The Life of Smith: Oban Exploits and Birthday Bedlam

In what has been a relatively busy month wrestling-wise, I was back on the road for W3L last week as they debuted in Oban last Thursday. The day started with myself picking up Kevin Williams from Dundee, a belter of a stone denting a part of my car windscreen and venturing to W3L HQ before making the journey to Oban. To the delight of The Very Good Mister Euan G Mackie, Williams also bought some mini milks for the journey, even though he was bemused by the lion on the packaging being dressed like Han Solo!

The journey to Oban was relatively long, but not as long as what I had previously experienced on the last W3L tour and it was a very scenic journey, with the areas surrounding Oban and Oban itself being very nice indeed. The journey to Oban did involve us making a stop at a lay by and adding myself to the collection of poses that could potentially make it onto a W3L calendar. We now have 5 out of 12 calendar months and out of the 7 more we need, I am personally hoping Stevie Wizard and The Bulgarian Baker can make a contribution towards this by mimicking the pose below at a beach resort near to them.

The show itself took place at The Corran Halls, a nice venue that is not far from the sea and would see four wrestlers take place in an ‘Oban Invitational’, a four man tournament where the winner would get a future W3L Championship opportunity. The participants were myself, Jason Reed, Kevin Williams and Johnny Lions. Jason Reed defeated me via a Boston Crab submission and Lions beat Kevin Williams in the first round, meaning that Lions and Reed would face each other in the final and Williams and I ended up competing in the race for third place.

As far as I know, this was the first time a third-place play off has taken place in all of the tournaments W3L has held over the years and it was a tremendous achievement being the winner of this contest. My brilliant tactics of using the ropes for leverage after rolling my opponent up has served me well in the past and it served me well once again versus Williams. Jason Reed would end up winning the Oban Invitational, defeating Johnny Lions in the final and in the main event of the show.

The journey back to Oban felt a lot longer than the journey there, having wrestled two matches and navigating through the significant amount of country roads in the dark. It was nice to get back home after checking in at roughly 2am and some of the crew still had more shows ahead, with W3L venturing into Bedlington, Hexham and Catterick Garrison over the Friday and Saturday.

The Sunday would see a rematch between myself and Kevin Williams, as W3L hosted a birthday party at the W3L Action Academy in Kirkcaldy. These birthday party shows are usually interesting affairs, with previous shows seeing parents with pizzas interrupting the English national anthem, as well as the debut of second-generation wrestler and W3L Action Academy graduate Callum Lions. This particular show would see Stevie Wizard host party games, referee and MC on practically zero hours sleep and Williams defeating me with an Attitude Adjustment. My time was up, his time was now.

After the birthday party show, I would then venture to Glasgow to make my debut for Source Wrestling at their evening showcase, but I will be exploring that more in next week’s blog. Next week will also be a preview of Reckless Intent’s show in Livingston, which will see myself and fellow ‘Paul Tracey Guy’ David Devlin face ‘The Headbanders’ of Rob Mills and Jackie Grady in tag team action. Until then though, that is the life of Smith. Good day.

Itinerary of Smith

Thursday 25th May – World Wide Wrestling League, Jedburgh Town Hall, Jedburgh

Sunday 28th May – Training at the Source Wrestling School, Glasgow

Saturday 3rd June – Reckless Intent Wrestling – Murieston Scout Hall, Livingston. Lucian Maynard Smith and David” The Demolition Man” Devlin versus The Headbanders

Thursday 8th to Tuesday 13th June – Vacation

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