Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘The Disco Derby’ (Billy)

The Jam House | Edinburgh
January 19th 2018

Discovery Wrestling promised to kick off 2018 with a bang and this is the way to do it. Five matches that includes a ton of debuts and a colossal Disco Derby. This will mark the beginning of a wave of shows with guests coming up including MVP and Joey Ryan, along with the cream of the crop when it comes to wrestlers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Let’s take a look at the matches announced.

The first match that was revealed for this event was a current dream match, the team of Chris Brookes and Kid Lykos against The Kings of Catch, former Y Division Champion Lewis Girvan and the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational winner Aspen Faith. There was a big buzz about this one with #CCK making their Discovery Wrestling debuts. It wasn’t to be as Lykos suffered an injury but has been replaced by the highly rated Omari. Lykos will be in their corner, so maybe The Kings will have to become a Kingdom… Girvan and Faith aren’t shy in tipping the numbers in their favour so perhaps they have a couple tricks up their sleeves.

Sammii Jayne had an incredible year in 2017 and ended her Discovery year successfully defending her Woman’s Championship against Kay Lee Ray. With challengers waiting in the wings like Nina Samuels, Debbie Sharpe and Session Moth Martina she has to get past Little Miss Roxxy who will be making her debut. These two are no strangers having had recent battles at Absolute Wrestling.

BT Gunn and Chris Ridgeway are very similar in style, stiff kicks, hard chops and just absolute skin blistering moves. They’ve faced off before in ICW while Fight Club was on tour in Liverpool so it will be great to see these two square off again on Gunn’s home soil. Probably best to take ear defenders. Ridgeway just fell short in winning the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational when he was defeated by the eventual winner, Aspen Faith. BT Gunn also fell short in the Uncivil War match so both will be looking to bounce back and move forward into the Y Division Championship picture.

Joe Coffey makes another defence of his Y Division Championship against another stellar challenger, after knocking back Matt Riddle, Coffey faces one of the most prolific British wrestlers in the last decade in Zack Sabre Jr. This has the anticipation of a mat classic with a slow build to a thrilling conclusion. Certainly a match of the night, or even year, encounter.

And finally, The Disco Derby. Marking many debuts in Discovery Wrestling with all hoping to win and earn themselves a regular place on the Disco roster. Damien Daniels, Shawn Johnson, DCT, Jason Reed, Andy Wild, Rob Mills and Jackie Grady all make in ring returns to Discovery with Damien having the longest break from Edinburgh.

When it comes to a rumble match of any sort it can often come down to experience. At The Disco Derby we will see three winners of the WrestleZone Regal Rumble (Crusher Craib, Scotty Swift & Shawn Johnson) plus a winner of the ICW Square Go! (Dickie Divers) and The Reckless Rumble (DCT) take part in this huge Disco Derby with 15 other competitors.

A BIG question is who will be able to throw out Kuma? The giant is a mountain of man, the biggest wrestler in the UK since Giant Haystacks, and the others in the match will need some sort of co-operation to even make it past the colossous from the North East. He’s the biggest man in the match but you also have Andy Wild and Crusher Craib who may be big and strong enough to muscle Kuma over the top rope.

Maybe the teamwork aspect will work in favour of Jackie Grady and Rob Mills who are a popular team in Reckless Intent Wrestling as The Headbanders.

As of writing there are two names to be announced, which provides a bit of mystery. If they aren’t announced then going from Discovery Wrestling’s history of surprises then these may be worth the price of admission.

Something interesting coming into this one is Michael Chase targeting Ravie Davie, DCT and Dickie Divers who he thinks tried to take his spotlight in December during his lumberjack match against Christopher Saynt which ultimately cost him a victory and means The House of Saynt continues in Discovery Wrestling. Chase isn’t in this match but his presence may be felt.

All we know is that it’s unpredictable and will be a spectacle. Who will earn themselves a regular place on the Discovery Wrestling roster?

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BT Gunn vs Chris Ridgeway
Chris Brookes & Omari vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
Discovery Wrestling Woman’s Championship – Sammii Jayne (c) vs Little Miss Roxxy
Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship – Joe Coffey (c) vs Zack Sabre Jr
The Disco Derby – Entrants Confirmed: Ravie Davie, DCT, Crusher Craib, Kuma, Andy Wild, Damien Daniels, Dickie Divers, Aaron Echo, Solar, Kieran Kelly, Shady Nattrass, Scotty Swift, Jackie Grady, Rob Mills, Jason Reed, Shawn Johnson, Soldato, Jonathan Richards, ??? & ???