Five Picks To Win The 2018 WrestleZone Regal Rumble

On Saturday the Regal Rumble returns to The Northern Hotel in Aberdeen, a night full of surprises are in store in the biggest Regal Rumble match ever, 25 competitors. The last couple years I’ve popped up my five picks and have a 100% success rate…still, which is pretty neat.

1. Damien

The number one entrant, the former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Damien has a long night if he aims to win it all and book his place to the main event of the ten year celebration of WrestleZone at Aberdeen Anarchy. He’ll be working his way to the end if he wants to get his hands on Richard R Russell who cost him the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship at Summerhill Showdown with a swift low blow. He’ll have to survive past Alan Sterling, William Sterling and Crusher Craib if he has any hope of getting Russell then grabbing his spot in the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy.

2. Crusher Craib

The three time winner, Crusher Craib, has a stellar win-loss record in the Regal Rumble match and holds the record for the most eliminations and the most wins. Craib has a No Disqualification match against fierce rival Scotty Swift which will be an all out war before this, so the conditioning will be a factor. The survivor may only be working at a fraction of their power.

3. Andy Wild

Former Undisputed WrestleZone Championship Andy Wild has had recent success in rumble matches. Wild will be one of the bigger wrestlers in the match and it will take a lot of effort to get him over the top rope. He’s coming into The Regal Rumble event with a chance to become Tri-Counties Champion and book his place at the Beach Ballroom on September 1st. It could be a wild night at The Northern Hotel!

4. Aspen Faith

My pick every year, the Tri-Counties Champion has a four way earlier in the night against Mr P, Johnny Lions and Andy Wild. A huge match no doubt, so he’ll have to play his first match smart and conserve as much energy as possible. What I’m curious about is Lewis Girvan, who has been announced as part of the match. Girvan and Faith make up The Kings of Catch/Filthy Generation around the country, they have faced off in WrestleZone but haven’t been a team. If they both end up in the ring during the match, that’ll tip the numbers in their favour. Just…please stay away from the apron this year, I can’t take that again.

5. Richard R Russell

He’ll be the last man to enter, Richard R Russell will be hoping that his Sterling Oil boys will still be hanging about. One man that he will be trying to avoid is Damien, who has vowed to get his hands on the strategist for Sterling Oil. Russell isn’t a wrestler, he won’t be throwing out wrestlers left, right and centre. However, Russell will be fighting smart and he will be avoiding fighting full stop. Stranger things have happened, you can look at the 1999 WWF Royal Rumble as a prime example. Could Richard R Russell do it? I wouldn’t have him in my list if I didn’t think there was a chance!

So that’s my five picks, who do you think will win the biggest Regal Rumble match?

Past Winners:
2010Β | Bingo Ballance
2011Β | Bryan Tucker
2012Β | Crusher Craib
2013Β | Crusher Craib
2014Β | Jack Jester
2015Β | Scotty Swift
2016Β | Crusher Craib
2017Β | Shawn Johnson
2018Β | ???