Five Picks For The Asylum Invitational Tournament

On May 19th and 20th, Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum are hosting The Asylum Invitational Tournament which brings together three of the top wrestling schools in Scotland for a 16 man, 2 day elimination tournament.

“The Tournament is designed as a platform to allow 16 of Scotland’s top rookie performers to show their talents and battle it out to make history and become the first ever Asylum Invitational winner.”

Students from Source Wrestlng School, PBW Academy and Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum will compete to be crowned the winner, held at The Asylum in Glasgow.

The names have been decided but not announced yet so I’ve put together five picks to compete in the tournament and the school they would be representing.

Aspen FaithRepresenting Source Wrestling School

This one may be a long shot depending on the definition of ‘rookie’ but Aspen Faith has been putting on fantastic matches for the last couple years in WrestleZone and Discovery Wrestling, has been competing at Source and W3L regularly with only brief flickers in ICW as part of the now defunct Spacebaws brand. The guy is good, I don’t say that as because I’m one of his biggest advocates, he really puts everything together brilliantly from charisma to in ring awareness. He’s been our One To Watch winner two years on the bounce and a strong showing in this could be all that stands between him breaking through and really getting his name out around the country.

Kieran McColmRepresenting Source Wrestling School

Here’s a one to watch, Kieran McColm has been primarily competing at Source as part of The Underdogs with Scott McManus, the guy has a great look and is improving with every match. Source have a lot of faith in him as he has a match against WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate on April 28th. He’s building experience and might not be just an underdog but possibly a favourite if he was included.

Dylan AngelRepresenting PBW Academy

A high flyer from PBW has been honing his skills in PBW, BRW and RNW over the last year or so. Certainly an exciting prospect with lightning quick agility. No stranger to coming to GPWA having competed August last year against Jack Jester.

KriegerRepresenting PBW Academy

‘The Scudmaster’, Krieger has been enjoying success in PBW as one half of the tag team champions with Lou King Sharp and having competed up in RNW and briefly in ICW this would be the perfect place for Krieger to show off his numerous talents. Bursting with charisma and is not too shabby doing the wrestling, the physically imposing Krieger could be just scudding clowns and making towns all the way to the final.

Ravie DavieRepresenting Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum

My last pick is ‘The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square’ the ever lively Ravie Davie. He certainly has the gift of the gab and has a surprising moveset when you see him in action. Could have a little bit of an advantage being on home soil so would be more comfortable in a ring he’s used to using and would know the best spots to cause some carnage.

All three schools boast a deep talent pool and these five would just scratch the surface on who could fill the 16 man tournament. Expect some fascinating match ups between young and hungry talent all looking to impress.

That’s just my picks, who do you think should be involved?

Photo credit David J Wilson

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