Adam’s Top 10… WrestleZone Christmas Chaos 2016 Moments

Adam’s Top 10 was subject to change for the second time in just a matter of weeks. Today, we’re taking a look at the top 10 moments from WrestleZone’s Christmas Chaos event that took place this past Saturday night. As a result, the top 10 matches of 2016 list will go up next Monday, December 12th.

10. Zach Dynamite and Damien Advance

Christmas Chaos was host to the final two qualifiers of the Tri-Counties Title Tournament. The first saw Zach Dynamite overcome a last minute opponent in Chris Archer, while Damien eliminated Jason Reed following a superkick battle between the two. In the quarterfinals, Zach will face one of Damien’s buddies from Sterling Oil in Shawn Johnson while Damien will square off with Bingo Ballance. Bingo was the man to knock Alan Sterling, another Sterling Oil member, out of the tournament back at Halloween Hijinx.

9. Santa Meets Malice

Prior to the evening’s main event, Chris McDonald invited Santa Claus down to ringside. Instead, we were graced by Lord Mr Malice (dressed as Santa) and Jeeves Winchester (dressed as an elf). They let everyone in attendance know that they wouldn’t be getting anything for Christmas and even cancelled the annual holiday, before the real Santa came out alongside Cysto. Santa and Cysto took out Malice and Jeeves, before dishing out gifts to all in attendance.

8. Battle of The Hotshots

This year’s Christmas Brawl saw former Hotshots partners Bryan Tucker and Shawn Johnson face each other for the third time this year. These two took the fight all over ringside, using whatever they could to their advantage. Kendo sticks wrapped like candy canes, a turkey and a sack of Christmas baubles were all used throughout the bout. Richard R. Russell even got covered in trifle at one point. Eventually Bryan managed to put his former partner away after a devastating powerbomb through a table covered in wrapping paper. The big question though; is this rivalry finally over?

7. Grado is on his Way

Before the British rules match, ring announcer Martyn Clunes entered the ring with an announcement. He said WrestleZone were returning to Aberdeen’s Summerhill Hotel on Saturday January 21st for Summerhill Showdown 2017, their first show of the new year. He then also announced tickets were on sale right now from with a special pre-sale code. That code? The name of their guest for the evening; Grado! The chubby wee chancer fae the tap end of Stevenson is finally making his way back to the Granite City after missing out on Aberdeen Anarchy due to a family emergency.

6. Cysto is Damien?

During the main event, Chris McDonald invited Santa Claus and Cysto to be special guest timekeepers for the contest. After Andy Wild got into a confrontation with Santa (during which he recieved a Barbie doll as an early Christmas gift), Santa was sent backstage. Johnny Lions nailed a Lion Cutter on Andy before heading up top for the BLE. But with the referee distracted taking Santa away, Cysto hopped up on the apron and shoved Johnny off the ropes, crashing to the mat below. Fans weren’t sure what to think, but it was all clear once Cysto ripped off his mask. Damien was the one behind it all. I will say, it was weird seeing Damien in the orange costume of Cysto.

5. British Rules

Aspen Faith and Jimbo Bannon faced off in my personal favourite match of the night, contested under British rules. All the small aspects of the bout ensured it felt as realistic as possible. From the referee standing during pinfalls to the intervals between rounds, the match was a masterclass. Jimbo is still a rookie but I really enjoy watching what he’s capable of in the ring. Aspen picked up the victory following a swift kick to the groin behind the referee’s back and then a tombstone, spiking Jimbo’s head into the hard canvas.

4. Triple Threat

The main event saw Andy Wild defend his Undisputed Title against Johnny Lions and former champion Scotty Swift in a triple threat match. There were a few noteworthy moments that made me really invested in this bout, such as Scotty and Johnny teaming up to take out the bigger champion and the extremly close pinfalls, especially the one that took place after Andy nailed the Wildest Driver. Although it didn’t end in a clean way (see point 6 for more), it was a fitting way to end off WrestleZone in 2016.

3. The Unveiling of the Tri-Counties Title

WrestleZone management finally unveiled the Tri-Counties Title at Christmas Chaos, shown off by the latest addition to management, Len Ironside. Len also made the announcement that the final of the 16 man tournament to crown the inaugural champion would take place in Westhill early next year, so that’s something to keep your eyes peeled out for. The belt itself is an absolute beauty, definitely one of my favourite belt designs.

2. Mickie James is Coming to Cause Anarchy

WrestleZone management announced prior to this show that they would be revealing the first former WWE superstar for Aberdeen Anarchy 2017. For the first time in history, they announced a female guest: Mickie James! Fans sounded excited to see Mickie coming to Aberdeen. Now, who faces her on June 17th? Sammii Jayne? Viper? Debbie Sharpe? Perhaps a mixed tag team match? Who knows. I for one am excited to meet the former WWE Women’s Champion come June.

1. Kaden Garrick attacks Mr P

The opening contest of the night saw Alan Sterling and Shawn Johnson defend their Tag Team Titles against former champs Kaden Garrick and Mr P. It was Alan that got the win for his team with a huge DDT on Kaden, meaning the challengers were banned from teaming together ever again. In a shock swerve after the match, Kaden shoved his now former tag partner face first into the ring post, leaving fans stunned. Before heading backstage, Kaden nailed Mr P with a spine-tingling spear. It was about time Kaden turned to the bad side, all his built up aggression makes it hard for him to appear as a good guy.

If this event comes out on DVD at some point, I highly reccomend you purchase it. You won’t regret it.

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