Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Featuring Chris Hero’

img_4936Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh

I’m watching this through Discovery Wrestling On Demand, who uploaded this event for FREE due to technical issues involving the commentary.

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The show kicks off with a pre-show preview with Randy Valentine and Darren T Goss dipping in and out as he was out to find out the big announcement Discovery was promising.

Theo Doros defeated Sean Mercer, Shawn Johnson and Craig Stephens

Sean Mercer enters dressed as Deadpool…so this match is an automatic 5 star classic. Shawn Johnson was out next, Sterling Oil’s Shawn Johnson who is continuing the WrestleZone presence in Discovery Wrestling following Damien [Daniels] and Chris Archer.

The match started thick and fast with each competitor getting offence in, a really slick encounter with very little wrong with the action. Craig Stephens was wired as he was just getting his moves in quickly and with high energy, almost to the point of rushing. But following a sit out spinebuster from Theo Doros, Shawn Johnson stole the pin and Stephens was eliminated.

It was almost a second elimination for Shawn Johnson after hitting a headlock driver onto Theo Doros but the Cypriot rolled out of the ring. Johnson almost got Mercer with a Michinoku Driver for a long two. Doros recovered to take down Johnson with a spinebuster, long enough for Mercer to hit a diving headbutt for the three count.

Just when it looked like Mercer was going to get the win, a mystery woman stood at the stage. Allowing Doros the time to low blow Mercer while the referee was distracted and planting a spinebuster for the win.

Nobody put a foot wrong in this one, the crowd were wholeheartedly behind Sean Mercer but I think Shawn Johnson left a big impression. Would like to see him back in Edinburgh as he would excel against guys like Lewis Girvan, Christopher Saynt or one on one with Mercer. Theo Doros uses the distraction to gain a win, the rascal. Good opener.

Aspen Faith defeated Danny Boy Rodgers by Pinfall

Next up was a highly enjoyable match, this had a great mix of wrestling, high flying and even a bit of comedy. The crisp counters and some pretty inventive ways to put together moves was really fun to watch. One of the highlights being a springboard attempt by Rodgers being countered into an armbar by Faith which was so perfectly timed that it just happened so smooth. Aspen hit the Faithbuster, which could only garner a one count so instead of going back to the well, Faith planted Rodgers with a powerbomb for a three count. Great match, had some great elements. The crowd were fairly split as well. Rodgers showed some great athletic moves and was as quick as a cat.

Rodgers shoved the referee after the match and thrashed about like a sore loser.

Lady Debbie Sharpe vs Sammii Jayne ended in a no contest

A match that I am very familiar with, having seen it a good handful of times now but this was different. It wasn’t a match, it wasn’t even a fight. Debbie entered with a note which she handed to the referee. Couldn’t catch the audio but I’m assuming it was a fabricated Doctor’s note (which was a drawing of an ample bosommed lady). Sammii grabbed the “note” and ripped it up for which Debbie smacked Sammii with the microphone and beat her down, followed but that horrific fireman’s carry onto the edge of the ring apron. It is scary to watch as Sammii just snaps off the hard edge. Match ends in a no contest and this is a heated feud that will get more brutal I think.

-Winner Faces Chris Hero In The Main Event-
Joe Coffey defeated Dave Conrad by Pinfall

Dave Conrad started out trying to wrestle Joe Coffey, wrestle…Joe Coffey, maybe he should work on the ol’ brain instead of the muscles. This match wasn’t good, which is surprising for a Joe Coffey match. Conrad looked sloppy, slow and there was nothing remarkable about him. I don’t know if that’s the point and the ‘One True Alpha’ is an oxymoron.

It started to pick up towards the end, mainly due to it being Coffey battering Conrad. A ref bump saw the lumbering mass that is Deviation enter (still wearing his Timm Wylie pants) to put the claw onto Coffey. Which could only get a two count.

Coffey finished the match with a discus lariat following miscommunication between Conrad and Deviation to finally end it.

