Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ March 2017

The Jam House, Edinburgh

Discovery Wrestling aren’t messing about are they? Five matches announced for their first show of 2017 and they are all important matches, from those looking to make a great first impression, to those looking to advance to the next stage of a tournament or simply those looking to gain an elusive championship belt.

This is only the beginning of a very important year for Discovery with the likes of Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks and Matt Riddle already announced for April and May’s events respectively this is the one that will catapult the year to make it one that we will be all watching with great interest.

Let’s talk about their upcoming events for a moment, two blockbuster matches that are just mind-blowing to think about. April 12th sees The Elite versus Team Discovery when Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks take on Lewis Girvan, Joe Coffey & BT Gunn. Let that one sink in for a moment…good? How about Mikey Whiplash versus Matt Riddle in the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational on May 7th. I’ll give you a moment to pull that pillow onto your lap before continuing the preview for March 5th at The Jam House.

You okay there slugger?

Let’s begin.

Once again Discovery Wrestling bring in four debuting (to Discovery) talents that have a wealth of championship experience and also a loyal fan base. The unique Euan G Mackie, who has been evolving constantly whether it’s The Goblin of the Skies or Mega Mackie Z, you can never anticipate what you will get from The Very Good sir. You may recognise him from Judge Rinder or from your dreams/nightmares depending on your outlook and disposition. A talented, often overlooked, individual who will certainly put on a wonderful show. The rebel LJT, who has been a hidden gem in Dundee, has putting in some fantastic performances against names like Cody Rhodes and Paul London another that is going to make the trip to Edinburgh worthwhile. Then we have the Lone Striker, a man that has seen more action that you have hot dinners, whether it’s in the ring or between the sheets, DCT sure has the stamina to outlast the competition. Last, but certainly not least, the highly talented Ryan Griffin has all the tools to be very special and to out manoeuvre his opponents with this quickness and high risk offense. This will be a great match.

Discovery Wrestling have three tournaments running throughout the year including the crowning of a Women’s Champion. The first match in this tournament is an absolute cracker. Viper has been tearing up opponents in the UK and Japan over the last few months and she comes face to face with one of the top independent wrestlers in the world, Candice LaRae. Neither competitor is scared to put in sweat, tears and even blood to gain a victory (and this is only the first match in the tournament). A win here for either wrestler will certainly put them in position to be a favourite to become the first Discovery Wrestling Women’s Champion.

In the second of three tournament matches at this event, tag teams across the country are vying to qualify for Uncivil War, a four team match to take place in November to crown the 2017 Tag Team Champions. The first match for this is Christopher Saynt’s House of Saynt team of Theo Doros and Lou King Sharp (referred to as Lewis Sharp in the House of Saynt), they haven’t teamed often and they go up against one of the most experienced teams in the country, Kid Fite and Liam Thomson, Fight Club. So Saynt’s charges are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to experience. I’m sure Discovery Wrestling’s International Broadcast Analyst Darren T Goss would say that the House of Saynt’s inexperience as a team would work in their favour as Fight Club wouldn’t be able to prepare to face them, which maybe correct. Look at this factor though, one of the trainers that had a hand in moulding Lou King Sharp will be staring at him from across the ring, Kid Fite.

The third tournament match of the afternoon is going to be outstanding. Call a Doctor and put me down for a wrestling clinic. The Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational is an eight man tournament to determine not only a winner but a number one contender, they will receive a title opportunity at a time of their choosing. The first match announced is another one that could steal the show, Doug Williams is British wrestling, an ambassador, a Legend, he’s the blueprint for the British wrestler…but he isn’t a King. Aspen Faith is referred to as the ‘King of Catch’, the guy can turn opponents into human pretzels but twisting and contorting body parts at will. He can take a body part and make you wish you no longer had limbs. At a snap of YOUR fingers you’ll be regretting picking up a leaflet to join a wrestling training school. This will be a WRESTLING match.

The main event, after all those huge matches is once again a match that could be a six star classic, a seven star on the wrestling journalist scale. Lewis Girvan has turned back a who’s who of challengers while holding the Interim then the official Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship. Joe Coffey has faced the biggest International names that have visited Discovery Wrestling and the majority of the time he’s left with his arm raised. Coffey versus Girvan is a match that the fans of Discovery Wrestling have been clamouring for and it’s going to happen on March 5th. The interesting thing about this match is that whoever wins will have to team with the other on April 12th along with BT Gunn against The Elite. So this could be the start of something beautiful or Discovery may’ve signed their own downfall when their team faces Omega & the Bucks.

The last match revealed for Sunday’s afternoon show is ‘Local Hero’ Joe Hendry against Dave Conrad. Conrad is an entrant in the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational so if Joe Hendy wins, should he be campaigning to take Conrad’s place? Conrad has been riding a wave of momentum since dispatching Damo from Discovery and will be brimming with confidence when he faces Hendry, who isn’t too shy about his own accomplishments. Both mean are used to using their power to take out opponents but this may be a battle of wits, which means Joe Hendry may have an advantage seeing as he’s well versed in a ground game.

A ridiculously stacked event to kick off 2017, plus Discovery Wrestling will announce a special guest for September 16th at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange at this event.

Somehow there are still tickets available but in a very limited capacity, so go to and get your ticket now.

All profits from ticket sales for this event go to Radio Forth Cash for Kids, and if you can’t make the event, you can buy a charity ticket for £10. Both the money and the ticket will be given to Cash for Kids.

Announced Matches:
Joe Hendry vs Dave Conrad
Four Way Elimination – LJT vs Euan G Mackie vs DCT vs Ryan Griffin
Women’s Championship Tournament Qualifier – Viper vs Candice LaRae
Uncivil War Qualifier – The House of Saynt (Theo Doros & Lou King Sharp) vs Fight Club (Kid Fite & Liam Thomson)
Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament Qualifier – Doug Williams vs Aspen Faith
Y Division Championship – Lewis Girvan (c) vs Joe Coffey

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