Ask Billy #2

Ask Billy returns…sort of. A good few years ago I did a YouTube show for OSW Chat V called Ask Billy. Occasionally I’ll choose one and expand the answer once I’ve had a little more time to think about it…

If you had to put together a Proving Grounds style card, who would be on the show?

A great question, I gave a short answer on some I would include but here I get to expand on it and actually put together a Proving Grounds card. A mix of talents from around the country, some familiar names and those that may be a bit unknown to your eyes.

Four Corners Elimination – 4D vs Alex Webb vs Mr P vs JD Wilde

The Headbanders (Rob Mills & Jackie Grady) vs Lucha Thunder (Lucha DS & Blue Thunder)

Stevie Boy Xavier vs Kieran Kelly


Eric Arkham vs Alan Sterling

Sammii Jayne vs Sammie Jo

Theo Doros vs Irving Garrett

The Titans of the North (Rowan Frey & Alexander Darwin MacAllan) vs Jack Jester & Scotty Swift

What would your answer be? Let me know on Twitter @BillySWNet

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