained the advantage with a big jumping senton. The fans chanted “you still got it” at the former WWE star. Tatanka soon rebounded with multiple chops and soon had the Beast of Belfast on his back with a big samoan drop for the win. It was a pleasure watching these two compete.

The show then went to a 20 minute break, where fans could buy refreshments and purchase merchandise.

Bryan Tucker def. Shawn Johnson

We came back from the break with the match I was looking forward to, as former tag team partners collided. Shawn Johnson made his entrance first to a mashup of Queen’s “I Want it All” and “We Will Rock You”, which I think he should use all the time. The new and improved Bryan Tucker came out next to new music with a new attire. As expected, the match didn’t stay in the ring for too long and they soon made their way to the top of the stage, where Shawn shoved Bryan down the stairs. Back inside the ring, the action kept getting more and more intense, but it was Tucker that got the win with a rollup in his first match since November. But it wasn’t him that got the last word, as Shawn blindsided him afterwards, before smashing a steel chair off his back. Shawn proceeded to drive Bryan’s head into the chair, leaving staff and security to help Bryan to the back. It’s safe to say this rivalry is far from over.

Carlito, The Hurricane & Bull Dempsey def. Lou King Sharp & The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)

The 6 man tag match took place next, with the Greatest Streak in Professional Sports on the line. Lou and The Rejected made their entrance wearing 1-0 t-shirts, in reference to their undefeated streak at Anarchy. Bull Dempsey came out next and Lou and Chris scattered, with Mikkey the only one not visibly scared. Carlito came out next, followed by The Hurricane. The match took a while to start as Sharp kept hiding around ringside and in the crowd to escape Bull. When he did come in, he attempted a shoulder block only to bounce off. Sharp’s team soon took advantage with dastardly tactics. Lou managed to nail a low blow on one of the former WWE stars, but turned around into an apple spit from Carlito! He followed it up with his trademark Backstabber, followed by Hurricane’s Eye of the Hurricane. The two pulled Sharp into position for a massive seated senton off the top from Bull that got them the win. As a result, the streak is over. The fans chanted ‘you still got it’ at The Hurricane before the three of them headed to the back and security were left to clean up the apple bits.

Scotty Swift def. Crusher Craib to retain the Undisputed WrestleZone Title

Before the next match was underway, a video package aired to hype the contest. Crusher enters first wearing a skull mask, before removing it to reveal red and silver war paint. Scotty made his entrance afterwards to a big ovation. This match had a big fight feel to it, and it delivered. Scotty attempted to nail a shoulder block on the 2016 Regal Rumble winner to no avail. The two continued to battle back and forth before Scotty managed to nail his opponent’s finisher, the Black Hole Slam! Crusher kicked out after a very close two count. Crusher accidentally knocked out Martyn Clunes after Scotty dodged him, and he had to be helped to the back. Scotty nailed a massive superplex that took both men out. The referee reached the nime count before Swift jumped on top of the Creator of Carnage for a very close two count. They traded finishers with Swift nailing the Granite City Driver and Craib nailing the Big Boot. After Scotty kicked out, the big man headed to the top rope looking for a diving splash, but the Red Haired Warrior managed to avoid being crushed (no pun intended) and secured the win with a jacknife rollup. With the win, Scotty kept his Aberdeen Anarchy win-loss record intact, while also handing Crusher his first loss of the year and becoming the first person to leave the Beach Ballroom with their title.

After Scotty left, Crusher Craib had to be attended to by security, staff and referees. First aiders made their way to ringside as it was obvious something serious had happened to Craib. WrestleZone posted on their Facebook page earlier today that after missing the diving splash, Crusher broke his hip socket and will require surgery. I wish him the speediest of recoveries.

And so ends another Aberdeen Anarchy. Another sellout crowd means another great night. WrestleZone will be back in action later this month with a live event scheduled in Ellon.

– Adam Morrison

Quick Results
1. Blue Thunder def. Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester
2. Sterling Oil w/Richard R. Russell def. Johnny Lions, Kaden Garrick & Mr P in a Ladder Match
3. Lewis Girvan & Viper def. Aspen Faith & Sammii Jayne
4. Bingo Ballance def. Stevie Xavier
5. Tatanka def. Big Damo
6. Bryan Tucker def. Shawn Johnson
7. Carlito, The Hurricane & Bull Dempsey def. Lou King Sharp & The Rejected
8. Scotty Swift def. Crusher Craib to retain the Undisputed WrestleZone Title

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