Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘On Fite – Episode 2’


The first of two Discovery reviews coming this week. The second episode of their weekly show on Fite TV premiered last week with two Uncivil War contests from last November. Once again, Discovery co-owner Alan Smith introduced the show before the first match got underway.

Uncivil War (November 5th 2017)
Uncivil War Finals – Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
The Buffet Club (Gene Munny & Uncle Bobby) def. Pure Dead Brilliant (Kid Fite & Krieger), Dave Conrad & Deviation and The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew)

I’m all for the Discovery tradition that is the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. They’re a fine way to get more talent on the card (especially in this case) and can sometimes allow wrestlers who may not get as much opportunities as others the chance to show what they’re capable of. This one however was to crown the 2017 Discovery Tag Team Champions. Some brawling from all corners of the ring kicked us off here with Deviation of all people clearing out the opposition with a somersault dive over the ropes while Chris Renfrew delivered some stiff chops that sounded like a gun going off. Kid Fite dropped Dave Conrad on the stage with a brainbuster that just made it on camera before he found himself pinned following some sort of weird double facebuster tag move. Deviation and Conrad were the next to go following a shining wizard from the almighty Uncle Bobby, which came after Deviation turned on Dave and gave him The Claw. Side not, how is The Claw even effective? I get that a Khali Vice Grip could hurt since it’s both hands squeezing the head but what does a one-handed version do? Anyway though, Gunn and Renfrew dropped Gene Munny with their superkick/T-Virus combo that is a joy to the eye before the latter found himself rolled up with a hold of the jeans as Buffet Club were crowned the Uncivil War winners and 2017 Tag Team Champions. A New Age Kliq post-match attack rounded up the segment.

Order of Elimination
1. Deviation pinned Kid Fite (Pure Dead Brilliant eliminated)
2. Uncle Bobby pinned Dave Conrad (Dave Conrad & Deviation eliminated)
3. Gene Munny pinned Chris Renfrew (The New Age Kliq eliminated)

This was actually a really good match. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it, and not just because Krieger was there. The NAK chopped everyone in sight while The Buffet Club were there in all their glory (Gene has a beautiful standing seated senton by the way). It was odd seeing Pure Dead Brilliant as good guys here, typically see them aggravating the fans so it was a nice change and certainly one that worked. As for Deviation and Conrad, they’re great. I wasn’t always on-board with Deviation, he doesn’t seem too different from other big guys but he’s got something about him that makes him feel separate. I’ll keep my eye on him more in the future. Dave Conrad’s a bit underused, isn’t he? Terrific in-ring performer and has a beast of a powerslam, fantastic to see him being used in ICW, alongside Joe Hendry nonetheless.

Uncivil War (November 5th 2017)
Y Division Championship
Joe Coffey (c) def. Matt Riddle by Pinfall

Match number two for this week was the Uncivil War main event with Joe Coffey putting his Y Division Championship on the line against Matt Riddle. The crowd threw out duelling chants for both champion and challenger as they just tore in to each other. An overhead belly to belly downed The King of Bros early in but as we’ve come to expect from the reigning EVOLVE Champion, it would take more than that to put him away. Vicious knee strikes, including a Seth Rollins-esque bicycle knee, brought him back in to it. At ringside, Coffey dove over the guard rail as fans fled the area. Watching these two face off is something I could watch all day and they’d still manage to come up with new stuff. A Bro To Sleep and a Bro Buster weren’t enough to crown a new champion, while the No Mercy submission didn’t get the job done. Three Iron Lariats were enough however as Joe Coffey retained.

This was special. Darren T. Goss and Randy Valentine on commentary said that fans sometimes ask what makes Discovery Wrestling ‘all about the wrestling’, and it’s matches like this that do just that. Terrific back and forth action all around with some nasty head drops but Coffey proved too much. His reign has been rather enjoyable thus far with his next defence scheduled for July 1st against fellow WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament competitor Jordan Devlin.

Alan Smith closed off the show by announcing the two matches for the next next episodes; Michael Chase vs Christopher Saynt and Rampage Brown vs Aspen Faith!