Preview: Rock N Wrestle ‘Winter Slam 2016’

The Ironworks, Inverness

Rock N Wrestle are back for their final show of the year, 6 months since The Great Highland Bash (hey kids there is a review of that event here) and there has been a lot happening since RNW last rocked The Ironworks. WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump is now President-elect of the USA, Scarlett Moffat is Queen of the Jungle, Honey G and Ed Balls took over the TV screens, Britain voted to leave the EU, David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister, Theresa May became Prime Minister, Manuel from Fawlty Towers passed away, it’s been a rough 6 months folks so come December 10th we’re all going to need a pick me up to push us towards Christmas and Rock N Wrestle have a line up that will do just that.

The first match announced for the event is one that’s a long time coming, since Jack Jester could not make another title defense due to being attacked in Glasgow, Steve Robertson decided that the Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship was to be vacated with a new Champion being crowned in Dingwall. ‘Bad Boy’ Liam Thomson took advantage and walked out of Dingwall with the Highland Championship on his shoulder.

Fast forward to WrestleFest where Liam Thomson retained his Highland Championship against TJ Rage, on the same event Jack Jester returned and requested a match for a title he never lost. Steve Robertson agreed to the match but it would take place at their next event, The Great Highland Bash. Come The Bash, Liam Thomson was carrying a back injury and could not compete at the event so the match was pushed to Winterslam. So 10 months after losing the Highland Championship, Jack Jester finally gets his chance to regain the belt he never lost.

Speaking of changes, Kay Lee Ray versus Carmel Jacob was announced for Winterslam but on November 20th Carmel announced her retirement from professional wrestling so it leaves Kay Lee Ray without an opponent. Rock N Wrestle Management have confirmed that they are looking for a replacement but if I could be as so bold I’ll suggest a couple or a trio of choices;

– Sammii Jayne
Sammii has appeared in Rock N Wrestle several times with Aspen Faith during his series of matches with Crusher Craib, Sammii is one of the best wrestlers in the country right now and these two have some great chemistry.

– Lucy Cole
Lucy has wrestled several times at Rock N Wrestle, a match against someone as experienced as Kay Lee Ray would be a good opportunity to show how much she has grown since she last appeared for the Highland promotion.

– Viper
One that hasn’t appeared in Rock N Wrestle before but if there’s anyone that could show up and have a match of the night candidate it’s ‘The Vixen of Violence’ Viper. Viper and Kay Lee Ray are very familiar with each other and are two of the very best.

Elsewhere on the event line up, there is a tag team match that should be excellent as the Just Uz team BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier take on the debuting team The Purge. I’ve read a lot of good things about The Purge, who are products of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum of which BT Gunn is a coach. They’ve battled with The New Age Kliq at GPWA but Just Uz, even with the common demoninator of BT Gunn, are different dynamic and are more than happy to take this battle to a higher gear to wear down the more power-based Purge.

Plus there’s a 20 man Highland Rumble, I love a Rumble match. Folk being thrown about until one man is left standing. Going by the poster there are a few cracking names included like Kid Fite, Aaron Echo and ‘Scud Master’ Krieger. Wolfgang will be a top pick to win and there’s the Money in the Bank contract holder Davey Blaze who will no doubt have Charles Boddington about shouting tactics and receiving baldy chants.

Tickets are still available but are limited, check out and grab yours now.

Matches Announced:
Just Uz (BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier) vs The Purge (Krobar and Stevie James)
-Highland Championship-
Liam Thomson (c) vs Jack Jester
-The 20 Man Highland Rumble-

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