Generally if you put Joe Coffey into a match with a broomstick you are going to get a good match, think I would’ve preferred the broomstick over Dave Conrad to be honest.

The crowd really saved this one from being a total disaster by just shouting for Joe Coffey throughout, they were loud.

Christopher Saynt (w/ House Of Saynt (Theo Doros and Mystery Woman) defeated Michael Chase by Pinfall

Good start with Michael Chase just running out of the blocks only for Saynt to use any short cut or distraction from Theo Doros to take advantage. Continuing to assault Chase and keep the pressure on. Chase fired up with forearm after forearm, landing a lovely elbow drop from the top rope for a two count. Chase almost finished the match with a facebuster but Theo Doros provided the distraction again, this time Sean Mercer rushed out to pound Doros following the result of the opening bout. Chase missed a top rope springboard moonsault, which saw Saynt take advantage with a running kick to the face for three.

Good match, both worked well together. Saynt is so charismatic that even the little things he does are really fun to watch. Chase was on good form, plenty of high flying and some really good stuff.

The House of Saynt beat down Chase after the match. Looking forward to seeing more of the Saynt-Doros team.

The Buffet Club (Gene Munny and Rob Cage) defeated Liam Thomson by Pinfall

Buffet Club trashed the crowd for a bit before calling out The Ryback for stealing their logo. Cue Liam Thomson entering to Ryback’s entrance music alone. Thomson got on the mic to let us know that Kid Fite was jumped in the car park with Buffet Club being the sole suspects but as a true Scotsman he wasn’t going to go home and took the fight straight to Munny and Cage. The match went to the outside with Rob Cage seeking protection from Wee Jimmy while Thomson scooped Munny onto the floor. Once the match got underway properly The Buffet Club really took control. It’s not often I find a team that have no redeeming quality, which makes them brilliant at their job because I really, really dislike them. Not in the same way as I dislike say, Deviation, like I want to see them get beaten up in the worst possible way. After a brief comeback, Thomson was soon looking at the lights after a Electric Chair/Standing Dropkick combo for the three count.

As far as handicap matches go, this was great. Liam Thomson was really good and as I mentioned above, The Buffet Club are deplorable but so good at it.

Chris Hero defeated Joe Coffey by Pinfall

This is the Joe Coffey I expect to see, hard hitting, intense and trading big forearms with Chris Hero. Hero battered Coffey for the majority of the match with stiff elbows, kicks to the head and just giving Coffey nothing. Which just made the crowd get behind Coffey even more. When Joe started to make his comeback, the place lifted, much like Hero when Coffey grabbed him for a deadlift German Suplex. It was an even contest which each man getting their fair share of offense and they just went at it non-stop. Nothing was putting the other away, lariats, forearms, elbows, kicks, even a moonsault from Hero couldn’t keep Coffey down. It took a piledriver, an elbow then Hero finally put Coffey away with a cradle piledriver for the three count. Incredible match.

After the match Hero applauded Coffey and they both agreed that there needs to be one more match to settle things once and for all.

Overall: A couple points before I give my overall thoughts on the show. I can’t help but feel some of the entrance videos look very cheaply made, which I think hurts the quality a little. Hatched together from some YouTube clips and put through Windows Movie Maker. Some looked great like Aspen Faith’s and Christopher Saynt’s as examples. The On Demand show missed the commentary which I often finds helps with a little backstory and fleshing out the motivations of wrestlers. Though to counter that, it was a free show for everyone. The show itself was good, the opener was quality, the intensity of Jayne and Sharpe was brilliant and the main event was worth watching. The only match that really missed the mark was Coffey/Conrad. So a quality show with plenty positives going for it.

The crowd were stars, I don’t think they let up the whole night and were silent when Joe Coffey spoke after the match, that’s respect for The Iron Man.

It wasn’t my favourite Discovery show, with April really being amazing, but they continue to put on consistently good events, with plenty of variety and something for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing their August show (featuring War Machine and Colt Cabana) being uploaded to the On Demand very soon.

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