Preview: GPWA ‘Live In Tarbert’ October 2017

Wrestling is a big thing in our house. We are regularly piled into our car and headed to a wrestling show somewhere in Scotland. It’s great family time but living in rural Scotland it is a costly hobby!

Our wee village in Clachan, Argyll is a terrific place to live. Our village hall is well used by everyone in the community but inevitably it needs an upgrade, even better to be replaced with one that suits our needs as we go forward. We were approached by the village hall committee last year to come up with some ideas to drive fundraising beyond the regular car boot sales, quizzes etc, that are regular features and provide a steady income stream. So we thought, instead of us travelling to them, let’s bring our favourite stars to us. Last year SWA did a great job and this year we asked GPWA to do the honours, they agreed and here we are a few days out from the biggest show to hit Kintyre in many years.

We are delighted with the card that the guys have put together and are hopeful that the last few tickets will go to ensure a sell out.

So what do we have lined up:

The Italian Superstar Paxxo will take on The Sam Barbour Experience in what is sure to be a cracking match. Barbour is hot right now but Paxxo has been wrestling all over Europe this Summer and with Jokey at his side anything can happen.

The legend that is Lionheart goes one on one with one the most exciting young talents in the UK , Leyton Buzzard. Lionheart doesn’t have bad matches. He is a master of his craft and Leyton Buzzard gets everyone out of their seats with his high flying style. This will be terrific.

BT Gunn, who seems to be holding most of the titles in the UK at the moment goes up against the inaugural Asylum Invtational Champion Aaron Echo. We all know what Gunn can do and he has had the best year of his career so far but Echo is good, really good and could upset The Oddity here.

Tag team action comes for The Govan Team, Ravie Davie and Zander, when they take on The Purge. A Twitter spat broke out between these teams when the match was announced and it is clear there in no love lost there. I think this will be street fight.

Two of GPWA’s brightest stars face off when Kez Evans meets Jack Dillon. Kez was raging that his face wasn’t on the event poster and will appear in Tarbert with a huge chip on his shoulder. His match earlier in the year with BT Gunn was incredible and there is no doubting the guys talent. Jack Dillon is a great young talent whose main concern seems to be not getting lost coming to Tarbert!

We were determined to have a ladies match, such is the wealth of talent in Scotland just now, and GPWA didn’t disappoint. On Saturday Molly Spartan and Jamie Winters face off against Kasey and Jokey. Four superb ladies following in the footsteps of the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Viper and Nikki Storm.

Our main event is Wolfgang vs Jack Jester. I don’t need to say anymore about that. It is massive and, in our wee hall in Tarbert, it will be wild.

So if anyone fancies a road trip on Saturday. It is a fantastic part of the country, loads of good places to eat and you will get the friendliest welcome you have ever received at a wrestling show.

Mon Doon!