Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ August 2016

13913698_1035040923270309_6521000832625466359_oPortobello Town Hall, Edinburgh

Discovery Wrestling are continuing to put on super shows that include talent from all over the country plus a stellar line up of guests. A talent pool, as deep as Scotland, provides a great chance to catch unique match ups and even the odd dream match or two. Discovery may still be considered as the ‘new boys’ but they are certainly taking advantage of what is on offer.

This afternoon show contains a grudge match, a cross-promotional match, a title match, former Ring of Honor stars and a dream match. What more could you ask for?

Big Damo and Dave Conrad collide in a match that has been months in the making. The ‘One True Alpha’ is out prove to that he is ‘the man’ in Discovery Wrestling but with a less than stellar time in Edinburgh, this may be his last chance. The added stipulation makes this match very interesting, Conrad challenged Damo to a ‘Loser Leaves Discovery’ match. He comes up against his teacher, ‘The Beast of Belfast’, a former World Heavyweight Champion and one of the premier wrestlers in the country. Conrad has a mountain to climb and after trying to take several cheap shots on the way to this showdown, Damo is going to be one angry Irishman.

The House of Saynt expanded at the last Discovery show as Theo Doros joined Christopher Saynt and a mystery woman. At Portabello Town Hall, Saynt holds all the cards, the mystery partner and the fact that Theo Doros is very familiar with Michael Chase and The ComixZone team of Delsin Dayre and Sean Mercer, it’s The House Of Saynt’s match to lose. The team of Chase, Mercer and Dayre are no strangers having spent a great deal of time working together or against each other at Reckless Intent.

Another tag team contest taking place is The New Age Kliq facing former Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions, War Machine. A team I’m not familiar with, having not watched Ring of Honor, but from what I have seen they are big brutes, imagining two Damo’s staring at you from across the ring. Renfrew and Gunn have faced the best, they have defeated the best and I think they will have an edge with a Scottish crowd bellowing in support.

The other guest arriving to Edinburgh is the highly entertaining Colt Cabana. He faces ‘The King of Catch’, Aspen Faith. This one will be a fantastic bout with Cabana having to borrow some holds from ‘Matt Classic’ in order to match Faith. One of the most gifted performers in Scotland today, Faith has a point to prove after failing to win the Interim Y Division Championship, he bounced back with a win over Danny Boy Rodgers but defeating someone of the calibre of Colt Cabana will surely put him back into the title hunt.

One of the great things Discovery Wrestling does is forge strong relationships with outside promotions. First with the defense of the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship and now an opportunity to gain a W3L Championship match any time, any place. When Danny Boy Rodgers and the debuting Mark Coffey face off at Discovery Wrestling the winner will move onto W3L Wrestlution X in September and into the Golden Ticket Ladder Match.

The main event sees the Interim Y Division Championship on the line when current Champion, Lewis Girvan, goes up against the number one contender ‘Local Hero’ Joe Hendry. Joe Hendry thinks he deserves the Y Division Championship, having defeated the likes of Crime Time, Damo, Grado on the road to becoming number one contender in April following a win in a four way elimination match. Since becoming Interim Champion in November, Girvan has retained over BT Gunn, Shane Strickland and Aspen Faith in highly rated defenses. Hendry can cite hometown advantage but Girvan has had an incredible journey in Discovery and will still have his eyes on an eventual showdown with Chris Sabin. This will be too close to call and it might take one sharp turn that decides it all.

Discovery Wrestling’s ‘Broadcast Analyst’ Darren Goss has shared his thoughts on the upcoming event. Check out his preview.

Matches Announced:
Micheal Chase and The ComixZone (Sean Mercer and Delsin Dayre) vs The House of Saynt (Christopher Saynt, Theo Doros and ???)
War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) vs The New Age Kliq (Chris Renfew and BT Gunn)
Aspen Faith vs Colt Cabana
-Loser Leaves Discovery-
Big Damo vs Dave Conrad
-W3L Golden Ticket Qualifier-
Danny Boy Rodgers vs Mark Coffey
-Interim Y Division Championship-
Lewis Girvan Β© vs Joe Hendry

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