Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Laurencekirk 2016’


A week before their annual Proving Grounds, WrestleZone make their debut in Laurencekirk, with a show on Saturday July 16th at their St. Laurence Hall. With Battle of the Nations just a few weeks away, the stars of the Granite City will be looking to make an impact in front of a new crowd.

Chris Archer vs Cysto 1

The first match signed for the show sees a rematch from Live in Ellon at the end of June as Chris Archer faces Cysto 1. After being defeated, Cysto issued a challenge for a rematch against one half of the Rejected, which was accepted. Archer will be looking to once again defeat the Tangerine Dream, but who knows, maybe Cysto will be able to pull off a miracle in Laurencekirk. With Chris competing in singles action at two shows in a row, is he trying to prove himself worthy of getting a crack at the Undisputed title?

Johnny Lions vs Damien

The fued between the former Revolution partners continues in Laurencekirk as Johnny Lions and Damien once again square off. These two are far from done with each other, with several battles taking place between them throughout the year. Damien is currently slated to challenge Scotty Swift for the Undisputed title at August’s Battle of the Nations, but he has to get through the Tenacious One first. Johnny will be sure to give Damien a run for his money in the build up to his title match, but Damien will be sure to have his Sterling Oil cohorts get involved. Johnny Time will be in full force in Laurencekirk.

Lord Mr Malice vs The Super Executioner

What is there to say about this match? Lord Mr Malice faces the Super Executioner, a man we haven’t seen in quite some time, in Laurencekirk. This will be the comedy match of the evening and will likely feature little to no actual wrestling. Malice will have his butler Jeeves Winchester at ringside and we all know he likes getting involved in matches a little too much. Laurencekirk sure are in for a treat with this contest. Worth the price of admission alone.

Kaden Garrick vs William Sterling

The fourth contest set for Laurencekirk sees William Sterling of Sterling Oil taking on one half of the WrestleZone Tag Team champions Kaden Garrick. With Kaden and Mr P scheduled to defend their gold against William and his brother Alan in a few weeks at Battle of the Nations, this match will have huge implications. Kaden hasn’t been pinned since debuting in March of 2014, and even defeated Alan a few weeks ago in Ellon which could have an effect on this match. William has won the gold 4 times in the past so he knows what it takes to get there and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Sterling Brothers won’t cheat their way to get them.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Scotty Swift(c) vs Mikkey Vago

The main event of WrestleZone’s Laurencekirk debut will see Scotty Swift defend his Undisputed title against one half of The Rejected in Mikkey Vago. Scotty has held the title for well over a year now, and even passed the record of longest-reigning champion, but has never once defended against Mikkey Vago. Being a former tag team champion, Vago knows what it takes to get the job done. With a scheduled title defence against Damien, the former longest-reigning champion, in a few weeks time, Scotty will be keen to make a lasting impression at the St. Laurence Hall, especially after he was pinned by Damien back in Ellon.

Alan Sterling vs Mr P

The final match signed for this Saturday sees Sterling Oil member Alan Sterling square off against 1/2 of the WrestleZone Tag Team champions Mr P. Both men will be looking to make a statement en route to their tag title match at Battle of the Nations in a few short weeks. These two men have quite the history with each other after being locked in a rivalry for the last few weeks of 2014 and almost the entire first half of last year, so will know every trick up each other’s sleeve. With Kaden Garrick also facing William Sterling on this show, both teams have the potential to gain momentum as they head towards the all important title match next month.

Doors at the hall open at 7pm, with the action set to get underway at 7:30. Entry to the show is priced Β£12 for adults and Β£10 for under 14s. Let’s hope WrestleZone make a lasting impression in their Laurencekirk debut.

– Adam Morrison

Announced Matches
Chris Archer vs Cysto 1
Johnny Lions vs Damien
Lord Mr Malice vs The Super Executioner
Kaden Garrick vs William Sterling
Scotty Swift(c) vs Mikkey Vago for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Alan Sterling vs Mr P

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