Review: GPWA ‘A Night At The Asylum 4’

July 2nd 2016 | The Asylum | Glasgow

So as a ‘flashback review’ of sorts I’m taking a look at a show that is free on the YouTubes and writing a couple words about it. Who knows, I might make this a regular thing. On this occasion I’m watching Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum’s ‘A Night At The Asylum 4’ where we’d see trainees from the GPWA along with their trainers.

Jack Jester defeated Jack Dillon by Pinfall.

Straight into the action with Jester pummeling Dillon before the bell had sounded. Jester had his way with Dillon for the majority with fleeting moments of a comeback. The more experienced Jester punished young Dillon with kicks, punches, chinlocks and his beautiful apron leg drop. There were some stuttering moments with Dillon coming off awkward but that would be forgiven due to his experience. A great fisherman’s suplex but a missed diving headbutt from Dillon opened him up for a tombstone and the win for Jester. An enjoyable encounter, we didn’t get to see a lot of what Dillon can do or much character but solid in-ring work for what was offered.

Kasey defeated Molly Spartan by Pinfall.

The match started with Kasey and Molly trading holds, Molly straight away showing plenty of wise with sneaky thumbs to the eyes and cheeky forearms. Using her size to her advantage and strength to overpower Kasey. Kasey relied on her speed to sidestep and bamboozle Molly throughout. A great little moment was Molly holding Kasey in a headscissor and using her legs to pound Kasey’s head to the mat. A spear from Molly was thwarted by a high knee from Kasey for the three count. Another solid match up with Molly showing plenty charisma as she used her power to counteract experience. It was one moment of frustration and hesitation that saw Kasey grab the win. Good stuff.

BT Gunn defeated Irving Garrett by Pinfall.

A long feeling out process with plenty of lovely submissions and counters which quite rightly got applause. We were treated to some BT Gunn chops which are just stinging to hear. Garrett though, was showing some new and certainly inventive ways to twist Gunn. Gunn threw in one of my favourite moves, the tornado snap suplex, for a two count. With both beating lumps out of each other we got a trade off of chops and European Uppercuts which kicked off some great pinning combinations traded before Garrett spun a Gunn roll-up into a sleeperhold. A Gunnshot gained a close two count as these two just threw everything at each other. A second Gunnshot was caught into another sleeperhold but Gunn made it to the ropes. Garrett looked to finish off Gunn but his attempt was countered into a kneeling belly-to-belly piledriver for the three count. A brilliant match showcasing some of Garrett’s beautiful submissions.

CS Rose defeated David Devlin by Pinfall.

An interschool bout with GPWA being represented by CS Rose and Source Wrestling School having David Devlin enter The Asylum. Certainly two polar opposites with the nonchalant and cocky Rose against the no nonsense, no frills Devlin who, when given the chance, would just hound Rose with uppercuts and forearms. A genuine back and forth match with both getting in plenty offense. It took a Curb Stomp for Rose to put away Devlin. Fine match.

The Rich Kids (Austin Osiris & Kyle Khaos) & Stevie James defeated The Purge (Krobar & Joseph Vane) & Soldato by Pinfall.

Before the match Austin Osiris got on the microphone to boast about The Rich Kids’ wealth and that they have paid plenty for the services of Stevie James for the evening. The match started with The Purge punishing The Rich Kids and Soldato getting in some offense. Some crafty distractions from Osiris saw his team gain the advantage as he complained to the referee that the turnbuckle pads weren’t made of cashmere. They cut Soldato off from his side of the ring and all took turns beating him down. Soldato finally made it to his corner and tagged in Krobar who was like a freight train. The match broke down, Stevie James hit Soldato with an impaler DDT only for Osiris to slide and get the pinfall.

After the match The Rich Kids gave Stevie his payment…which turned out to only be a ten pound note. The Purge re-entered and took out The Rich Kids. The formation of the three man Purge.

Really fun match. Lots of action, was very strange to see Krobar and Stevie James go at it but was really clear even then that these two work brilliantly either with or against each other.

Flex Hunter defeated Kez Evans by Pinfall.

Evans was manhandled in the early going by the much larger Flex, having to rely on his quickness in his attempts to get the big man off his feet. Two suicide dives didn’t work and the third was met with a steel chair which was missed by the referee but the intended shot to the back was spotted and thwarted by Sean McLaughlin. It allowed Evans to get some offense in but a momentary distraction instigated by Flex allowed for a sneak attack. Hunter then went to work beating the smaller Evans down with boots and punches. Evans took advantage of any lapse from the behemoth including an impressive t-bone suplex to get Hunter off his feet. A little miscommunication, two corner clotheslines and a big boot saw Flex get the win for a flat finish in an otherwise okay match.

Ravie Davie defeated The Sam Barbour Experience by Pinfall.

Hot off the blocks as Davie hit a suicide dive to get things underway. Davie was rabid to kick off with a Lou Thez Press but it was SBX that took advantage of Davie’s exuberance by slowing down the match to his pace, not allowing Davie to build any momentum. Both men oozed charisma, SBX the cocky and well aware of his abilities and Ravie Davie who, to put simply, had the Grado appeal, the every man kind of thing. Davie got busted open while he was trapped in the turnbuckle either with a straight right hand or the follow up kick. It just seemed to light the fire in Davie as he caught SBX in an ankle lock, followed up with a blockbuster and a full nelson suplex but missed a springboard moonsault. Forearms shots were traded before a Pele Kick from Davie scored another close two count. A ref bump and a follow up Pele Kick should’ve seen the win for Davie then and there but The Rich Kids entered and attacked. They were soon followed by The Purge and Soldato to brawl at ringside. This allowed SBX to recover and hit three low blows…only for Davie to pull out a cup and hitting SBX with it in retaliation but that could only score a two count. A Glasgow Kiss headbutt was enough for Davie to finally bring The Sam Barbour Experience to an end. A wild main event with blood, sweat and a low blows.

Post-match, Ravie Davie got his own measure of revenge with a low blow, a shattered dreams and a cheeky smacked bottom to send SBX on his way.

Overall: A really fun event to watch, it has just gone to show what a difference a year can make and how much of a breakout the likes of Ravie Davie and The Purge (as Krobar and Stevie James) have had. Irving Garrett and The Sam Barbour Experience looked to be so in tune with their characters, one being a technical wizard and the other as this talented, yet super cocky, wrestler. All five mentioned were absolute highlights of the show. The Garrett-Gunn match being one of my favourites of this event.

But don’t just take my word for it, you can watch A Night At The Asylum 4 on YouTube below: