Preview: WrestleZone ‘Battle of the Nations 2016’ (Billy)

13895360_1169819369727047_4412693170649418040_nThe Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

On August 13th, WrestleZone bring a huge show to The Northern Hotel as Battle of the Nations promises to change the landscape of WrestleZone forever, titles are on the line, grudges continue, a debut and the return of Zach Dynamite. Seven matches have been announced, making this the biggest Battle of the Nations event to date.

Zach Dynamite has been out of action for the last 2 years with injury, he returns to face ‘The Greatest of All The Malices’ Lord Mr Malice in a bout that is all down to how much ring rust Dynamite has been able to shake off.

The Rejected look to get back onto the winning path with a win over the makeshift team of Jimbo Bannon and Blue Thunder. Makeshift teams have worked out well in the past in WrestleZone if we look at Thunder Buddies, Mr P and Kaden Garrick and Scotty Swift and Jay Lethal as prime examples, all have been tag team champions. A win for either team would catapult them up the ladder to face the winner of the tag team championship match that will take place at the event.

Lucy Cole makes her WrestleZone debut against ‘The Queen of Catch’ Sammii Jayne, Cole isn’t a stranger to the North having made several appearances for Inverness-based Rock N Wrestle. Sammii will be in two minds, one on defeating the plucky Cole and the other in supporting her man, ‘The King of Catch’, in his title aspiration later in the evening.

The Tucker-Johnson grudge continues when they battle it out again, at Aberdeen Anarchy Bryan Tucker scored the three count only for Shawn Johnson to have the last laugh when he left his former tag team partner laying. Attacks have followed with Tucker being on the receiving end of a beating. Expect a brawl, the same venue Bryan Tucker returned to exact some revenge on Johnson, costing him the main event at Aberdeen Anarchy, it could be the place where this ends.

The annual Battle of the Nations match has seen some wild moments, Drew Galloway and Doug Williams being in the list of those that have defended their countries pride successfully. It’s fitting that this year the losers of the previous two Battle of the Nations matches face off. Johnny Lions and Sir Andrew Wilde will be looking to make up for the past loses and gain a victory from the other.

The first of two title matches, Mr P and Kaden Garrick defend against the Sterling Brothers of Sterling Oil. Both teams have traded wins in single competition, with the guidance of Richard R Russell this may be Sterling Oil’s night, he has waited 12 months to guide his boys to gold and so far it has been fruitless. If Sterling Oil leave empty handed, it may be on Russell’s head.

The second title match is a blockbuster, a huge fatal-4-way which includes former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions, a King of Catch and the current Champion, ‘The Red Haired Warrior’. This match alone is worth the price of admission. Joe Coffey gets his title rematch from Aberdeen Anarchy 2015, Damien gets his title shot that was earned at Aberdeen Anarchy 2016 and Aspen Faith gets a chance to finally gain singles gold. Scotty Swift has taken on all comers in his title reign, from Crusher Craib to Super Executioner but a challenge this massive will certainly test Swift and this could be the end of his time as Champion.

Damien has made no secret about being angry that he is not getting a one on one match for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship, citing a conspiracy from WrestleZone Management to keep the title on Swift or, at the very least, away from Sterling Oil. This will be an interesting match with all four being worthy champions.

A stacked event which will be a super show for anyone that can get along. Featuring a multitude of talent from around the country. The Granite City is going to get rocked!

Matches Announced:
Zach Dynamite vs Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester
Jimbo Bannon and Blue Thunder vs The Rejected (Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago)
Sammii Jayne vs Lucy Cole
Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker
-Battle of the Nations-
Johnny Lions (SCO) vs Sir Andrew Wilde (ENG)
-Tag Team Championships-
Mr P and Kaden Garrick Β© vs The Sterling Brothers (William Sterling and Alan Sterling)
-Undisputed WrestleZone Championship-
Scotty Swift Β© vs Joe Coffey vs Damien vs Aspen Faith

We’ve also got some WWE 2K16 match simulations for this event linked above for each match.

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