The Final Countdown | Rock N Wrestle Presents ’21 Seconds’

Rock N Wrestle’s 21 Seconds event was set to mark the 21st event from the Highland wrestling promotion, however, at the end of June it was announced that Rock N Wrestle had been purchased by the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, marking it at the final event under the current management of Steve Robertson. Little is known as to if the Rock N Wrestle name will continue or if events going forward will be known as Scottish Wrestling Alliance. What we do know is that Jack Jester’s Highland Heavyweight Championship has been renamed the SWA Highland Championship as of June 30th and will be defended at a future SWA show in October.

So this preview of 21 Seconds is bittersweet in that, barring a handful of events, I was lucky enough to attend most of Rock N Wrestle’s shows that had taken place in Strathpeffer, Forres, Dingwall and, of course, Inverness. Seeing wrestlers from around the world compete in the hidden city in the Highlands was an incredible opportunity and it afforded this website to grow due to the confidence built by having a tiny hand in a few of the early shows. Mainly it was driving wrestlers about like Joe E Legend, Rob Terry, Colt Cabana and Sonjay Dutt to venues and hotels. Experiences that would’ve been mind blowing for me as a child, and are still mind blowing as an adult. Sitting backstage and bumping into Grado, Drew Galloway, Damo among others. If it ever stops feeling weird talking to wrestlers then I’ll stop being a fan.

Anyway, this preview is going to be a bit of a reminise on the journeys involving Rock N Wrestle and what it gave to me, and everyone else that attended the shows. It’s testement to the work Steve Robertson put into the events to make them worth travelling to see.

Rock N Wrestle first started as a Premier British Wrestling show really, the first event took place in October 2013 at The Ironworks in Inverness. I was lucky enough to attend and it had a triple threat main event over the PBW Heavyweight Championship, champion Liam Thomson successfully defended against BT Gunn and Davey Richards. The last time I had been in The Ironworks was to see Feeder, so to see a wrestling ring in there was a bit weird. It was rare to see guys like Grado and Jack Jester so far North so it was quite the thrill. After a successful second show that featured Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Marty Scurll, Joe E Legend plus the fantastic Kris Travis versus Ricochet, Rock N Wrestle became its own brand in the Highlands. Offering a wild night of wrestling action along with some live music.

Their Highland Slam tour took place over a weekend with the first event in Strathpeffer Pavillion Hall then it was down to the Victoria Hotel in Forres for the second evening. The Forres event was special as Jack Jester went on a rampage, leaving a lasting impression on those that attended the event. The weekend featured future WWE star Noam Dar along with Kenny Williams, while the hunt to crown a Highland Champion began. Jack Jester defeated Kenny Williams, with special referee Lionheart, at The Ironworks to become the first Highland Champion. His title reign was controversial, after many no shows and an apparent attack in Glasgow, Steve Robertson stripped him of the title and a new champion was decided in Dingwall, where Liam Thomson reigned supreme. Jester would soon return and take the title back to begin his second reign which continues today as the rebranded SWA Highland Champion.

Their events featured such WWE and TNA alumni as Drew Galloway, Chris Masters, Mr Anderson, Bull Dempsey, James Storm, Rob Terry, Joe E Legend, Sabu, Colt Cabana, Sonjay Dutt and Bram. It was a chance to see these television stars but also see some of the best wrestlers that you may’ve only seen by travelling down to the central belt, to Glasgow or Ayr, the likes of Polo Promotions, Joe Coffey, Kid Fite, Wolfgang, Jack Jester, Grado, these were guys that would maybe come up as far as Aberdeen rarely but you got to see them every few months in Inverness. It was also a chance to see some of the younger guys from the PBW Academy and Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum. Seeing the future develop in front of our very eyes.

Rock N Wrestle, along with their live music, often had some wild, chaotic brawls that would travel around The Ironworks and often spilling onto the streets of Inverness. The balcony has seen many wrestlers attempting to throw an opponent off and the fire exit door has slammed on many a wrestlers head.

As I had mentioned, Rock N Wrestle was a place where I built confidence, from being able to drive these wrestlers about to making some of RNW’s later match graphics and show posters as best as I possibly could, it was also a place where I did a couple interviews but sadly the audio was lost so they will never be heard. The two hour drives from Aberdeen to Inverness were often enlightning, taking Colt Cabana to the St Giles Centre in Elgin to get wifi and a Subway, passing him and Sonjay Dutt my Subway discount card is up there as far as “this is actually happening??” could go. Add to that wandering up the street in Inverness to get a kebab after the show was another strange experience. Like, in a good way, just wasn’t something that I could’ve imagined. The little moments of “wit is happening” y’know. You don’t expect to have your girlfriend chatting about musicals to a former NWA-TNA Tag Team Champion in Joe E Legend in the back of the car. It also afforded me the chance to drive from Elgin to Edinburgh and back the same day to help ferry wrestlers about, trying to fit Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Chris Masters, with their gear, into a wee car is quite incredible.

Their last show features a title match, a tables match and a British Legend comes to Inverness. So it is time for the current management to go out with a bang on July 27th at Mercure Hotel in Inverness!

Let’s talk about the show itself.

Tables Match
The Govan Team (Ravie Davie & Cousin Zander) vs The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James)

The Govan Team, Ravie Davie and his cousin Zander, go face to face with Krobar and Stevie James, The Purge, in a tables match. The Purge defeated The Govan Team back in March at the same venue so this is a rematch in Rock N Wrestle. All products of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum so will be fairly familiar with each other. The Purge have been rough and tough brutes, aligned with Wolfgang as Bad Company while Ravie Davie has been super popular in Rock N Wrestle, or Rave N Wrestle as he calls it, and bringing in his cousin Zander has just increased that in the Highlands. Add the tables, there will be chaos in The Ironworks for sure.

BT Gunn vs Doug Williams

A dream match in UK wrestling, the two have faced off before but never this far North. Doug Williams is a British institution, he’s a former TNA X Division and TNA Tag Team Champion, has faced the best in wrestling including current WWE Champion AJ Styles. Williams takes on one of the best wrestlers in the country in BT Gunn in a match that will likely steal the show. Williams will aim to wrestle Gunn down while Gunn will rely on his kicks and high flying, it will be something special.

RNW Highland Heavyweight Championship
Jack Jester (c) vs ???

The final match announced, as of writing, is Jack Jester’s open challenge to defend the newly rebranded SWA Highland Championship in an open challenge. Kez Evans took up the challenge in March but was brushed aside as Jester continues his dominance in the Highlands. So will challenge him? Will Davey Blaze finally cash in his Money In The Bank to close Rock N Wrestle as champion or will it be a surprise debut to mark a new beginning?

All that plus Skelf McFall has promised that he is unleashing a monster, the final moment of Rock N Wrestle could see McFall succeed in destroying the company. Maybe the monster will challenge Jack Jester and enter SWA as the Highland Champion.

As far as previous experience goes all you can expect at Rock N Wrestle is the unexpected, it’s wild, it’s crazy, it’s a mad night or professional wrestling in the Highlands.

Tickets are still available fromΒΒ so get down to the final Rock N Wrestle event from Steve Robertson on July 27th!

A final thank you to Steve for his hard work in shaping wrestling in Inverness. The owner of SWA has a tough act to follow.