5 Predictions for Scotty Swift at WrestleZone Christmas Chaos 2017

As announced this past Sunday, “The Red Haired Warrior” Scotty Swift will be making his return to WrestleZone at Christmas Chaos on December 2nd. Ever since being brutally beaten by Crusher Craib at Battle of the Nations, Swift has been sidelined with a concussion, among other lingering injuries. Now that he’s been confirmed to be appearing in a non-wrestling role, why could Scotty be coming back?

5. To announce his retirement

Having been the backbone of WrestleZone for many years now, it could be time for Scotty Swift to hang up the boots. With the amount of injuries he was diagnosed with after being admitted to hospital following Battle of the Nations, it looks as if it would benefit him in the long run. But could you imagine a WrestleZone without The Red Haired Warrior? It doesn’t even seem possible!

4. To announce when he’ll be returning to action

Just like what Crusher Craib did at Aberdeen Anarchy, Swift could be letting the fans know when to expect him back in the squared circle. It could be as soon as Summerhill Showdown on January 20th, or it could be ages away, perhaps Aberdeen Anarchy X on September 1st.

3. To give us an update on how his recovery process is going

It’s possible Scotty could just be appearing to give an update on how his recovery is going. Ever since the brutal attack at the hands of The Creator of Carnage, the only updates we’ve gotten have came from the official WrestleZone Facebook page. Swift has been very quiet about his injury, with a post on his fan page on Monday being the first post on there since he was sidelined.

2. To brawl with Crusher Craib

Even though he won’t be wrestling on the show, Swift is more than likely still able to have a brawl. So why wouldn’t that brawl be against Crusher Craib? Crusher has cost Swift victories against the likes of Alan Sterling and Lord Mr Malice, sent him through a table at July’s Proving Grounds event and has of course cost him months of action. Expect to see these two get physical when The Red Haired Warrior makes his triumphant return.

1. To cost Crusher Craib his match

If Swift isn’t there to brawl with Sterling Oil’s monster, he’ll more than likely have something to do with Crusher on this huge night. With Crusher set for action at the Danestone Community Centre, surely Swift would want to at least cost him the win as payback for the wins Craib took away from him.

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