A Few Words About 5 Star Wrestling – Oh Well

So with the news breaking of 5 Star Wrestling being deaded, sacrificed by the Gods and the seven deities in order for wrestling to gain Daniel Bryan back (what a trade-off). I thought I’d try to write the positives that have come out of 5 Star Wrestling’s weekly show, all five of them.

It’s very easy to just throw out negatives and how the company was a mismanaged, obnoxious, toxic promotion who undercut and overcharged for little gain. They had lofty goals but failed to put in the ground work and thought money was the answer to all of it. The experience required and foresight to see that their arena tour was going to be a disaster wasn’t there which can be put down to the sheer arrogance of the promotor who rose from his armchair to then sit behind a computer screen to ignore or belittle those that had any critism towards the product.

It’s very easy to say that.

What happened was Freesports provided an opportunity for British wrestlers to get on TV and show people what they could do. On the whole the actual wrestling was top quality even when the presentation let it down. There were fleeting moments of greatness with the Plymouth show being in the smallest venue providing the best atmosphere, having the British wrestlers shine like Zack Gibson, Rampage Brown and Eddie Ryan is an overwhelming positive even if Jake Hager, John Morrison and Rey Mysterio were relied on heavily to draw the casual eyes in. It was certainly an improvement after “Dominant Wrestling” was a right waste of time, having all the British wrestlers on the pre-show and none on the live broadcast? Genius.

The lack of media awareness was a huge downfall, drawing a couple hundred (if lucky) fans to shows was testement of how woeful marketing was. It didn’t help that this “tour” was the rescheduled tour from 2017, that promised a 128 man tournament, which was cancelled, citing the Manchester terror attack as the reason for the reschedule. The reputation for 5 Star Wrestling was set at an all time low from the start.

Their first show didn’t help, they had so much time to get things organised and it was all wrong. You can have the best sandwich filling in the world but if the bread is stale then it’s not appetising to eat. They fixed most of the issues the next week but for many it was too late. The ratings were nothing worth writing about, the fact it’s difficult to find out the ratings says it all.

No sympathy has been given to 5 Star Wrestling and rightly so, my sympathies goes to the wrestlers that were booked for all the shows, only got paid for five and now have to find more bookings. For some of those, this is their actual full time career and they’ve been messed about.

The one saving grace from this is the support from promotions like 4GW, IPW:UK, WrestleZone and PBW to name a few that have offered those that spent their money on 5 Star Wrestling tickets to come to their events through discounts or even free tickets. Wrestling matters will not be beaten.

So, what else is there to say about it? The final image of 5 Star Wrestling was Bram standing over Eddie Ryan and Zack Gibson with his middle fingers raised.

Says it all really.