Adam’s Top 10…WWE UK Division Signings


Can you believe it’s been an entire year since WWE held their inaugural United Kingdom Championship Tournament? Taking place over January 14th and 15th 2017, WWE brought in 16 of the UK’s best to compete in a single-elimination tournament with the winner being awarded this brand new title. But only one of those 16 was a Scottish representative with the inclusion of then-ICW World Heavyweight Champion Wolfgang. So, which other Scottish stars could become a contender for the UK Championship?

10. Aspen Faith

“The King of Catch” Aspen Faith is finally getting the recognition he deserves, wrestling regularly for the likes of ICW, Discovery Wrestling and WrestleZone. Having joined The Filthy Generation in late-2017, the future can only go up for Aspen. Although he may not be that well known as some of the others on this list, Aspen could 100% hang with some of the top UK talent currently signed to WWE UK contracts. Imagine him facing the likes of Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate or Mark Andrews? Yes please!

9. Jackie Polo

“Nature’s Gift to Wrestling” Jackie Polo has been focusing on his Polo Promotions partnership alongside Mark Coffey over the last few years but I feel another singles run coming in his future. Given WWE’s relationship with ICW, we could see The King of Chat competing for WWE in their UK division. With the charisma Polo possesses, he could do wonders on the mic, which is always a benefit when working for WWE. Just ask Kalisto.

8. Jack Jester

“Big Kink” Jack Jester has been at the backbone of ICW for many years now, having great matches with former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre. Jester was previously known for his hardcore style inside the ring but has more recently been adapting to his Kinky Party team with Sha Samuels. Given that he’s laying off the hardcore stuff, it’s possible Jester could be on his way to WWE under a UK contract. There’s not many big powerhouses in the UK division with the exception of Wolfgang and Joseph Conners. Jester would be a great addition to the fantastic crop of talent.

7. Damien

Damien might be a surprising name to see on this list given the more-established stars, but if you’ve been following his work then you’ll see why he’s here. Having started a revolution up in WrestleZone, the now-fan favourite has been making waves for himself up in the north-east. The current Undisputed WrestleZone Champion is on fire at the moment, with a return to Discovery Wrestling on the cards. There’s not many revolutionary-style characters in wrestling these days, which makes Damien so unique. Revolution starts with him!

6. Kenny Williams

Had he not been signed to a contract with ITV and World of Sport at the time of the tournament, I imagine Kenny Williams would be in WWE’s UK division as I type this. The Bollocks recently became the first-ever 3-time ICW Zero-G Champion and pinned Rey Mysterio’s shoulders to the mat inside The Hydro. Kenny seems like he would be a perfect fit alongside some of the others currently in the division, like Jordan Devlin and Mark Andrews. Expect to see this man signed to one of the UK contracts very soon.

5. Joe Coffey

Much like Kenny Williams, Joe Coffey was signed to a deal with World of Sport at the time that prevented him from entering the tournament. The Iron Man is one of the best all-rounder stars from the Scottish scene. His mix of hard-hitting strikes, impressive dives and huge slams would make for an interesting match against any of the talent in the division. Having already faced the likes of Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Wolfgang, it would be great to see Joe mix it up with guys such as Tyler Bate and Joseph Conners.

4. Joe Hendry

“The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry spent 2017 ditching The Local Hero persona in favour of becoming prestigious. His work for ICW and Defiant Wrestling has been excellent. He’s a guy that’s so easy to hate because he’s so full of himself, and for good reason. With this championship preventing it’s workers from working in Defiant Wrestling, it would be a major blow for the promotion if they lost Hendry aswell. Despite that, Joe is surely someone that WWE should be considering to take in.

3. Lionheart

Lionheart became a fan favourite in 2017, with the fans cheering him over the once-popular Joe Hendry during their incredible rivalry. Having been on the go since 2002 (according to, Lionheart brings plenty of experience and expertise to the table. The Dugfather just seems like a perfect fit for the UK division with his no-nonsense attitude in the ring.

2. BT Gunn

Current Undisputed ICW Champion BT Gunn would be a huge asset to the UK division. Putting on consistently great matches up and down the UK, The Oddity has been proving his worth for a number of years now. Having previously competed for the United Kingdom Championship in a fantastic Fatal Four Way Match at ICW’s Shug’s Hoose Party 4 event, Gunn has proven he is more than capable of hanging with others within the division.

1. Stevie Boy

“The Icon Killer” Stevie Boy spent 2017 refining his deathmatch abilities, with fantastic contests against Chris Renfrew, Mikey Whiplash and Jimmy Havoc. Who can forget that King of Insanity Match? Stevie would make a perfect in the UK division. He’s got the look, the charisma, the in-ring skills. If WWE want to give the United Kingdom Championship a full-blown division, then look no further than ICW’s resident King of Insanity!

Who would you like to see compete in the UK division?