The Life Of Smith: North By Northern Tour Part One – Undoubtedly Ullapool


Along with Mike Musso, I have been an ever present on W3L’s annual Northern Tour. The first tour was in 2013 and saw me as the referee for the tour, officiating matches such as Allan Grogan versus Mike Musso for the W3L Championship and a very bloody contest between The Bulgarian Baker and Livewire in Wick. The last two years have seen me wrestle on these tours, with El Technico, Dickie Divers and Aspen Faith being previous opponents of mine.


This year’s tour would start in Ullapool, a village that is roughly 90 minutes away from Inverness and has lots of great scenery along the way. I found myself travelling with W3L Action Academy student Jamie Jones and Mike Musso. Jamie has a tendency to fall asleep on long car journeys, something that has been documented amongst those within W3L, but he is a good lad that puts in a lot of graft.


There were a few hold ups on the journey to Ullapool, with traffic coming to a standstill due to a crash on the infamous A9, as well as the tourists and HGVs that often use the road. The A9 is also one of these roads that randomly goes from a normal road to a dual carriageway and along the way, we witnessed Nathan Reynolds overtake us on the way to Ullapool.

The Ullapool show itself had a better turnout than last year, which was good news and I have a feeling that W3L’s Ullapool shows are only going to get bigger and better. The show started with yours truly facing Nathan Reynolds, a frequent opponent of mine over the years. I hit him with some new moves that I had recently introduced in my repertoire, but Nathan ended up taking me to β€˜Suplex Village’ before picking up the win with a Spear. Bah.

photo credit Jamie Jones
photo credit Jamie Jones

With the absence of James Scott, The Contingency Plan of Taylor Bryden and Dickie Divers needed a partner for the 6-man tag main event against Mike Musso, Nathan Reynolds and Aspen Faith. I did not envy Dickie Divers being on the end of a Rolling Release Suplex from Aspen Faith, a β€˜Slampage’ from Nathan Reynolds AND a barrage of knee lifts from Mike Musso, but we managed to get the advantage for a short while until the fan favourites picked up the win. Bah.

The first day of the Northern Tour concluded with us checking in to our accommodation in Inverness for the next two nights. Some of the people on the tour decided to go out (with Johnny Foxes seemingly being the bar of choice each year), but I decided to stay in, with me being well aware that a busy and fast-paced day awaited, as it involved an early wake-up call for an afternoon show in Wick before embarking on a three hour journey to Elgin for an evening show, which will all be documented in part two of this blog.

– Lucian Maynard-Smith

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