Preview: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Live in Livingston’ June 2017

By Charlie Banks


Reckless Intent is back this weekend and is continuing its one show a month tradition, with a beauty of a card lined up.

Dave Conrad vs Dickie Divers

This match is an interesting one. Dave Conrad has been on a huge roll in the company this year, only losing once to James Scott. He is well over with the fans which always helps with a wrestler’s momentum. His opponent, Dickie Divers, is relatively new in RI but is already saying that RI is “his company” which annoyed Michael Chase. Divers picked up the Slam Championship the last time Reckless were in Livingston, beating former champ David Devlin. I am excited for this match and I am predicting a win for Dave Conrad.

Theo Doros vs Liam Thomson

On paper, this will be a good match with Theo Doros taking on Liam Thomson. Liam is making just his second appearance in RI and he will be looking to beat Theo Doros. Reckless fans will be familiar with Theo Doros, with him being a mainstay in the promotion. Theo will be looking to keep the positive start to the year going at the expense of Liam Thomson. I am predicting a win for Theo Doros.

The Headbanders vs David Devlin and Lucian Maynard Smith

The Headbanders have been getting better and better every time I see them. They take on David Devlin and Lucian Maynard Smith of “The Paul Tracey Guys”. I think that this match has the potential to be a one-sided affair with Devlin and Smith being that bit better than their opponents, although The Headbanders could pull off another victory. I think that David Devlin and Lucian Maynard Smith take the victory.

Jam O’Malley vs Justin Deed in a Hardcore Match

I am a huge fan of hardcore matches, so this match excites me. Justin Deed has been slowly featured more and more at Reckless Intent and he looks like he could be due a push soon. He was a ‘manager’, if you will, for Jam O’Malley but since then they have started a feud. Jam O’Malley is the master of these matches in Reckless Intent and no doubt he will have a trick or two up his sleeve. I’m predicting a Jam O’Malley victory.

Michael Chase vs Delsin Dayre

This is the match that could potentially end up on the end of year highlight reel. I have been super impressed with Delsin this year and he is becoming my favourite wrestler in the promotion. He recently won the Battle of West Lothian, which is no less than he deserves this year. His opponent Michael Chase, is a former four-time Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion, so he knows how to win big matches. This match has huge implications because the winner of this match gets entered into the main event, the fatal four way for Paul Tracey’s title. I am going to push the boat out and say that Delsin Dayre wins and goes onto the main event.

DCT vs Paul Tracey vs James Scott vs Michael Chase/Delsin Dayre for the Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship

Paul Tracey has been champion in Reckless Intent since the ‘Reckless Rumble’ back in November 2016. Since then, he has defeated Chris Renfrew, Andy Wild and Michael Chase in his three defences of the title this year. This one will be his toughest challenge yet. His first opponent DCT is the current Reckless Intent UK Champion and a fan favourite for his fun gimmick. James Scott is the second opponent for Tracey and I think that he could pose the biggest threat to Tracey’s title run. James Scott has feuded with DCT this year for the UK Title and it will be interesting to see if they pick up that feud in this match. If Delsin Dayre wins like I have predicted, then he also is a major threat to the title. Delsin wants to be ‘the cure’ in Reckless, by getting rid of the good guys on the roster. If Michael Chase wins, then he is another threat. I think we might see a returning Sean Mercer to help Delsin Dayre win the title.

I am really excited for Reckless Intent on Saturday night and I hope to see a full crowd in attendance.

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