Review: W3L ‘Seven Deadly Sins 2018’

World Wide Wrestling League uploaded their recent Seven Deadly Sins tournament, taking place over two shows, seven wrestlers vied to become the winner and earn themselves a championship match at Wrestlution in September. I know what you’re thinking, why am I returning to W3L after the disastrous W3L Action Academy show? Have they paid you off so you’ll write a good review? Not at all my friends, I just want to give them a chance. By all accounts that Action Academy show should have never went near YouTube but this show as the likes of Lou King Sharp, Johnny Lions and Joe E Legend, it has to be good right?


We’ll soon see.

Night one of the tournament took place in Musselburgh, with a battle royal advertised. Let’s take a look at the show.

Night One – The Brunton, Musselburgh – 25th May 2018

We’re introduced to the show with a quick explanation of ‘the toughest tournament in professional wrestling’. The competitors need to survive a battle royal, a straight singles match, a submission match then last man standing if they look to go all the way and win the Seven Deadly Sins tournament and earn a match against the W3L Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlution in September.

We had Joe Fordyce on commentary as he called the action.

Seven Deadly Sins – Seven Man Over The Top Battle Royal – Craig Stephens defeated Lou King Sharp, Johnny Lions, Euan G Mackie, Dickie Divers, Joe E Legend & Taylor Bryden

The show kicked off with a seven man battle royal, the winner would receive a bye in the next round. Bryden was the last man to enter and was clotheslined over the top rope by Dickie Divers who followed through eliminating himself. Sharp and Mackie double teamed Johnny Lions but Lions countered and threw out Mackie but was soon bundled out by Sharp. Legend clotheslines Sharp out, Sharp would attack Legend which allowed Stephens to eliminate Legend to advance to the semi finals.

A quick battle royal, nothing much happened except Stephens decided not to drop for a DDT that looked really bad. Otherwise it was fine. Really enjoyed the brief team up of Lou King Sharp and Euan G Mackie, would like to see more of that.

Seven Deadly Sins Quarter Final – Lou King Sharp defeated Taylor Bryden by disqualification to advance.

A fairly standard, family friendly match, Lou King Sharp avoiding the ring in the early going with chicken chants breaking out. Sharp got on the mic to further rile up the crowd while demanding the referee to search Bryden for “any weapons and/or foreign objects”. Sharp played some early shenanigans, feigning cheap shots from Bryden before being caught out, looking like he was getting beaten by a ghost while the referee and Bryden looked on. A back and forth match with Sharp using any short cut or humiliating tactic to keep on top.

Dickie Divers appeared at ringside, sliding in and punching Lou King Sharp to eliminate his foe Taylor Bryden from the tournament.

There are few better in the country that gets a reaction on the microphone or just his actions in the ring. Lou King Sharp knows how to work an audience. He’s one of those guys that the adults, parents etc can laugh or goad due at his antics while the kids can boo him because they reckon they could take him on because of his size. The match itself wasn’t anything spectacular from an in-ring standpoint but due to Sharp being so charismatic it was an entertaining match. The finish was clever, it’s something, when done in moderation, that is a great way to forward a rivalry and not making the bad guy look stupid by actually throwing some logic into their actions.

Seven Deadly Sins Quarter Final – Joe E Legend defeated Euan G Mackie by pinfall to advance.

Mackie threatened to use his shovel on Legend before the match started but it was soon confiscated, Mackie used the distraction to head to the other side of the ring and dropkick Legend allowing Mackie to take advantage. The match went into the crowd, no ten count given as they brawled around the auditorium. Mackie used his lightfooted-ness to chop down Legend while Legend would try and use his power advantage whenever possible. Legend would build a head of steam, trapping Mackie’s arm and just smacking him with palm strikes. Mackie rolled out and tried to sneak attack with the shovel but it was dodged and Legend hit the Hospital Job flatliner to advance.

Another good match, Mackie could’ve looked outmatched due to the height and size of Joe E Legend but combated it with smart tactics, short cuts and quick hits. It might not have worked but he was the aggressor throughout. Legend looked a little sluggish, I’d put that down to the early work done to his knee by Mackie.

Seven Deadly Sins Quarter Final – Johnny Lions defeated Dickie Divers by pinfall to advance.

It was Johnny Time! All the time! You got your usual Johnny Lions moves with added Divers throwing in eye rakes and chokes in the corner. Divers cut off Lions’ momentum and wore down Lions including a sick apron leg drop while Lions had his neck perched on the bottom rope. Lions fought back but the Lion Cutter was avoided but Divers couldn’t avoid the second Cutter as he was flying from the second rope, it wasn’t crisp or anything but it did what was required by creating space. Divers hit a lungblower for a two count. Divers grabbed a chair but Taylor Bryden’s music hit as Bryden made his way out. Lions rolled up Divers to advance.

Divers went to hit Lions with the chair but Bryden pushed Lions out of the way and took the bullet before Lions chased off Divers.

A fine match, Lions took a beating which saw him move more gingerly in the latter stages with the story being Divers working on the neck and back of Lions. In the early stages though it looked like Lions was floating through the exchanges with Divers and these two looked to have a solid chemistry. A good match to close the first part of Seven Deadly Sins.

A brisk hour for the first part of Seven Deadly Sins, very little wasted motions and they rattled through without rushing, it hit a sweet balance. It was great to hear the crowd invested in each match, which always adds an extra something to a show. If everyone is going crazy you can get more invested. Was it a high workrate NJPW show, nah, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s colourful characters being larger than life.

It’s available on the W3L Network now and you can watch it below:

Night Two – Carnegie Leisure Centre, Dumfermline – 26th May 2018

So after a pretty good night one we move onto night two, taking place at Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline, a regular venue for W3L.

Joe Fordyce announced that Lou King Sharp suffered a concussion and could no longer compete so Joe E Legend would get a bye into the final.

Legend got on the mic but it was too much echo to hear what he was saying. Apparently Joe didn’t want the bye and offered an open challenge. Alex Cavanagh ran in and attacked Legend from behind.

Joe E Legend defeated Alex Cavanagh by pinfall.

During the start of the match Fordyce let us know that it would be a singles match and not a submission match as it wasn’t an official Seven Deadly Sins match. Little bit of back and forth by really Joe E Legend steamrolled Cavanagh with relative ease.

Not much to write about.

Seven Deadly Sins – Semi Final – Submission Match – Johnny Lions defeated Craig Stephens by submission to advance.

Craig Stephens hid by the entrance way after he entered and smacked Lions with a chair right on his back, before attacking him further and dragging him to the ring. After Stephens attacked the back of Lions he worked on the arm of Lions. Lions tried a keylock but Stephens rolled out and went for a cover… for some reason. Lions was fighting back but Stephens kept on top with a long headlock. Lions fought out of it but was trapped again in a headlock. Chinlocks and headlocks were Stephens’ submission moves in this one, Lions countered a torture rack attempt with a Lion Cutter then locked in an armbar for the tap out victory.

How rubbish did Craig Stephens look? He did all the damage with some punches and kicks, he only used chinlocks and headlocks then lost to an cross armbreaker in quick fashion. There was little logic in his moves. He attacked Lions back so worked the arm, then settled on using submissions on the neck? Sure Divers worked the neck the night before so there was a sliver of thought there but if he kept using the Steiner Recliner that he used once it would’ve made some sense as it would’ve cranked the neck, back and even the arms but this was borderline illogical. Johnny Lions had a good fight back but Stephens didn’t look good. He had a fairly impressive delayed vertical suplex but that was it.

We were taken back to night one for the W3L Heavyweight Championship match between Barratt and Musso. Barratt cut a quick promo to rile up the crowd.

W3L Heavyweight Championship – Mike Musso defeated Blondie Barratt by Count Out.

If Barratt got disqualified he would lose the title. The match started with stalling and wristlocks. It was going along, Musso got trapped in the top rope as Barratt beat down Musso. The match went to the outside and Barratt slammed Musso on the wooden floor. Musso fought back and got some momentum building with Atomic Drops and a second rope clothesline but couldn’t put away Barratt. Musso kept rolling as Barratt rolled out of the ring. Barratt wriggling out of a bodyslam on the outside and ran off. Musso won by count out. He reappeared after the bell to gloat about still being the W3L Heavyweight Champion.

Musso grabbed the belt and hit Barratt with it. Barratt got back up and gloated again before he was ran off by Musso.

Felt a bit pointless to be honest. Barratt does not look good and is showing his age. So slow. Musso did some of his usual knee lifts but both plodded through this match. Not good.

We were back to Dumfermline for the final of Seven Deadly Sins. Joe E Legend and Johnny Lions talked on the microphone but I couldn’t hear either of them. Fordyce gave us the skinny, Legend offered Lions to walk away due to his injury but Lions said he wanted the title match.

Seven Deadly Sins Final – Last Man Standing – Johnny Lions defeated Joe E Legend to win Seven Deadly Sins.

Scrappy start like the stipulation should necessitate. Lions struggling with his back while Legend just used his power to punish Lions with hard Irish whips into the corner along with big suplexes and clubbing the back of Lions. Legend brought out a chair but Lions knocked into the face of Legend. Lion wedged into the corner but Legend whipped him head first into the chair. Lions got back up but Legend found a wooden board and slammed Lions face into it. They fought to use the board to their advantage with Legend throwing Lions back with a Russian Leg Sweep through the board. Both were down for the 10 count and it was a draw. The referee restarted the match as next man standing. Legend sweeped the leg of Lions but couldn’t make it to his feet. Lions returned the favour with a lurching clothesline but couldn’t get up. Both collided heads as they were making their way up as Legend fell to the ground and Lions held onto the top rope to keep himself upright on his feet making him the winner.

It was okay, when you have a Last Man Standing stipulation you have a certain expectation and what we got was pretty decent. Both were fighting to win. The restart was a bit strange but I liked Johnny Lions winning and his story throughout the two days, fighting through a back injury over the two shows with each opponent exploiting it.

I think the first night was the stronger of the two, just had far better matches. The W3L Heavyweight Championship match was skippable and could’ve been missed from this show to be honest. I’m not a fan of Craig Stephens and the Joe E Legend versus Alex Cavanagh match didn’t last long enough to leave an impression. Johnny Lions was the highlight of this part of the show.

Here is night two of Seven Deadly Sins on YouTube:

It was a show of two halves. The first half was really good, very good matches and highly watchable. In the second half, bar the final, you could’ve skipped a lot of it.

Definitely miles better than Action Academy though much to my relief.