Review: WCPW ‘The Prestige Presents Hendrymania’

WCPW made their return to the Meadowbank Sports Centre in Edinburgh this past Saturday for a show named after The Prestigious One himself, Hendrymania. Fans packed the venue to see Edinburgh’s own Joe Hendry alongside the likes of Martin Kirby, Canadian sensation Mike Bailey, WCPW Internet Champion Gabriel Kidd, East-End’s finest Sha Samuels and your mother’s favourite wrestler Lou King Sharp.
The show started a tiny bit late due to bad weather conditions. A video package highlighting the recent actions of Joe Hendry kicked us off, before The Prestigious One graced us with his presence. Hendry announced that WCPW general manager Plumpy was not in attendance for the show, and so brought out James R. Kennedy to commentate the show alongside Dave Bradshaw. More of this please. Hendry then called out staff member Adam Clery, who organises the shows, and asked where all the balloons and streamers were for his celebration. Joe slapped Clery across the face, then announced himself as the first inductee into the WCPW Hall of Fame. Not sure if this is a real thing or not, but people as prestigious as Joe Hendry can do what they want. As Hendry left, he ordered the video guy to play another video package, this one focusing on Joe’s road to becoming WCPW Champion. As the video ended, we got straight into the first match of the night.

Drake def. Sha Samuels via Pinfall

Up first was Drake taking on The East-End Butcher, Sha Samuels. In a surprise turn of events, Drake dominated the majority of the match. Despite Sha being the larger competitor, Drake used his quickness to evade the onslaught of East-End’s finest. Sha was eventually able to fight back into the match, connecting with his signature spinebuster. Drake removed one of the turnbuckle pads, distracting referee Sean McLaughlin. Sha rolled Drake up and had the match won, but Sean was busy dealing with the exposed turnbuckle pad. This allowed Drake to go under the ring and grab a wrench, which he used to whack Sha across the face. With Sean’s attention fully on the match once again, he counted the three and awarded Drake his first win since Chain Reaction back in March.

Prospect (Alex Gracie & Lucas Archer) def. Glaswegian Culture (Kid Fite & Lou King Sharp) via Pinfall

Up next was a tag team match, pitting WCPW’s first ever tag team Prospect against relative newcomers Kid Fite and Lou King Sharp, now collectively known as Glaswegian Culture. Prospect made their way to the ring in kilts because it’s an unwritten rule that when a non-Scottish promotion runs a show in Scotland, someone has to wear a kilt. A slow start to the bout, with both teams teasing handshakes until Fite and Sharp took control. An interesting point in the match came when referee Sean McLaughlin gave Kid Fite a bronco buster. Surely that should’ve been a disqualification. After Kid Fite body slammed Lucas Archer, Archer seemed to have done something to his knee. With Archer out for the time being, Gracie tried to fight on his own but Fite and Sharp managed to remain in control. Archer soon became involved again, before being locked in the tree of woe in the corner. Fite powerbombed Sharp onto Archer, before Gracie came back into the equation. Gracie planted Sharp into the mat with a Killswitch for the win.

Following the match, Lucas Archer grabbed a microphone and said he’s been having problems with his knees for the past few months. Archer said the doctors advised him to take time off for at least a year to let him heal, before Gracie grabbed a microphone. He said he and Archer were going to go in to the #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match at Fight Back and then walk out of Built to Destroy as the new WCPW Tag Team Champions. So I assume Archer’s not taking time off? Who knows. Next match!

Mike Bailey def. El Ligero via Pinfall

The next match saw a slight change, with El Ligero’s original opponent Dave Mastiff unable to make the show due to bad weather conditions. As a result, he would instead be facing one of the Canadian finalists in the Pro Wrestling World Cup, “Speedball” Mike Bailey. High-paced action as expected from these two, with neither shying away from showing off their acrobatic abilities. Ligero dove off the ring apron with a cannonball to ringside, while Bailey wiped out The Mexican Sensation with a springboard moonsault. Back in the ring, Bailey set up for the Ultima Weapon on numerous occasions but Ligero always found a way to escape. Ligero was able to connect with his Mexican Wave diving splash, but Bailey somehow kicked out. Eventually, Bailey connected with the Ultima Weapon off the second rope for the victory. Following the match, Bailey and Ligero bowed to each other in a show of respect.

