Adam’s Top 10…Battle of the Nations 2016 Moments

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Adam’s Top 10. This week, I’m going to be taking a look at my favourite moments from this year’s Battle of the Nations, WrestleZone’s biggest show of the Summer that took place just 2 nights ago.

– Adam Morrison

10. Lucy Cole’s Debut

When it was announced Lucy Cole would be debuting at Battle of the Nations, I was quick to check out some of her matches and I was immediately hooked. She impressed me even more at the Northern Hotel and I really hope to see her back in a WrestleZone ring very soon.

9. Jimbo Bannon is the Future

As it says, Jimbo Bannon is the absolute future of WrestleZone. He uses his MMA skills to his advantage in every match, tricking his opponents. If he keeps doing what he does, he’ll be a big name in no time.

8. Sir Andrew Wilde’s Improvement

Everytime I see Sir Andrew Wilde compete, he improves each time. Whether it’s nailing devastating suplexes or Superkicks to the jaw, his opponents always have something to look out for. That was just the case at Battle of the Nations as Johnny Lions had no clue what was coming next. I hope Wilde comes back to WrestleZone in the very near future.

7. Zach is Back

After taking 2 years off due to career threatening injuries, Zach Dynamite made his return this past Saturday night. He defeated Lord Mr Malice in a relatively quick match, proving to be 100% recovered from his injuries. Hopefully he starts rising up the ranks once again.

6. Joe Coffey’s Feat of Strength

We all know Joe Coffey is one of the strongest wrestlers in the UK. But what he did at The Northern Hotel this past Saturday left me shocked. While performing a Giant Swing on defending Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift, Damien interjected only to get lifted up for an Airplane Spin at the same time. Living up to his moniker, Joe proved why they call him the Mighty Wrestler.

5. Kaden Garrick’s Streak is Over

Ever since debuting at the 2014 Regal Rumble, Kaden Garrick hadn’t been pinned or forced to submit. However, that all changed this past Saturday night as Alan Sterling pinned him for the first time following a brutal DDT. Kaden will be sure to avenge this in the near future.

4. Richard R. Russell’s Beating

Although I’m a fan of Sterling Oil, I did find the aftermath of the Tag Team title match to be well deserved. After costing them their gold, Richard was nailed with not one but two Oil Crashes by Kaden Garrick & Mr P. That should teach him not to interfere in their business again.

3. The Unsanctioned Match

I always enjoy a good Unsanctioned match, and these two former allies put it all on the line. Shawn Johnson and Bryan Tucker are a perfect example of what should happen when tag partners turn on each and how it should be booked. It was a perfectly good weapons match with some extreme moments. This rivalry is far from over.

2. Chris McDonald Means Business

Since Sterling Oil reformed, management haven’t really been able to stop them. However at Battle of the Nations, Damien came out for his Undisputed Title match accompanied by Shawn Johnson and Alan Sterling. Before anything could be done, management representative Chris McDonald stood up from commentary and banned the two of them from ringside. Hopefully Chris does more of this sort of thing in the future.

1. The Sterling Brothers Win Gold

Coming in to the Northern Hotel as 3-time WrestleZone Tag Team champions, William and Alan Sterling were looking to start a 4th reign. They did just that when they defeated Kaden Garrick & Mr P in the third match between the two teams, ending Kaden’s undefeated streak in the process. Hopefully these two keep the belts for a long, long time.
That does it for this week’s edition of Adam’s Top 10. Next week, I’ll be taking a look at my 10 favourite female wrestlers from around Scotland.

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