Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘The Elite’ (Billy)

April 12th, 2017
Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

A huge sold out crowd on hand at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh for Discovery Wrestling on a Wednesday night. The set up looked phenomenal with the long aisle through the crowd and the lighting was fantastic. The aesthetics were greatโ€ฆbut how was the in ring action?

The show promised a lot with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega in action plus Will Ospreay making his debut against the current Ring of Honor World Television Champion. Universal praise and some match of the year contenders lined up I’ve headed to Discovery Wrestling On Demand to check out the show as soon as it was made available.

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) defeated The Buffet Club (Gene Munny & Rob Cage) by Pinfall.

The show kicked off with Gene Munny and Rob Cage announcing that their finishing move is now called the Ainsley Lariat, complete with Ainsley Harriot t-shirts to go with this announcement, brilliant. The crowd were loud for Polo Promotions, which included the debut in Discovery for Jackie Polo. Fantastic tag team action to start off the event, Rob Cage was wonderfully creepy with his fake out cannonball into a lick of death which was cringe worthy butโ€ฆthat’s what it was supposed to be. The Buffet Club were on the back foot for the first time in recent memory in Discovery Wrestling and were soon thrown up for the Old Man of Hoy and a sweet victory for Polo Promotions. Possibly cementing their intentions for being included in qualifying for Uncivil War. Great match, when you have Polo Promotions about there are always high expectations and they deliver more often than not, which is exactly what they did here.

Joe Hendry defeated Liam Slater by Pinfall.

Another debut in Discovery with Liam Slater, a name I was familiar with but not seen very much off. He took on the ‘Local Hero’, Edinburgh’s own Joe Hendry. More of a wrestling match with holds traded with Hendry always able to overpower the smaller Slater. Slater relied on outwitting Hendry, then using his speed to apply holds quickly and effectively to wear down his larger opponent, using the single leg boston crab to take out the base for Hendry’s power offence. It wasn’t enough with Slater attempting a crossbody only to be rolled through into a Fallaway Slam by Hendry on one leg for the victory.

Short and sweet with both men showing some great moves. Liam Slater certainly left an impression and would look forward to seeing him come back to Edinburgh in the future.

Marty Scurll defeated Will Ospreay by Submission.

More debuts in Discovery Wrestling, this time ‘The Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay against the current Ring of Honor Television Champion Marty Scurll. Interestingly, earlier in the day Will Ospreay won the Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship from Mr News due to the 24/7, also due this 24/7 rule this was technically a Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship match. Scurll was making his third appearance in Discovery Wrestling, he appeared in their debut show ‘No Fear, No Mercy’ and here he was involved in one of the best matches in Discovery Wrestling history. A showcase of Scurll and Ospreay, slick counters, a little bit of cheeky cheating with Thomas Kierans losing control of the bout with both using a crowd member’s crutches to aid them to the chants of ‘this is wrestling’. This was a masterclass on how to play a crowd and they were up for everything in this one. Ospreay is something else, there were flips all over the place with Scurll playing the foil on numerous occasions. Ospreay went for a second Cheeky Nando’s Kick but Scurll countered with his own Cheeky Villian Kick, a couple finger snaps, hand stamps and a Crossface Chicken Wing and it was all over. A top quality match and one to check out again.

Deviation & Dave Conrad defeated Michael Chase by Pinfall.

A match made by Christopher Saynt as punishment for Chase jumping the barrier and attacking The House of Saynt last month. Chase went onto the offensive early to try and split the tag team but the numbers game came into play quickly with Conrad and Deviation using tandem moves to wear down the lone Chase. Though Chase dwarved Conrad and Deviation in height, the combined effort of two very strong and powerful individuals was enough to keep down Chase for the majority. There was an uncomfortable looking Dominator/Neckbreaker combination which hailed a long two count and just kept Chase in the running. Chase hit a Coast To Coast onto Deviation but that was his last move as Conrad recovered and a moment later Chase was pinned for the three count.

After the match Conrad hit a jackhammer and Deviation followed with the Claw before being being interupted by Lou King Sharp. Sharp chased them off The House of Saynt (well Chase with a chair behind Sharp did) before the duo exited.

Chase looked great in this match, he was battered for the majority but hung on for as long as possible. Solid match and certainly draws more possibilites with Conrad and Deviation being used for Saynt’s dirty work we could be in line for some fun multiman matches in the coming months.

Martina defeated Ayesha Ray by Pinfall.

This wasโ€ฆinteresting. Two more debuts in Discovery Wrestling with the big, monstorous Ayesha Ray against the Queen of Sesh Style, the Session Moth, Martina. This wasn’t a wrestling match but it was a, it was a something. A lot of shenanigans with Ayesha being less than impressed with Martina’s raving and boozy antics. The Amazon countered a bronco buster into a sit out powerbomb which was incredible but missed a top rope move and left her open for Martina to scoop up a surprising win. It wasn’t a wrestling match by any stretch but I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated Team Discovery (Lewis Girvan, Joe Coffey & BT Gunn) by Pinfall.

My God the crowd were loud, dream matches were given a glimpse of with Kenny Omega and Joe Coffey, Omega and BT Gunn, every combination was a welcomed with a raucous reaction, even the boos towards The Kings of Catch when Girvan or Faith got involved. Truly something special to see. The Elite dominated the match which made perfect sense, the established and cohesive unit picked apart the Discovery team with triple team and tandem moves. The downfall for Discovery was Girvan’s resistance to actually work with his partners, which made The Elite’s job all the easier. The individual nature of the Discovery team didn’t stand a chance in this but to see the likes of Coffey and Gunn mix it up with Omega was glorious. We got a fantastic main event with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks showcasing their dazzling move set with plenty of superkicks delivered. Aspen Faith attempted to interfere again but The Kings of Catch ended up eating a double Meltzer Driver and the Y Division Champion was pinned in the middle of the ring.

After the match Joe Coffey challenged Girvan to a rematch at the next Discovery event before delivering his Aw Tha Best Fur Tha Bells lariat. It wasn’t over for Girvan as BT Gunn threw him to the wolves and The Elite hit a triple superkick to end this wild event.

Overall, the production was slick which is something I’ve picked at in previous shows On Demand, but this, this was something beautiful. Every match delivered nothing less than great, some better than others but overall it was worth watching from start to finish. Once again the commentary was on point, when you watch a show online you need quality commentary and Randy Valentine with the International Broadcast Analyst, Darren T Goss provide all the story points that the viewer needs and expands on the story told in the ring which is what should be happening while they also banter back and forth they exude charisma. One of the best Discovery Wrestling shows in their short history and continues the trend of top quality wrestling in the capital.

Discovery Wrestling’s next event on May 7th is already taking shape which will include Mikey Whiplash versus Matt Riddle, Mark Coffey versus Chris Ridgeway and Debbie Sharpe versus Nina Samuels.

Quick Results:
Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) defeated The Buffet Club (Gene Munny & Rob Cage) by Pinfall.
Joe Hendry defeated Liam Slater by Pinfall.
Marty Scurll defeated Will Ospreay by Submission.
Deviation & Dave Conrad defeated Michael Chase by Pinfall.
Session Moth Martina defeated The Amazon Ayesha Ray by Pinfall.
The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated Team Discovery (Lewis Girvan, Joe Coffey & BT Gunn) by Pinfall.

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