Hardcore Match
The Primate def. Bad Bones via Pinfall

A slugfest followed next as The Primate battled Bad Bones in a Hardcore Match. Originally scheduled as a triple threat, Scott Wainwright was unable to make the show due to bad weather conditions. Both these men used everything they could find as a weapon to their advantage. Chairs, trash cans, brooms, keyboards. There were some brutal spots throughout the contest. Primate slamming Bad Bones spine-first into the side of an opened steel chair, only to be superplexed on an assortment of weapons as payback. The Primate ended up with a massive cut on top of his head as a result of Bad Bones hitting him with a keyboard. Eventually, Primate speared Bad Bones off the apron into a part of the guard rail that had been placed across the apron earlier in the match, before connecting with a second spear in the ring for the three count.

Viper def. Martina via Pinfall

Women’s action up next, as Bea Priestley’s bodyguard Viper took on WCPW debutant Martina. If you know Martina, you’ll know her whole shtick. Unfortunately for her, referee Sean McLaughlin (who refereed the entire night) wasn’t up for any of her shenanigans. Viper brought out a can of deodorant to spray down Martina with, but the Session Moth ran away, clearly wanting nothing to do with it. One point came when Viper was hung up in the corner and Martina came in with a bronco buster and seemed to enjoy doing it a bit too much. With McLaughlin distracted, it allowed Viper to finally spray Martina in the eyes with the deodorant and plant her with the Viper Driver for the victory. Looks like Martina won’t be getting a title shot anytime soon.

WCPW Internet Championship
Gabriel Kidd (c) def. Kenny Williams via Pinfall

Gabriel Kidd made his second defense of the WCPW Internet Championship up next, as he defended against a man making his WCPW return Kenny Williams. Kenny used his aerial techniques to keep Gabriel on top of the game in this one, while the champion used a more ground-based offense. Kenny looked to be adding the Internet Title to his trophy cabinet by any means, as he retrieved the Internet Title from the corner. Before he could strike however, Kenny thought better and decided to try and win without cheating. But as he approached Kidd, he was rolled up out of nowhere for the surprise win. Following the match, Kenny Williams was shocked, just like Zack Sabre Jr. at the Canadian qualifiers. Keep an eye on Gabriel Kidd. He’s something special.

Rampage def. Joe Coffey via Pinfall

The next bout saw Rampage taking on The Prestige’s Joe Coffey in a battle between two of WCPW’s resident powerhouses. Both men went back and forth in this one, with a future shot at the WCPW Championship looming in the distance as they compete in a fatal four way #1 contenders match this Friday at Fight Back. During the match, The Iron Man appeared to go down with some sort of injury to his knee. As Coffey was helped from the ring, he revealed it to be a ruse as he blindsided Rampage. All was in place for a Joe Coffey victory, but Rampage continued his recent destruction of The Prestige as he planted Joe into the mat with a piledriver for the victory. With the momentum on his side heading in to Fight Back, will Rampage finally become the WCPW Champion?

WCPW Championship
Joe Hendry (c) def. Martin Kirby via Pinfall

Main event time, as Joe Hendry defended the WCPW Championship in a rematch against former champion Martin Kirby. Before the introductions could be made, these two went at it with Kirby wanting to gain retribution following Hendry’s vicious actions during the Mexican qualifiers of the Pro Wrestling World Cup. Brawling around ringside, up in the stands and even backstage for a few seconds, Hendry and Kirby wanted to tear each other apart. As they finally brought their fight back into the ring, it was Martin Kirby who had the advantage. After referee Sean McLaughlin was accidentally knocked down, Kirby had the match won. But with no referee, it allowed Hendry’s fellow Prestige member Joe Coffey to hit Kirby across the back with the title belt. As Sean came back into it, The Prestigious One made the cover to retain his title against Martin Kirby.

Following the match, Hendry and Coffey looked to continue beating down on Kirby before being chased away by Rampage. With The Prestige retreating, WCPW general manager Plumpy entered despite Hendry saying he wasn’t backstage for the show. He announced that at Fight Back in Manchester, Joe Hendry would once again put the WCPW Championship on the line against Martin Kirby, this time in a Last Man Standing Street Fight! Before heading backstage, Plumpy added that should any member of The Prestige interfere in the match, Hendry will be stripped of the title and it will be awarded to Martin Kirby. The odds are firmly stacked against Joe Hendry this coming Friday.

Replays of the show are available now over on Tickets to upcoming shows, including this Friday’s Fight Back and their one year anniversary show Built to Destroy, are available from

Quick Results
Drake def. Sha Samuels via Pinfall
Prospect def. Glaswegian Culture via Pinfall
Mike Bailey def. El Ligero via Pinfall
Hardcore Match: The Primate def. Bad Bones via Pinfall
Viper def. Martina via Pinfall
WCPW Internet Championship: Gabriel Kidd (c) def. Kenny Williams via Pinfall
Rampage def. Joe Coffey via Pinfall
WCPW Championship: Joe Hendry (c) def. Martin Kirby via Pinfall

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