The Life of Smith: Jokers Are Wild

Last Saturday saw me make my debut for Blackridge Wrestling in their ‘Jokers Are Wild’ tournament, where 16 wrestlers were drawn into eight random teams and the winners would become number one contenders to a future Blackridge Wrestling championship. The show took place at the Craig Inn Centre in Blackridge village, which is not far from Bathgate and Armadale.

The tournament would see me team with current SSW Hardcore Champion The Alpha Male, a man that I documented in last week’s blog where I listed five potential tag partners or opponents at this show. We started off by defeating Lucha DS and The Sam Barbour Experience, who would end up wrestling each other one-on-one later in the night as they could not get along as a team at all. Alpha’s dominance helped put away Lucha in this match, with me not having to do anything at all. Tremendous.

photo credit Blackridge Wrestling
The semi-final would see me and Alpha step into the ring with Wee Jay Smalls and Ravie Davie, who defeated Brandon Adams and Benedict Thatcher in the opening match of the evening. As Brandon is aligned with Alpha as a part of ‘Kaos’, he was at ringside and looking for revenge also. Jay and Davie assaulted us with their aerial offence and high impact manoeuvres, but a missed moonsault attempt from Davie after a Brandon Adams distraction helped me in hitting him with Greetings From The House Of Smith for the victory.

photo credit Blackridge Wrestling

Alpha and I had made it to the final, where we were against fan favourites Muzlem and Dave Jeremi, who had defeated the feuding SSW Worlds Champion Mikey Ratings and the man he beat for the title in Kaiden King, as well as the North American Alliance of Jonathan Richards and GI Joe. We had the advantage in the early goings, with Brandon taking out Muzlem with a steel chair on the outside and myself and Alpha working over Dave Jeremi, whose strength overcame my strike and hold-based offence and he eventually managed to tag in Muzlem, who had since recovered from the hiding Brandon had previously given him. After Brandon and Alpha inexplicably left the ringside area, the two fan favourites reversed the odds by double teaming me and picking up the win, setting up a triple threat match including Muzlem, Dave Jeremi and ‘King of Blackridge’ winner Kaiden King at the next Blackridge Wrestling show.

photo credit Blackridge Wrestling

It was good to wrestle for another promotion, as I look to wrestle more over the remainder of this year and next year too. This time of year does see some embrace an unofficial off-season leading up to and over Christmas and New Year, but not in the life of Smith! This week sees me attending an all-day seminar hosted by British wrestling veteran Chic Cullen, before I lace up the boots for SSW-affiliated promotion eVo, as they host a show at the Dalkeith & Woodburn Miners Club this Sunday at 2pm and will see SSW Worlds Champion Mikey Ratings make his first title defence against Joe E Legend.

photo credit Reckless Intent Wrestling

I will be documenting these events over the next two weeks, with next week exploring the Chic Cullen seminar and the next week being an insight into the eVo show, which should all be interesting experiences in their own ways. Until then though, that is the life of Smith. Good day.

Lucian Maynard Smith
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