Review: GPWA ‘A Night At The Asylum’

February 12th 2016 | The Asylum | Glasgow

I seem to be working my way backwards through GPWA’s YouTube events with their Asylum 4 event recently. Now we are back to their first event which took place in February 2016. A time where Donald Trump wasn’t the President of the United States of America. A simpler time where we didn’t fear North Korea so much. Anyway, on with the event.

Lionheart defeated Stevie James by Pinfall.

James started like a house on fire by throwing Lionheart with some great armbrags, Lionheart soon took the upper hand with a beautiful dropkick but the wily James rolled out of the ring before a possible frog splash attempt. James allowed Lionheart to throw him back into the ring so he could jump his trainer with punches and kicks to wear down the more experience Lionheart. A little too much gloating has Lionheart spring into action with a flurry of punches, a corner big boot and a flying crossbody but could only get him a two count. A back and forth follow up looked to go into the favour of Stevie James but a front facelock was countered into a Rock Bottom for a Lionheart win.

Solid match, James looked really great against Lionheart, who rarely has a bad match anyway.

The Black Label (Red Lightning & Jack Jester) defeated Kez Evans & Khifie West by Pinfall.

Jester and Lightning started off with a bit of lighthearted banter. almost not taking the match seriously but Khifie West was soon using his strength to throw Jester about, sending them to regroup. The Black Label soon cornered West and traded quick tags and beat down the youngster. Kez Evans finally got the tag in and cleaned house but a distraction from Jester saw Lightning with a low blow and a roll up on Evans for the win.

Good match, didn’t get to see much of Kez Evans and Khifie West was fine but he spent most of the match being beat down.

CS Rose defeated BT Gunn by Pinfall.

Rose started with a slap to Gunn’s face…only to receive a hard chop for his troubles. Rose was trying to find any advantage but it looked like Gunn had him well scouted, ducking a chop attempt near the ring post. Rose hit Gunn with a calf kick and proceeded to go for a Garvin Stomp to great effect. Rose cut off any comeback from Gunn but couldn’t keep him down for a three count. Gunn fought back with some blistering chops as both men tried to finish each other. A superplex from the top rope almost sealed it for BT but Rose kicked out just in time. Rose countered a springboard into a cutter for another two count. A missed running knee was countered into a fireman’s carry sit out facebuster for two. Gunn looked to have this wrapped up but Rose went down clutching his knee, which cause enough distraction for Rose to pop up while the referee was pushing Gunn back and land a superkick for the win.

Another fine match, felt a little long in the middle but the finish was really great and getting across CS Rose and what he’s about.

Kasey defeated Molly Spartan by Pinfall.

Molly used her power early on while Kasey relied on her speed to nip quick pinfalls from crossbodies. Back and forth encounter with no real aggressor. Spartan hit a nasty looking TKO for a nearfall but a follow up spear was dodged and Molly was rolled up for the pinfall. Molly showed her frustration by spearing the referee before being chased off by Kasey.

The match was sloppy in parts, nothing spectacular and everything felt a little disjointed. Not the best match on the show.

Thatcher Wright entered to throw out an open challenge as he wasn’t booked in a match. The Sam Barbour Experience entered, who challenged Thatcher who wanted know part of SBX. SBX then issued his own open challenge that was answered by Ravie Davie who challenged everyone to a battle royal between the rest of the the Asylum talent.

Ravie Davie Wins The Asylum Battle Royal.

Lots of brawling and nothing else in the early going with bodies everywhere. The final three were the guys that started the brawl in SBX, Thatcher Wright and Ravie Davie. SBX and Wright double teamed Ravie Davie but the partnership didn’t last long as SBX soon threw out Wright to leave it to two in the ring. Davie hit a Pele kick to knock out SBX for the win.

A total mess, nothing of note really happened.

The Purge (Joseph Vane & Krobar) vs Austin Osiris & Kyle Khaos

Quick start with the smaller Osiris and Khaos grounding Vane with kicks and double team moves along with quick tags. It took Krobar with an assist for The Purge to take advantage as they cut off the ring and clubbed at Khaos. Just as it looked like Khaos would escape, The Purge knocked down Osiris and pulled Khaos back into the abyss for more punishment. Osiris eventually made it in and used his freshness to take it to Krobar and Vane who promptly left the ring, only to be met with two flying wrestlers as The Purge and security were piled on. Just as it looked like The Purge were in trouble, Vane pushed Khaos off the top rope and rushed towards Osiris, causing enough of a distraction for Krobar to low blow Osiris and for The Purge to use a tandem powerbomb-neckbreaker for the win in a very good match.

Good tag team action, The Purge looked like beasts.

Flex Hunter vs Wolfgang

A battle of the big men, with Hunter getting frustrated that he can’t just power his way through. A big test of strength saw Hunter overpower in the early going but just Wolfgang was coming back Hunter switched to a wristlock to maintain the advantage. We got a nice nip up from Wolfgang to escape which lead to charging shoulder blocks which staggered both. Wolfgang eventually gained the upper hand but was soon hung up on the rope by Hunter who had scuttled off for a breather. Hunter kept up the attack outside of the ring including picking up Wolfie and running his back into the ring post which became the focus for Hunters attacks. Flex untied the turnbuckle pad while the referee was counting Wolfgang on the outside and threw Wolfie into it back first for a close two count. Hunter couldn’t keep Wolfgang down and got a chair. While the referee was dealing with the chair, Flex attempted to throw Wolfgang into another exposed turnbuckle but it was countered into a catapult. Neither men to keep the advantage for long. Wolfgang relied on top rope moves that were eventually caught with a big chokeslam for another nearfall. Flex got another chair and went for one final chokeslam but it was countered. Wolfgang dodged another chair shot that ended up rebounding into Flex’s face, a Howling later and Wolfgang picked up the win.

Perhaps the match went on a bit longer than it could’ve. A couple minutes shaved off and this would’ve been a great match but for what it was it was good. The finish was quite tense with the chair in the middle of the ring and it being avoided.

Overall: Some fine matches, Kasey vs Molly wasn’t great and the battle royal was just filler but gave some of the trainees a spot on the card. A sandwich with a dodgy filling. Nice Hovis best of both bread with something like marmite and a dog hair in the middle. The music being muted was a distraction, especially during entrances when it felt like 10 minutes of silence. I understand why, copyright and whatnot. Credit where it is due, first event for GPWA and a lot of new faces making their debut it was a solid event.

But don’t just take my word for it, you can watch A Night At The Asylum on YouTube below: