Preview: Wrestlezone ‘Regal Rumble 2018’ (Billy)

The ninth WrestleZone Regal Rumble is coming up on Saturday at The Northern Hotel in Aberdeen. An annual staple in the North East calendar and this year it’s the biggest one ever. In previous years it has been 20 competitors aiming to book their place into the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy, this year it’s 25 so the odds lower for those that hope to be standing in the Beach Ballroom and fighting for the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship.

I’ve already rattled through my five picks elsewhere (here in fact) but that’s scraping the surface, let’s break down some numbers about this years Regal Rumble match:

11 – former/current WrestleZone Tag Team Champions (Damien, Blue Thunder, Scotty Swift, Mr P, Chris Archer, Mikkey Vago, Alan Sterling, William Sterling, Aspen Faith, Bryan Tucker & Johnny Lions)
7 – former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions (Johnny Lions, Scotty Swift, Jack Jester, Damien, Crusher Craib, Andy Wild & Bryan Tucker)
4 – former winners of the Regal Rumble (Bryan Tucker (2011), Crusher Craib (2012, 2013, 2016), Jack Jester (2014) & Scotty Swift (2015))
2 – former/current WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champions (Aspen Faith & Zach Dynamite)
2 – WrestleZone debuts (Dino Del Monte & Lord Michael of Graham)
1 – mystery entrant

A star studded line up with champions from across the country including the current Rock N Wrestle Highland Heavyweight Champion, Respect Pro Wrestling Champion, Premier British Wrestling Tag Team Champions, a near endless list of accolades for nearly all of the competitors.

So it’s a pretty big match.

The winner moves onto the tenth anniversary of WrestleZone, Aberdeen Anarchy on September 1st once again takes place at the beautiful Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen for the sixth year running. A wonderful venue that has seen WrestleZone take it over in the last five years with huge sold out Aberdeen Anarchy events. The winner of the Regal Rumble has won the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship four out of five times (2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017) at this event, the numbers are in the favour of the victor of this bout.

Coming into this match Damien will be entering at number one, while (after some negotiation with his boy Alan Sterling) Richard R Russell enters at number twenty five and has made his intentions clear, he doesn’t want to be in this match and he is planning to walk in to be greeted by the rest of Sterling Oil and certainly hopeful that Damien will be long gone.

It’ll also be the first time fans will see Dino Del Monte and Lord Michael of Graham in action, the latest products of the WrestleZone Training Academy will be out to impress and possibly secure a place at future events in the North East.

Elsewhere on this show there are three title matches and a colossal No Disqualification match that will be chaotic and just plain madness.

First off, the No DQ match between Scotty Swift and Crusher Craib. Since Craib returned at last years Aberdeen Anarchy event he’s been on the warpath to rid wrestling of the Red Haired Warrior after footing the blame of his hip injury at the foot of Swift. He cost him the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship at the Beach Ballroom then battering him unconscious at Battle of the Nations in the same venue as this upcoming bout, The Northern Hotel. It’s almost as if WrestleZone isn’t big enough for these two as they do battle once more. We’ve seen some wild brawls and fights at The Northern Hotel, one that springs to mind is the Bryan Tucker-Shawn Johnson war, this will be barbaric in nature and survival might be the only goal for either. Both of these men will return for the Regal Rumble, I wonder how much will be left in their respective tanks following this?

The Rejected finally closed the chapter on their rivalry with Sterling Oil in a wild Christmas Brawl at the tail end of 2017. The WrestleZone Tag Team Champions faces a team that are pure dead brilliant, fresh off their appearances on the ill-fated 5 Star Wrestling, and current PBW Tag Team Champions, Krieger and Lou King Sharp. These two are a very charismatic team, full of confidence and bravado. This will be a fun match, The Rejected will be looking to continue that momentum that they have rode since Christmas Chaos. Sharp and Krieger are a very talented team, with great chemistry so it will be a difficult test to The Rejected’s reign.

Aspen Faith defends his Tri-Counties Championship in a big fatal four way, his opponents are top quality with two former Undisputed WrestleZone Champions in Andy Wild and Johnny Lions plus Mr P, who is one of the most popular wrestlers on the WrestleZone roster. Andy Wild has had his run-ins with Johnny Lions and Mr P, whom he has defeated in Battle of the Nations matches in the past. Aspen Faith will have Sammii Jayne nearby but the numbers will still be against him. Faith has proven in the past that he is very smart (expect when it comes to Regal Rumble matches) and has found ways to tip the advantage in his favour. It’ll be an interesting contest.

And finally, Shawn Johnson puts his Undisputed WrestleZone Championship on the line in a big triple threat against former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion Jack Jester and one of the best wrestlers in the country in Lewis Girvan. Johnson’s second Undisputed WrestleZone Championship reign started with controversy with Richard R Russell hitting a low blow on Damien on route to Johnson’s triumph. Considering the calibre of his opponents, a win for Shawn will put some legitimacy on his current reign.

There will also be a VIP ticket holder match PLUS the first name will be announced for Aberdeen Anarchy. Who will it be? D’Lo Brown? Al Snow? Hulk Hogan? Demolition Smash? If the past is anything to go by, all of my guesses will be wrong but it’ll still be amazing.

Tickets are available from VIP tickets offer priority entry and a bonus match and cost £15. General admissions tickets are £12 for adults and £10 for under 14s plus booking fee.

No Disqualification – Scotty Swift vs Crusher Craib
WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – The Rejected (c) vs Lou King Sharp & Krieger
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Fatal Four Way – Aspen Faith (c) vs Mr P vs Andy Wild vs Johnny Lions
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Triple Threat – Shawn Johnson (c) vs Jack Jester vs Lewis Girvan
2018 Regal Rumble – Confirmed Entrants: Damien (#1), Blue Thunder, Scotty Swift, Jack Jester, Mr P, Chris Archer, Mikkey Vago, Aspen Faith, Jason Reed, William Sterling, Alan Sterling, Nathan North, Zach Dynamite, Bryan Tucker, Johnny Lions, Andy Wild, Lord Michael of Graham, Krieger, Lou King Sharp, Lewis Girvan, Dino Del Monte, Bradley Evans, Crusher Craib, mystery entrant and Richard R. Russell (#25)

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