Preview: Reckless Intent Wrestling ‘Live In Livingston’ April 2018

Murieston Scout Hall | Livingston

In Livingston this Saturday, Reckless Intent Wrestling have a big show planned right in the middle of WrestleMania weekend. Championships on the line, opportunities in the balance and an over the top rope battle royal that sweetens the pot.

One of the biggest talking points coming into this event is the Reckless Intent Wrestling debut of Mikey Whiplash. One of the most respected wrestlers in the country, not only from a wrestling standpoint but also from a training and development point. He takes on ‘Unstoppable’ Andy Wild, who makes his RI return after an absence. This could be a mat clinic between these two or a wild brawl as both are well adept at either. A potential show stealer for sure.

Michael Chase tackles Eric Canyon, these two are no strangers to each other. It has been about a year since Eric Canyon appeared in Livingston as he faces the face of Reckless Intent Wrestling (sorry Divers). Two talented wrestlers, a good match is on the cards.

Speaking of Dickie Divers, he’s in a triple threat against former Slam Champion Theo Doros and a man that is back from the future Tom Fulton. Divers looks to has something up his sleeve, a contingency plan perhaps, as he continues to believe that he is the true face of Reckless Intent Wrestling.

The Reckless Intent Tag Team Championship Tournament begins as The Govan Team, Ravie Davie and his cousin Zander, debut against David Devlin and Luke Aldridge, High Society. Davie and Zander will need to gain crowd favour early to feed off of if they are to survive the ground and pound assault that High Society will bring. Devlin and Aldridge have both been champions in Reckless Intent before and will plan to mow through the competition to become the first ever RI Tag Team Champions.

RI Hardcore Champion Mr News hasn’t been happy that he has been constantly forgotten about in Reckless Intent and has taken action by cashing in his RI UK Championship opportunity he obtained last year in a ‘Mystery Doors’ match against the current champion, the bear fighting Pole, Jarek Nowak. Currently the RI Hardcore Championship will also be on the line, however, due to the 24/7 nature of the title we don’t actually know if Mr News will enter as champion. It’s been a number of months since we’ve seen some Hardcore Championship shenanigans with former champions Wee Jimmy and Jam O’Malley champing at the bit to get a hold of Mr News.

The main event sees DCT defend his RI Heavyweight Championship in an OH OH Over the Top Rope Invitational. DCT won himself a title opportunity by winning The Reckless Rumble and successfully went onto win the vacant title against Chris Renfrew to become RI Heavyweight Champion. He’s proving himself to be a fighting champion but the sheer volume of entrants is unknown and it would be thought that those that have been in action earlier in the evening will have an eye on staying fresh for the main event. Delsin Dayre, Justin Deed and Brandon Adams of Divinity have made no secret that they will be involved.

The only English representative in the WWE Mae Young Classic, Ayesha Raymond has been announced to be in action. It is unknown whether she will be in one on one match or make her presence felt in the OH OH Over the Top Rope main event.

All this plus Darren T Goss will be revealing his latest client. The rumours have been flying from Wee Jimmy to The Headbanders but the International Broadcast Analyst will have a lot to say, no doubt, as he begins a new dynasty in Reckless Intent Wrestling.

A great line up of wrestling at Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston with tickets still available at

Michael Chase vs Eric Canyon
Mikey Whiplash vs Andy Wild
Triple Threat – Theo Doros vs Dickie Divers vs Tom Fulton
Reckless Intent Tag Team Championship Tournament – First Round – The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Zander) vs High Society (Luke Aldridge & David Devlin)
Reckless Intent UK Championship – Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship – Jarek Nowak (c) vs Mr News (c)
Reckless Intent Heavyweight Championship – OH OH Over The Top Rope Battle Royal – DCT (c) vs ???