Review: WrestleZone ‘Battle of the Nations 2016’ (Billy)

13895360_1169819369727047_4412693170649418040_nAlmost titled ‘How Aspen Faith Broke My Heart…AGAIN’
The Northern Hotel, Aberdeen

Back to WrestleZone for the first time since Aberdeen Anarchy, the use of pre-purchased tickets was a really great addition as the queues moved quicker and those that had the tickets got in first, saving time waiting for folk to dig out Β£12 from their money purse. There were a few matches that I really wanted to see, none more than the main event.

Before the event. Martyn Clunes announced that Aspen Faith suffered a concussion at Discovery Wrestling earlier in the day. Gutted was not the word, for Faith as he suffered the injury and, selfishly, for myself as I wouldn’t see him in action. Hopefully the concussion won’t keep him out of the loop for long.

-WrestleZone Tag Team Championship-
The Sterling Brothers (William & Alan Sterling) defeated Mr P & Kaden Garrick by Pinfall to win the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships

The event kicked off properly with Sterling Oil entering and Richard R Russell demanding the Tag Team Championship match to start now. Mr P and Kaden Garrick entered and took the fight straight away with Garrick taking in the ring bell to try and clock William Sterling, he missed but hit a big spear to end it early…only the ring bell hadn’t been rung and the match hadn’t officially started. Once it did officially start the Sterling Brothers kept the pressure on the Champions throughout. In the build up to the finish, Richard R Russell got cracked with a clipboard by Garrick, sending part of it flying. It allowed enough time for Alan Sterling to recover and counter a Garrick spear into a DDT for the three count and the titles.

After the match a groggy Russell was caught by the former champions and was given several backbreaker/lungblower combinations for his troubles.

Great opening bout, that clipboard crack was just so satisfying to watch and hear. Alan Sterling ends Kaden Garricks unpinned streak with an absolute peach of a DDT.

Zach Dynamite defeated Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester by Pinfall

Dynamite looking Dy-no-mighty in his return after two years, made quick work of Lord Mr Malice and sparked the same thought I had two years ago…he’d be a great bad guy. Super cocky, great shape, could actually see him getting booked outside of WrestleZone, maybe down at Discovery Wrestling. Not a lot to write about the match, very little chance for Malice to start his shenanigans.

Shawn Johnson defeated Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

Wow. This match blew their Aberdeen Anarchy scrap out of the water, intense, wild and brutal. Match started with Tucker entering through the crowd as Johnson faced the entrance waiting for his former tag team partner armed with a chair. This one went all over The Northern Hotel, big chair shots, a grudge match that was fought (not wrestled) like one. Johnson rolled up Tucker out of nowhere with the aid of the ropes to steal a victory. Tucker attacked after the match, as they were being seperated Johnson grabbed a glass to aid his threat. Far from over between these two, it’s starting to pick up after the little dip at Anarchy.

One of the highlights was the referee to maintain some sort of order on the outside only for someone in the crowd to shout “it’s an unsanctioned match, they can do whatever they want!”.

-Battle Of The Nations-
Sir Andrew Wilde (ENG) defeated Johnny Lions (SCO) by Pinfall

Really decent match, both guys laid into each other hammer and tongs. The match went to the outside which saw Wilde throwing Lions over his head for a belly to belly onto the floor, which looked and sounded painful. Lions didn’t move for a couple moments to a stunned crowd. He made it back just within the 10 count only to get hit with a cutter for a long two count. Wilde eventually kept Lions down with a big sit-out powerbomb to win, can see these two facing off again as they worked together so well.

Jimbo Bannon & Blue Thunder defeated The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) by Submission

This wasn’t a good match, the parts with Blue Thunder and Chris Archer were very solid, even Mikkey Vago was okay but Jimbo Bannon just wasn’t very good. A lack of commitment to character, zero charisma and his wrestling was sloppy. Flopped about like a fish out of water. The crowd were loud for Bannon, no idea why. He has a long way to go. Once he knows his character (is he the MMA guy or the wrestling guy?) then he can build up to something but right now he is very bland and is out of place in WrestleZone which thrives on big characters.

Sammii Jayne defeated Lucy Cole by Submission

Sammii really dragged Lucy to a good match, it looked like Cole was out of place quite a lot with Sammii trying to pull it together. Jayne worked the arm throughout the match and it felt like Lucy could barely get out of first gear, after a German Suplex, Sammii locked in a cross armbreaker for the submission victory. Not a great debut by Lucy Cole but the fans liked her throughout.

-Undisputed WrestleZone Championship-
–Triple Threat–
Scotty Swift defeated β€œIron Man” Joe Coffey and Damien by Pinfall to retain

Coffey got a great reaction, a big favourite. Damien entered with Alan Sterling and Shawn Johnson before Chris McDonald sent them to the back with the threat of disqualifying Damien from the match. Scotty entered last, as champion, wearing a Crusher Craib shirt as a classy touch.

This one had a lot of great triple chain wrestling and smooth transitions between all involved. Something I haven’t seen before and really enjoyed. Usually in triple threats you see one thrown out and two in the ring but here all three were in the match for the majority. Coffey was a beast in this one, throwing about Damien and Swift with ease. Even giving us a big swing/airplane spin combination to boot.

The finished came out of nowhere with Coffey tied up into the ropes by Damien who ended up being laid out with a Granite City Driver for the win, Swift retaining his title.

Overall: A good show, considering I was travelling up to see Faith in the main event it was disappointing, but WrestleZone offered some really good matches to make up for it. It was something purely out of their hands though and injuries can happen, it’s all about the recovery and adapting which I always feel WrestleZone excel at and making sure that if your favourite is pulled for whatever reason they still make sure that you get value for money. I wasn’t enamored by the cameraman and photographer getting in the way regularly which made me miss some of the action especially when they were both side by side blocking half of the ringside. Maybe a bit more communication between both is required.

Seeing how good Sammii is, the very good opening match that had a title change, Battle of the Nations and unsanctioned bout were top highlights. The main event proved that Swift is ‘the man’ at WrestleZone and may be champion through circumstance but is reliable and puts in 110% into each match. There were a lot of ‘outta nowhere’ endings that just stopped the match suddenly, interupting the flow of the match but all in all a good night in Aberdeen.

It was also really nice to see Sheila at a WrestleZone show again, for those unaware, Sheila is a little old lady who is as fiesty as they come. I’d seen her threatening many a bad guy with her walking stick (including Jack Jester, who took her walking stick only to have Sonjay Dutt come and retrieve it to the cheers of the crowd).

It wasn’t a perfect show but it gave enough postitives to enjoy which is the important thing. A lot of the things that I didn’t like were really personal preference, in reading Adam’s review he loved the whole show which is great. So if you’re reading and thinking that I’m wrong, I’m not, it’s that I just don’t share the same opinion on a couple points.

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