Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘The Elite’ (Euan)

By Euan Conway


Wednesday April 12th. Venue: The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

It’s actually quite difficult to know where to start with this review. I guess I should say first that I am pleased I managed to get a ticket from a friend after the show had originally sold out. It wasn’t a surprise given wrestlers like The Young Bucks, Joe Coffey, BT Gunn and Kenny Omega were announced very early on. Thankfully, Discovery were able to release more tickets for the show and it only properly sold out the day before. I think SWE are the only other Scottish promotion to previously run on a Wednesday so well done to Discovery for selling this show out. Anyway, I headed along to my fourth Discovery show where there was plenty to get through, so let’s get to it.

The Buffet Club (Rob Cage & Gene Munny) v Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)

I believe this was a tag team qualifier to the fatal four way match in November, although it was not officially confirmed (please announce when a match is part of a tournament before it starts). I was amazed this was Polo Promotions’ Discovery debut, but to most fans in attendance it was not the first time seeing them much like The Buffet Club. Once again highlighting the mix of wrestlers Discovery used, this was an entertaining opener, a good fun energetic match with The Buffet Club playing to the crowd a bit with a bit of comedy in there. Polo Promotions hit their lift high German suplex combo to win. Coffey is already confirmed for May 7th show against Chris Ridgeway in a Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational first round match.

Joe Hendry v Liam Slater

I must confess to not knowing much about Liam Slater, as this was the first time I had seen him wrestle. He certainly looks sharp and very athletic, he and Hendry had a good match. I wonder whether Hendry will soon be a challenger for the companies Y Division Championship after Joe Coffey and Lewis Girvan have settled their feud. Hendry hit his big Fallaway Slam for the victory in his home town.

Will Ospreay v Marty ScurllΒ 

Ospreay was a late addition to the card even after most of the tickets for the show had been sold so this was a great bonus. This was an absolute epic 5 star match, these guys done things: reversals, kicks, moves that I’d never seen before. At one stage Scurll put Ospreay on a chair outside the ring then went all the way up the entrance way and ran back down to knock him off only to be met at the last minute by a kick from Scurll. Scurll won by making Ospreay tap out to the Chicken Wing but both men got the standing ovation this match deserved. These men have wrestled each other round the world like they told the live crowd afterwards and I hope this isn’t the last time in Scotland. A big well done to Discovery for putting on this match.

The Amazon Ayesha Ray v Session Moth Martina

This was not a tournament match as far as I was aware. This was my first time seeing Martina as she has only wrestled in ICW in Scotland so far. She certainly has a unique character. The Amazon was playing the dominant looking heel here. Session Moth with the crowd on her side managed to claim the win. Bete Noire, Nina Samuels, Sammii Jayne, Debbie Sharpe, Angelina Love and Lucy Cole have been announced as the other participants in the Woman’s Title Tournament.

Deviation & Dave Conrad v Michael Chase

It had been announced before the show that Christopher Saynt could pick Michael Chase’s opponent as punishment for Chase disobeying Discovery management’s orders at the previous show. Saynt didn’t opt for Theo Doros as some might have expected but made it a handicap match, bringing out the powerful team of Deviation and Dave Conrad. Chase battled well against the odds of this strong team (not to mention The House of Saynt staying at ringside) but it eventually proved too much and Saynt’s hired team got the win. Lou King Sharp came to Chase’s aid after the match. I can see this building up to Chase v Saynt one on one at the big show in September with a possible tag match beforehand.

Before the main event the raffle was drawn by Discovery Wrestling co-owner Alan Smith, he also thanked the fans for their continued support and that was why Discovery were able to put on such huge events.

Team Discovery v Team Elite

It came as no surprise to me that this was a sell out with Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks, confirmed very early on to make their second Discovery appearance and this time they added Kenny Omega. It didn’t seem to matter this was a Wednesday night show. Anyway, they took on Joe Coffey, Lewis Girvan and BT Gunn. The crowd were electric for this one as they had been for Scrull v Ospreay, every double or triple team move and every super kick was cheered loudly. Joe Coffey was not happy having to team with Girvan as he was screwed out of the Y Division Title by him and Aspen Faith (who was at ringside) at the last show and this was a reoccurring theme throughout the match. Team Elite eventually pinned Girvan after some great offence and Coffey blamed him for losing the match. Coffey then stated that at the next show on 7th of May him and Girvan would fight for the title again. Team Elite took the mic after the match and thanked people for coming to the show and said that they could have chosen elsewhere to make this appearance but chose Discovery. A cracking main event and another standing ovation.

All in all probably the best Discovery show I’ve been to yet, every match and every wrestler played their part. You can see why a lot of the same fans come back after they have been to their first show. The set up was great as well and if they can sell out The Corn Exchange regularly they are on their way to needing a bigger venue. My only negative would be the timing issue. The show did not start properly till 8.15pm or finish till 10.30pm (quite late for a family show) and had to go without an interval. I had a VIP but due to a change in my arrangements I couldn’t get there till bell time. I could have got my photo with The Elite after but had to leave straight away to get to Haymarket for my train home. The Sunday shows they are running are at family friendly and transport friendly times, even starting half an hour earlier at 7.30pm would be good for the night time shows in the future. Anyway, let’s not let that get in the way of the fact it was a great show, Discovery is fast becoming my go to promotion.

Next show is 7th May back at The Corn Exchange details of which can be found here:

Already announced are two matches in the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament with Mikey Whiplash v Matt Riddle and Mark Coffey v Chris Ridgeway. Also Nina Samuels takes on Debbie Sharpe in the Woman’s Championship Tournament. Joe Coffey challenged Lewis Girvan to a Y Division Title match, however, this has not been officially confirmed. Card is shaping up though.

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