Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Year 3’ (Billy)

September 16th 2017 | Edinburgh Corn Exchange

Discovery Wrestling celebrates three years with a packed line up at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange. I’m watching the show via YouTube.

Before we kick off the review, there was a match cut from the show here as the Woman’s Championship elimination match between Martina, Lucy Cole, Sammii Jayne and Nina Samuels ended abruptly due to Lucy Cole suffering an injury during the match. From the reports on the night, Disco staff cleared the venue hall so Cole could be attended to privately by medical staff. Understandably this footage wasn’t shown on the uploaded event.

As usual we got Randy Valentine and Darren T Goss running down the line up before the first match took place.

Lisa Marie Varon, Lou King Sharp & Michael Chase defeated House Of Saynt (Christopher Saynt, Jayla Dark & Theo Doros) by Pinfall.

The show kicked off with a long entrance for The House of Saynt before Chase and Sharp entered. Sharp apologised as The Undertaker couldn’t make it to be their tag team partner. They announced that Lisa Marie Varon had stepped in and the match was on.

Lou King Sharp was cut off from his corner early on by The House Of Saynt, wearing down Lou until he finally made the hot tag to Chase and the match kicked up a gear with a chase flurry and Lisa Marie Varon looking fantastic in the ring. The match ended with Sharp launching himself off Chase’s shoulders while he was sitting on the top rope, falling with style on top of Doros for the three count.

A solid match to kick off the show, the moments between Dark and Varon are certainly wanting me to see a one on one contest in the future. Chase and Sharp, though total opposites, work really well as a team. Think an Enzo and Big Cass except both are actually very good wrestlers. Varon looked so excited to be in the ring and having the best view of the show, beaming throughout before she had her time with Dark which included a Widow’s Peak. Really fun start to the show.

Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Semi Final – Aspen Faith defeated Chris Ridgeway by Pinfall.

The first of the Hotter Than Hell semi finals with Faith and Ridgeway squaring off. The match started slow, warming up, before Ridgeway brought in his big kicks. Both men fought outside while the referee continued his count. It was only at a count of 9 did both competitors pause and rush back into the ring. Faith took some dirty tactics, almost feeding off the crowd and their displeasure. Ridgeway countered a pinfal into a triangle choke then switched into a Rings of Saturn which was very pretty to watch. Both men threw kicks, forearms and punches but neither had a clear cut advantage in the match. Faith landed a second rope moonsault but couldn’t hit the tombstone. Faith snapped Ridgeway’s fingers and Ridgeway replied by throwing kicks only to have his fingers snapped again. Ridgeway kicked out of the Tombstone at one but a follow up Thunderbird Tombstone sealed it for ‘The King of Catch’.

A very even contest with both having a strong showing. Faith really looks effortlessly good in the ring. An earned victory from Faith who offered a handshake after the bout. Ridgeway replied with a kick to the head. Almost a double turn here with Ridgeway picking up boos following an unneeded

Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Semi Final – Rampage Brown defeated Mikey Whiplash by Pinfall.

The second Hotter Than Hell semi final started with a feeling out process with some really impressive wrestling, which just shows how great these two are, before Whiplash and Brown just went to battering each other with stuff chops and throwing everything at each other. Very little wasted motion as Whiplash aimed a good portion of the attacks at Browns knee, chopping down the height advantage and using Browns own weight to make matters worse. Whiplash had a lot of the offense as he wore down big Rampage. The finish almost came out of nowhere when Brown countered a kick from Whiplash and flipped him onto the turnbuckle and caught Whiplash into a piledriver for three.

A clever match that really showed how vicious Whiplash is and the resilience of Rampage as he moves onto the final against Faith. I was thinking about how amazing a match Whiplash and Faith would have but after Rampage Brown’s performance in this one I think Brown-Faith could be even better.

Uncivil War Qualifier – Three Way – The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew) defeated Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) and The Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) by Pinfall.

A lot of folk in the crowd didn’t seem to know who The Kings of the North were and, to be honest, this was the first time I was seeing them in action. The match started slow with Polo Promotions and The NAK working on Corvin and Bonesaw. At one point Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey ended up tagged in which had me hoping that they would try and pin each other but it wasn’t to be. It wasn’t long before chaos broke out as all three teams started going at it and the action was thick and fast. BT Gunn throwing himself off the top rope onto the waiting crowd with a trust fall was heart in mouth and the follow up cactus clothesline from Mark onto BT over the barrier was beautiful. Just when it looked like Polo Promotions had it wrapped up, Uncle Bobby of the Buffet Club appeared and distracted Jackie Polo long enough for Nina Samuels to slide in and hit a low blow. Mark was in hot pursuit but Jackie was out of it, leaving The Kings of the North and The New Age Kliq to duke it out. Renfrew hit a T-Virius with an added superkick from Gunn during the lift for the win.

