Review: WrestleZone ‘Live in Peterhead 2017’

WrestleZone made a very successful return to the Palace Hotel in Peterhead this past Saturday night for an eventful night, with the Regal Rumble in near sight. A packed crowd were on hand for a night full of action.

MC Martyn Clunes opened up the show, hyping the stacked card before giving the introductions for the first contest.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament: Quarterfinals
Bingo Ballance defeated Damien w/Richard R. Russell via Pinfall

Bingo Ballance made his WrestleZone return to kick off the show as he looked to move one step closer to becoming the inaugural Tri-Counties Champion, but he’d have to get past the only remaining Sterling Oil representative in the tournament, Damien, accompanied by Richard R. Russell. The action came thick and fast, with neither man giving up. The Revolutionary busted out some stiff kicks to the back of Bingo, before Irish whipping him into the turnbuckles with all his force. Bingo was able to fight off the assault, as he scaled to the top rope and set up for a potential frog splash but with referee Mikey Innes distracted, Richard R. Russell knocked the Irishman off the ropes. After suspecting interference, Innes ejected the Sterling Oil strategist from ringside. As the 10 minute time limit ticked away, both competitors gave it all they had but it was Bingo Ballance who advanced to the next round following the G17, just in the nick of time. As he celebrated his victory, Damien walked around dejected. Bingo will now meet Aspen Faith in the semifinals. What a match that should be!

Mikkey Vago defeated William Sterling via Pinfall

The second bout saw the continuation of the ongoing tag title situation, as William Sterling faced one half of the tag champs, Mikkey Vago. Vago looked to get home early with quick rollups, but a failed attempt at a diving clothesline allowed William to take advantage. Over the next several minutes, William focused in on Vago’s apparent knee injury, smashing it against the ring post. Mikkey soon fought back on one leg, eventually nailing the clothesline off the top. Vago’s knee got the better of him as William regained advantage, setting up for the chokeslam backbreaker but Mikkey dropped down behind William and rolled him up with a handful of tights for the win. The fans are slowly coming to The Rejected’s side as they cheered Vago’s victory over the Sterling brother.

Triple Threat Match
Shawn Johnson defeated Blue Thunder and Bryan Tucker via Submission

There was a slight change to the scheduled triple threat match, as Bryan Tucker replaced Johnny Lions who was unable to attend due to a family emergency. Wishing all the best for Johnny at this time. Bryan and Shawn renewed their fierce rivalry from 2016, trading fists throughout the contest. Their brawl was too much to contain inside the ring, as the former tag partners took their fight to ringside. Shawn planted Tucker into the Palace Hotel floor with a Michinoku Driver, which left him out of the remainder of the match. As Shawn returned to the ring, Blue Thunder went to town on him and went for his signature front suplex. Johnson was able to counter it into a tight front choke, keeping Thunder trapped for several moments. He eventually passed out to give the victory to Shawn, who continues to impress. Blue Thunder had to be helped from ringside by Tucker and a security member following the match.

After the triple threat match, the show went to a short break, during which fans could buy raffle tickets and meet Bingo Ballance.

Chris Archer defeated Alan Sterling via Pinfall

Following the interval, Alan Sterling took on the other half of the tag champs, Chris Archer. What a treat, four matches in a row involving Sterling Oil members. Archer used plenty of aerial offense in this match, including a huge somersault dive over the top rope to the floor. Alan finally gained control, slowing the match right down with a picture-perfect spinning suplex. The Outcast tried to come back into it but Alan was having none of it as he knocked Archer off his feet once more. As Alan catapulted Chris into the turnbuckles, Archer managed to instead leap onto the ropes and dive off with a huge sunset flip for the pinfall victory. Each member of The Rejected now hold pinfall victories over both Sterling brothers. Not the best of nights for Sterling Oil, as once again it was Shawn Johnson that picked up the only win for the group.

Jimbo Bannon defeated Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester via Submission

No doubt about it, Lord Mr Malice is one of the best things going in Scottish wrestling. Lord Alan Sterling was fine, but Malice takes it to another level. Since he was facing a Lord, Jimbo Bannon busted out a purple singlet. Probably nothing to do with facing Malice, but I thought it was a nice touch. Malice was making his first appearance in WrestleZone after being away on an extended tour of Scandinavia. Malice tried to show off his MMA skills and prove himself as the better mixed martial artist, but the WrestleZone rookie showed him how it’s done. Jeeves attempted to enter the ring at one point but was kicked down by Jimbo. This distracted him however, allowing Malice to apply the Iron Claw. His Majesty thought he had the win in the bag, but Bannon wasn’t fazed one bit and turned it into a crossface for the tapout victory. Jimbo celebrated his victory by taking pictures with fans and even Palace Hotel staff before he dabbed. Referee Mikey Innes also dabbed. Thankfully, Martyn Clunes didn’t, despite chants from the crowd.

Scotty Swift, Zach Dynamite & Mr P defeated Andy Wild, Aspen Faith & Kaden Garrick w/Sammii Jayne via Pinfall

This was pure chaos, as expected. As the match started, Scotty and Andy brawled around ringside, while Kaden and Mr P took their fight to the merchandise stands, leaving Aspen and Zach alone in the ring. Aspen’s team were able to take the early advantage, thanks to outside interference from Sammii Jayne. Scotty and Zach tried showing referee Dennis Law, but he ordered them out the ring which allowed Mr P to be beaten to a pulp in the corner. As Aspen held Mr P at bay, Sammii stepped onto the apron to slap him. Unfortunately for the King and Queen of Catch, Mr P ducked and Sammii’s hand connected with Aspen’s face. This allowed Mr P to return to his corner and tag in Zach Dynamite. Dynamite went to town on Faith, but eventually the other four competitors were brawling around ringside. Scotty and Andy took their fight through the doors, while Kaden and Mr P brawled up through the crowd. Aspen looked set to drill Zach into the mat with the Tombstone, but Zach countered into a victory roll for the win. Zach celebrated the victory for his team as the show came to a close.

What an eventful night. One of the semifinals in the Tri-Counties Title Tournament was sealed, The Rejected again embarrassed The Sterling Brothers and animosity got the better of the six men in the main event. With the Regal Rumble right around the corner, everyone was out to prove they deserve one of the 20 spots in the main event. WrestleZone are back in action this Saturday in Newtonhill at the Bettridge Centre, with the Regal Rumble taking place on March 18th at Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel. Tickets for both shows are available from

Quick Results:
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament: Bingo Ballance def. Damien w/Richard R. Russell via pinfall
Mikkey Vago def. William Sterling via pinfall
Triple Threat Match: Shawn Johnson def. Blue Thunder and Bryan Tucker via submission
Chris Archer def. Alan Sterling via pinfall
Jimbo Bannon def. Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester via submission
Scotty Swift, Zach Dynamite & Mr P def. Andy Wild, Aspen Faith & Kaden Garrick w/Sammii Jayne via pinfall

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