Wrestler Spotlight: Prince Ameen

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. With WCPW returning to Scotland tomorrow night, I’m going to take a look at another of their original roster members Prince Ameen, who also competed on ICW’s first ever show in 2006.

Alias – Prince Ameen, Prince Mohmed Ameen, General Ameen, Mojo Pervito, Mo Montana

Nicknames – “The Crazy Horse”, “The Money Makin”, “The Richest Man in Professional Wrestling”, “The Indian Dream”

Debut – 2005

Companies Wrestled For

  • Absolute Wrestling
  • All Star Wrestling
  • British Hybrid Wrestling
  • Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
  • Defiant Wrestling
  • Dynamic Pro Wrestling
  • EPW Wrestling
  • Gerry Norton Promotions
  • Grapple Wrestling
  • Independent Wrestling Federation
  • Insane Championship Wrestling
  • Irish Whip Wrestling
  • Main Event Wrestling
  • Megaslam Wrestling
  • North East Wrestling Society
  • Northern Wrestling League
  • Norton British Wrestling
  • One Pro Wrestling
  • Power Trip Wrestling
  • Preston City Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling 101
  • Pro Wrestling 4U
  • Real Deal Wrestling
  • RISE Underground Pro Wrestling
  • SAS Wrestling
  • Shooting Star Wrestling
  • Showcase Pro Wrestling
  • Southside Wrestling Entertainment
  • Target Wrestling
  • Three Count Wrestling
  • Total Wrestling Entertainment
  • Triple X Wrestling
  • World Association of Wrestling
  • World Wide Wrestling League
  • Wrestle Zone Wrestling

Titles & Accomplishments

  • 1x Gerry Norton Promotions Tag Team Champion w/Scotty Hexx
  • 1x Norton British Wrestling Champion
  • 1x Real Deal Wrestling British Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x and first ever Real Deal Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Tim Pervito
  • 3x Three Count Wrestling North East Champion
  • 1x Three Count Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/Cameron Kraze
  • 2x World Wide Wrestling League Tag Team Champion w/Tim Pervito
  • 2019 Main Event Wrestling Toon Tussle Winner

Signature Moves

  • Pedigree
  • Magic Carpet Ride (Diving Splash)


  • Los Pervitos w/Tim Pervito
  • The Order of Chaos w/Cameron Kraze
  • The British Empire w/The Assassin
  • Bollywood Muscle w/Muscle Cat
  • The Trillionaires Boys Club w/Sheik el Sham
  • Too Spicy w/Amir Jordan
  • The Congregation w/Pastor William Eaver, Liam Slater & Jurn Simmons
  • Ameen’s Dream Team w/Carbon, Gemini & Kavero
  • The Prophets of Liberty w/D-Rok, Sam Bailey, Leroy Kincaide & Val Kabious
  • The Kirb Krawlers w/Martin Kirby, Gabriel Kidd, The Primate & Rampage
  • w/Gabriel Kidd
  • w/Scotty Hexx
  • w/Adam Foster & Simon Miller

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