Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘On Fite – Episode 4’


Another Discovery on Fite review incoming, this time featuring two action-packed matches from last November’s Uncivil War event.

Uncivil War (November 5th 2017)
Triple Threat Match
Josh Terry def. Lucha DS and Delsin Dayre by Pinfall

Some double team offence kicked off the first contest as Lucha DS and Josh Terry disposed of Delsin Dayre, a double dropkick being the final nail in the coffin to take out The Cure for the time being. Plenty of lucha things from the remaining two in the ring, only for Delsin to reenter the picture and show that he could also do flips for days. Honestly wasn’t expecting this from him. Lucha DS took him down and landed on him with both an imploding senton and a Swanton Bomb, whereas Josh Terry utilised a Spiral Tap to break up a pin attempt and eventually a shooting star press that gave him a victory on his Discovery debut.

Terrific stuff all around. This was my first time properly seeing any of them in action aside from a few highlights here and there. Josh Terry is the one that really stood out for me. He has the look, the moveset, the charisma. Certainly looking forward to seeing what he can produce in his upcoming match against El Ligero.

Uncivil War (November 5th 2017)
El Ligero def. Lewis Girvan w/Aspen Faith by Pinfall

Another Discovery debutant now as NXT UK’s El Ligero entered The Jam House opposite Lewis Girvan. Aspen Faith decided to get involved quite early on, leading to his ejection from ringside. Ligero and Girvan proved themselves to both be all-rounders, with showcases of technical, hard-hitting, and high-flying wrestling throughout. A run around the ring in to a stiff chop from Ligero was a personal highlight for me in the match, as was a big boy senton from the former Y Division Champion (newLEGACYinc reference there for anyone who watches). Aspen returned only to be run off by Rampage Brown, leading to The Mexican Sensation scoring the pin with a brutal C4L DDT.

Again, this was a really good match. El Ligero is someone I’ve become quite familiar with due to his work in Defiant Wrestling, someone who is never shy to put in 110% as shown by how much shows he works. As mentioned before, I’m very much looking forward to his match with Josh Terry at the start of next month.

Alan Smith rounded off the show by revealing all eight competitors in this year’s Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Tournament. They are as follows;

  • Andy Wild
  • Michael Chase, who has since been replaced by Tom Fulton
  • Theo Doros
  • Martin Kirby
  • Eddie Dennis
  • Joey Axl, who has since been replaced by Liam Thomson
  • Chris Renfrew
  • Irving Garrett

The tournament kicks off on Sunday August 5th from Edinburgh’s Portobello Town Hall.

This was probably be favourite episode so far. All that good change with episode five though, as we watch the entire Disco Derby from this past January. Look out for that review over the next few days.

If you want to watch the episode, clickΒ here.