Fun match once it broke down. Gunn and Renfrew’s chops were blistering and another throw down between The Kings and The NAK wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Joe Hendry defeated Dalton Castle by Pinfall.

Joe Hendry had an incredible entrance with ‘Why Does Dalton Castle Need To Fly’. The match started with some lovely wrestling which Darren T Goss pointed out that both were accomplished amateur wrestlers. The match got into a brawl with Hendry working on Castles head after throwing him into the ring post. Both men began to Peacock to send the other off balance. It descended back into wrestling as Hendry went for the ankle lock, Castle fought out of it back Hendry locked it in again, Castle rolled out but Hendry dropped down to get the surprise three count.

The match was good, but personally it went a few minutes too long as there was a bit of a dip in action before the finish. Castle was just oozing with charisma and he and Hendry had some really nice exchanges.

Alan Smith was out to thank the fans for coming but was interrupted by Dave Conrad who demanded either an opponent or for Alan to go backstage and dress appropriately. Alan headed to the back before saying that nobody paid money to see a fat promoter wrestling and that he had an opponent for Conrad…

Matt Riddle defeated Dave Conrad by Pinfall.

Matt Riddle entered to a loud reaction and for good reason, he was great in this match. Started slow with Riddle making Conrad look like an amateur by wriggling out of anything wrestling Dave was trying to do. Conrad did get a lot of offense in with Riddle taking a lot of stiff boots. The finish, just wow, Conrad went for his powerslam but was countered into a dragon sleeper by Riddle who then lifted him into a tombstone which connected. Conrad got straight back up to the shock of everyone, they traded kicks Conrad then bounced back with a headbutt but as they both went down Riddle fell on top of Conrad for the three count.

Conrad looked really really good in the closing portion of the match. Riddle was just brilliant throughout, he’s just so so talented.

Conrad declined a handshake after the match. Probably the best Dave Conrad match I’ve seen.

Y Division Championship – Best Two Out Of Three Falls – Joe Coffey defeated Lewis Girvan by two falls to one to win the Y Division Championship.

Now the main event. Girvan entered his 666th day as Y Division Champion and Joe Coffey entered firmly the favourite in the crowd. A big match feel between two phenomenal wrestlers. Coffey looked to be on fire by answering anything Girvan had to offer. A mushroom stomp from the barricade onto Coffey’s back came with a wild scream from Girvan. Lewis proceeded to target the back of Coffey. While the referee had his back turned Girvan loosened the turnbuckle before kicking out of a roll up and sending Coffey’s face into it, a Bloody Sunday later and Girvan went one fall up.

Coffey retaliated in the second fall by taking it to the outside, throwing himself over the barrier onto Girvan and brawling through the crowd and even throwing in a big swing into a Boston Crab. When it got back to the ring they traded chops and headbutts on the apron before Girvan hit a sick cutter on the apron. As both struggled to their feet to make the ten count into the ring. Coffey shifted into another gear with uppercuts and splashes to wear down Girvan who looked to be slowing down, a missed enziguri from Girvan saw him thrown with a German Suplex and a Aw Ra Best Fur Tha Bells lariat for the pinfall making the match one fall to one.

The third fall started with the two trading chops before it was Girvan’s turn to fire up but a top rope scale was twarted by a Coffey uppercut and a superplex from the top rope sending Girvan crashing down. Girvan pulled the referee in the way of a front dropkick as Girvan took advantage with another double foot stomp to the back. Coffey countered another Bloody Sunday attempt into a lariat. Faith entered behind the alternative referee and knocked him down to begin a double team on Coffey. Coffey fought off the Kings but ended up being in the centre of a Superkick Party before The Apter Burner looked to finish off Coffey for good. As a third referee entered Coffey kicked out to the surprise of the crowd as they came alive. Girvan ducked a lariat and snapped on a Boston Crab of his own as Coffey dragged himself to the ropes for the break. Girvan aimed to finish the match with a lariat of his own but was countered into a Peacemaker as Faith pulled the referee out as Girvan started tapping. The referee sent Faith out as Girvan hit the lariat for a two count. Both men fought back as they looked to land that one final blow with plenty of counters and dodges. Coffey locked in the Boston Crab and started stomping on Girvans head to finally lead the champion to tap out in a brutal end to a very impressive match.

Both men looked like Champions, even in defeat and with Faith’s interference, Girvan looked every bit of the main eventer that he had became in Discovery Wrestling. It took everything Coffey had to put Girvan away in an epic for Discovery Wrestling. He may’ve referred to himself as it but on this night he earned the name ‘Mr Discovery Wrestling’. A great even contest where both looked like stars and a fitting beginning of Coffey’s reign that saw him scratch and claw to gain the gold.

Overall: Another very entertaining show from Discovery Wrestling and, while I think it wasn’t their best show of the year (which is The Elite show in my opinion), it was another strong showing for a promotion that hasn’t had a bad show at all continuing a streak of brilliant events. You should check out this event on YouTube when you can.